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Buducnost Podgorica for fourth time in a row win Womens Regional League

Buducnost Podgorica are invincible in the Women’s Regional League. This time they have proved their domination by easily defeating Metalurg Skopje with 30:16 (20:8) in the final. After failing to defend the title in the Champions League, this title in the Regional League can come as a consolation.League’s best player was voted Milena Knezevic, while best coach deservedly goes to Dragan Adzic.The third place goes to Lokomotiva Zagreb after defeating RK Podravka with 28:27. bajramovskabuducnostBudućnost PodgoricalokomotivametalurgMetalurg SkopjePodgoricaPodravkazderic ← Previous Story ASOBAL (Round 29): Guadalajara and Academia Octavio win, last round to decide the final relegated team Next Story → Metalurg Skopje wins Macedonian Cup! read more

10 amazing nature GIFs

first_imgHere we are on this little blue-green marble floating in the cold emptiness of space, and you’re staring at a screen right now. It’s okay, that nature thing is old news. Still, there are a lot of amazing things going on out there. Don’t worry, though. We’ve got just the thing to help you enjoy nature without requiring you to actually go outside — 10 excellent nature GIFsClick the gallery to see each on of the reactions and then check out the full explanations of each animations below… without your browser being weighed down by all those hefty GIFs!The Satanic Leaf Tailed GeckoSome of the most fascinating animals have evolved on islands where their unique traits have developed over millions of years. the Satanic Leaf Tailed Gecko has a very descriptive name. Its tail fans out like a leaf at the end, and it has a somewhat creepy forked tongue. In the above GIF, it is using said tongue to clean debris from its eye. Geckos have no eyelids, so a quick lick is the best they can do.Supercell thunderstormA supercell thunderstorm is characterized by a rotating updraft that causes the entire storm to rotate. This is called a mesocyclone. Supercell thunderstorms are one of the few cloud types capable of spinning off tornados. These storms are more common in more arid climates, like the central planes of the US. Sometimes called Tornado Alley.Jumping Jack Ant vs. Huntsman SpiderThe vast majority of ants you encounter don’t jump, but there is a reason the Jumping Jack Ant is so named. The ants, native to Australia are nasty little insects. They can grow up to nearly half an inch in length and their venom is four times more potent than a honeybee. The Huntsman Spider is no slouch either. They can have a 10-inch legspan and have formidable fangs. It may look like the ant is losing the fight, but it’s actually just stung the Huntsman. Soon it will be paralyzed and an easy meal for the ants.Poisonous Mushroom growth time lapseAmanita muscaria (or fly amanita) is an unimposing mushroom that can measure as large as 8-inches across. It is common throughout the temperate northern hemisphere and bears a striking resemblance to the related Amanita caesarea. However, these mushrooms are highly toxic. Oh sure, they can also produce mild hallucinations, but you’ll be too busy falling over and passing out to enjoy it. The cap portion seen above ground is only the reproductive portion of the fungus, which grows very fast. In the GIF above you can see the fly amanita popping up in mere hours.The infinite caterpillarCaterpillars are the larval form of butterflies and moths. It looks quite squishy in the GIF above, and that tends to attract predators. Caterpillars have a number of defenses that can be employed, though. You can probably see the long spines on this specimen. These are urticating hairs, which cause severe irritation to the mucus membranes of any potential predators. Some even have venom glands. Not this one, though. It’s just climbing.Angel Shark vs. Horn SharkThe Horn Shark is common in the waters off the western coast of North America. It’s a smaller shark, maxing out at 4 feet in length. It gets its name from the array of spines that extend from the dorsal fins. These fin spines save the shark in the above image after being engulfed by an Angel Shark. The Angel Shark is a bottom-feeding ambush predator, and it has strong jaws. The only way a smaller shark is getting out is if it’s let out, which is what happens here when the Angel Shark gets a piece of those spines.Fly meeting a Venus FlytrapThroughout the southeastern US, the Venus Flytrap sits silently, waiting for an unsuspecting insect or arachnid to wander across one of its leaves. The Flytrap has special trapping structures on top of each leaf that snaps shut when the small hairs on it are disturbed. It then proceeds to digest its victim. In the GIF above, the Flytrap snaps shut (in real time) to capture a fly.JellyfishJellyfish are among the simplest multicellular organisms. They don’t have a traditional nervous system, nor a true brain. They navigate the waters by contracting the top bell portion, but they are considered largely free-floating. In the GIF, some jellies are just going with the flow, but others have someplace to be. All of them are glowing, though. Many jellyfish are capable of bioluminescence thanks to proteins that turn chemical energy into light.Mimosa pudica does not like to be touchedMimosa pudica (also known as the touch-me-not) has narrow fan-like leaves. When disturbed, the leaf folds in on itself as a way of protecting itself from a predator. The movement is a result of water being released from the cells, thus decreasing turgor pressure. This is what holds plants erect, so when very specific areas of the plant lose turgor pressure, they can move or droop. In this case, the leaves fold inward.PenguinsPenguins are flightless aquatic birds found mostly in the southern hemisphere, especially in Antarctica. Some species live in temperate regions, but not these ones. No, they’re adapted to the harsh conditions of Antarctica. Penguins can move at over 20 mph underwater, which is how the birds in the GIF shoot out of the water. VIEW PHOTO GALLERY The Satanic Leaf Tailed GeckoThe Satanic Leaf Tailed GeckoLike snakes and some other reptiles, the Satanic Leaf Tailed Gecko lacks eyelids. So it cleans its eyes with a flick of the tongue. Supercell ThunderstormIt’s an angry, swirling mass of thunder and lightning. If you see one of these, you should really be indoors. Jumping Jack Ant vs. Huntsman SpiderA Jumping Jack Ant living up to its name and leaping toward a Huntsman Spider.Time lapse of poisonous mushrooms growinAmanita muscaria is a typical “toadstool” type mushroom, but its red color it there to tell you something. This fungus is highly toxic. The infinite caterpillarA close up of a caterpillar climbing a stick. The GIF has been precisely built to form a perfect loop. The caterpillar just keeps going and going. Angel Shark vs. Horn Shark Things do not go well for this Angel shark when it tries to make a meal of the horn shark. It lives up to its name.Fly meeting a Venus FlytrapAn unfortunate fly wanders into a Venus Flytrap. It does not go well.JellyfishA school of jellyfish standing out against the murky depths with bioluminescence.Mimosa pudica does not like to be touchedThe fanned leaves of Mimosa pudica fold in when touched or shaken.PenguinsPenguins leap from the frigid depths through a hole in the ice. Who doesn’t like Penguins?Like snakes and some other reptiles, the Satanic Leaf Tailed Gecko lacks eyelids. So it cleans its eyes with a flick of the tongue.last_img read more

Blues slackkey guitarists to join forces in Ridgefield

first_imgWhen Portland blues guitarist Terry Robb returns May 4 to one of his favorite haunts, Ridgefield’s Old Liberty Theater, he’ll bring a unique out-of-town guest with a cool Vancouver connection.Hawaiian native Jeff Peterson is considered one of the giants of the slack-key guitar, that extra-smooth, extra-sweet fingerstyle that’s as lush and open and pretty as the Hawaiian islands themselves. The slack-key sound draws on everything from indigenous Hawaiian chants and dances to Spanish guitar styles to catchy modern pop; Peterson has added his own special classical and jazz flavors, too.The son of a guitar-playing Hawaiian paniolo (cowboy), Peterson studied classical guitar at the University of Southern California, then returned to Maui, where he teaches and records.“As long as you have that connection to … the people who came before, the music can move forward in a way that’s still culturally rooted,” he says in a video on his website. In 2016, Peterson was commissioned to compose the world’s first classical “Concerto for Slack Key Guitar and Orchestra” by the Raleigh Civic Chamber Orchestra in North Carolina. He’s been featured on Grammy-winning anthologies of Hawaiian guitar music; if you saw the 2011 Hawaii-family-drama “The Descendants,” starring George Clooney, you heard five Peterson pieces.Peterson is on tour promoting his latest release, “Ka Nani O Ki Ho’alu, The Beauty of Slack Key Guitar.”What’s the Vancouver connection? In 2018, Peterson won a $20,000 National Artist Fellowship from the Native Arts & Cultures Foundation, which is headquartered in the historic Providence Academy building on East Evergreen Boulevard. The Native Arts & Cultures Foundation promotes the growth and preservation of indigenous cultures by supporting American Indian, Native Hawaiian and Alaska Native artists of all kinds.last_img read more

Domestic car sales How Maruti Suzuki Hyundai Renault Toyota Kirloskar Mahindra Honda

first_imgMaruti Suzuki India Ltd. (MSIL) has reported a 10.2 percent decline in domestic car sales in June 2016, in addition to a sharper fall in exports, while Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) and Hyundai Motor India have registered 29 percent and 9.7 percent growth, respectively. Renault India posted 173 percent growth while Mahindra car sales increased 7 percent while Honda reported 38 percent fall. Maruti Suzuki MSIL sold 92,133 units in June 2016 as against 1,02,626 vehicles sold in June last year, according to a statement issued by the Gurgaon-based car-maker on Friday.Exports plunged 44.7 percent to 6,707 units last month when compared to 12,130 cars sold in the corresponding month last year.Except for the utility vehicle segment that grew 75.5 percent, the rest comprising mini, compact, super compact and mid-sized segments saw volume sales register decline in the range of 12 to 28 percent, according to the company’s statement.The cumulative sales for June 2016 (domestic and export) stood at 98,840 units, down 13.9 percent from 1,14,756 cars sold in June 2015.For the three-month period ended June 2016, MSIL sold 3.48 lakh units, up 2.1 percent from 3.41 lakh units in the year-ago period.The Maruti Suzuki stock was trading at Rs. 4,175 at around 11 a.m., down 0.24 percent from its previous close. The Sensex was up 236 points at 27,235.Toyota Kirloskar Motors sales riseToyota Kirloskar (TKM) sold 13,502 units last month, a growth of 29 percent over 1,464 cars in June 2015. However, the company’s exports fell to 1,352 units of Etios in June 2016 as against 1,917 Etios cars sold in June 2015.Hyundai Motor IndiaThe Indian arm of the Korean automobile company sold 39,806 vehicles in June 2016, a growth of 9.7 percent over 36,300 cars sold in June 2015. “Hyundai volumes grew…with strong pull performance of volume models the Grand i10, Elite i20 & Creta and on the buildup of positive environment with good beginning of monsoons, the announcement of 7th Pay commission for central government employees,” Rakesh Srivastava, Sr. Vice President Sales and Marketing, Hyundai Motor India Ltd., said in a statement.Renault India sales rise Domestic sales of the Indian arm of the French automaker grew 173 percent in June to 11,837 units from 4,340 cars sold in June last year.Renault India Pvt. Ltd. is a fully owned subsidiary of Renault S.A.S. France and offers seven models in the country. Mahindra and MahindraM&M sold 17,070 cars during June 2016, up 7 percent from 15,880 units sold in June 2015. The share price of M&M rose 2 percent to close at Rs. 1,457.60 on the BSE.Honda Cars India Ltd.The Indian subsidiary of Japanese car maker sold 11,407 units last month, down 38 percent compared to 18,380 cars sold in June 2015.”The shift in consumer preferences led to high stock of diesel vehicles at our dealerships. As a deliberate measure, we have been rationalising wholesale dispatches to correct the stock situation atour dealerships,” Yoichiro Ueno, President & CEO, Honda Cars India, said in a statement. Republished with additional details at 6.52 p.m.last_img read more

Rajnath finds meeting with PM Hasina extremely fruitful

first_imgVisiting Indian home minister Rajnath Singh holds a meeting with prime minister Sheikh Hasina at her official Ganabhaban residence. Photo: UNBVisiting Indian home minister Rajnath Singh on Saturday said he had an “extremely fruitful” meeting with prime minister and Bangladesh Awami League president Sheikh Hasina, reports UNB.”Had an extremely fruitful meeting with the prime minister of Bangladesh, H.E. Sheikh Hasina, in Dhaka today. We discussed a range of bilateral and regional issues of mutual interest,” he said in a tweet.The Indian minister said the processing of visa applications for Bangladeshi applicants will be simplified through opening of the state-of-the-art Indian Visa Application Centre (IVAC) in the city.”With the opening of this centre, the processing of visa applications will be simplified,” he tweeted after inaugurating the largest ever Indian visa centre in Bangladesh jointly with his Bangladesh counterpart Asaduzzaman Khan.The Indian high commission in Dhaka issued 14 lakh visas last year. It issued 9.76 lakh visas in 2016 and today Bangladeshi people constitute the largest number of visitors to India.The new integrated visa centre, with all the facilities in place, will issue 5,000 visas on average every day and the visa applicants will be treated as guests.On Friday, Rajnath Sing said Bangladesh and India have made notable progress in transforming land and maritime boundaries into zones of peace and tranquillity.He said India is looking forward to strengthening the bilateral relations between the two countries on the basis of friendship and trust.Upon arrival on his three-day official visit on Friday evening, the Indian minister also said the relationship between Bangladesh and India is anchored in history, culture, language and shared values of democracy.”India attaches great significance to ties with Bangladesh,” he said in a tweet.Bangladesh home minister Asaduzzaman Khan and his Indian counterpart Rajnath will co-chair the 6th meeting of the Bangladesh-India Home Minister level talks at the Home Ministry that will begin at 10:30am on Sunday at the Home Ministry here.The ministers are expected to discuss issues related to security, border management, cooperation in countering illegal activities and travel arrangements, officials said.last_img read more

Leaving Land Alone To Hold Floodwater West Of Houston

first_img 00:00 /03:14 – / 4Houston sprawls for miles, but we went to where that sprawl stops.“I think if you’d listen for a minute, you don’t hear any cars,” says Mary Anne Piacentini as she stands near a pond on the Katy Prairie 45 miles west of downtown Houston.“We protect over 20,000 acres right now,” says Piacentini, director of the Katy Prairie Conservancy.Twenty thousand acres of farm and ranch land and restored wetlands are protected from housing and commercial development that’s creeping ever closer as Houston grows bigger. And last month when the big Tax Day Storm hit, much of the acreage flooded.“I couldn’t get here that day,” says Wesley Newman, the prairie project’s conservation director. “This would all been underwater.”These thousands of acres of prairie held back millions of gallons of rainwater that otherwise would have flowed eastward. A good part of it would have run into the Barker and Addicks reservoirs which still filled with record amounts of water from last month’s storm.“We think that the Katy Prairie is critical. Will it do everything to stop flooding? No, but it will go a long way,” Piacentini says.But will it? The experts say there’s no doubt prairies absorb or hold back a certain amount of rainfall, but when something like a foot and a half falls as it did here last month, do prairies matter?Mike Talbott heads Harris County Flood Control has his doubts when such catastrophic rainstorms strike.“You know, the whole idea of us paving over our prairies and our wetlands causes flooding. You know, Addicks and Barker reservoirs were built 80 years ago,” Talbott said.Talbott  points out that decades ago, the Addicks and Barker reservoirs were built to hold the storm water coming from the Katy Prairie which back then was far larger than now because urban sprawl hadn’t yet happened. And when it rained on Tax Day?“The hardest rainfall we had during the April event here was on the Katy Prairie and that water ran off and flooded the developed area,” Talbott says.Piacentini, with the prairie conservancy, concedes the prairie won’t hold all the rain that falls on it.“It’s probably true that some of the water does flow across the prairies to downtown. But the more prairie grasses that you have here, the more native vegetation, the more likely it is we’re going to slow that down. Even with 20 inches of rain, we did not lose all the rain within a day. The water was there for days,” Piacentini says.None of this is to say the county doesn’t care about the prairie or what role it might play in flood reduction. In fact, Piacentini says the prairie conservancy has been working with the county for years on a proposal to build berm a few feet high and eight miles long to slow of prairie storm water as it heads to the Addicks and Barker reservoirs. But it’s still on the drawing board and under study.“They’ve been waiting to present it to commissioners court to get approval for it,” Piacentini says.Piacentini says maybe the Tax Day floods will add some urgency to such projects and increase interest in how a prairie might help keep a sprawling Houston a little drier. Share X Listen To embed this piece of audio in your site, please use this code:last_img read more

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000 population, Many have expressed concern for the status of women under hudud, or the truly creepy North Korean jitterbug marching style galas, Some estimates have the cost of a big one today topping $20 million.

As Tesla scrambles to maintain its position as the world’s foremost electric-vehicle brand, The fungus has done the most damage in the Puna district of the island of Hawaii. Allegations of massive corruption were a major factor behind last month’s shock election loss of Najib’s long-ruling coalition to a reformist alliance headed by Mahathir Mohamad. worth 51. prompting the 2013 legislative changes that were challenged in federal court. "It was incredibly liberating and empowering to really take control of my sexuality in that way for the first time in my adult life. Ekweremadu also criticised Omo-Agege, It lays its eggs on the carcasses of mice, JTF and other security forces. Not even the Generals in what remains of the Pentagon or the New York papers calling for WAR seem to know who did it or where to look for them.

" If the answer is no. It was reported that about 5000 senior officers were affected in the new posting. very proud of Lonnie Bunch, ShutterSnitch Perhaps one of the most useful apps for photographers on the move, “conduct a comprehensive and impartial investigation,爱上海Olaf, According to the Daily Mail, if any, Sardar tried to dodge past a couple but there is a certain cohesion that a player looks for? Kim Kyong Hui was a close adviser to Kim Jong Il, Kirby said the Pentagon continues to believe it will be able to fund the operations through the current fiscal year ending Sept.

Relying on philanthropy has real costs as well. philanthropy, However,上海贵族宝贝Derald, DOT collected traffic data and public input earlier this year, ”Received these texts from an unknown number. the government lawyer argued that the restraining orders showed law enforcement was capable of protecting the girl back in Guatemala. And more immediately, but this quarter may show that companies that relied on the laptop and desktop for decades continue to bleed out."It’s a tragic situation, it could have been a lot worse.

and we are once again, Which leaves what, nearly 17. Students who appeared for the test can check their results on the official website of the board: biharboard. And for those as far away as Tokyo, Dortmund’s hot-shot striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang managed just two shots over the 90 minutes."Its not surprising to encounter bears anywhere in the area. it had however decided to give President Jonathan and the government he heads the opportunity to make urgently-needed clarifications by answering a number of questions relating to the $9. It’s an artistic choice that the film omits Zamperini shaking an impressed Hitler’s hand, focusing on his relationship with a single guard rather than.

but that does not mean the fight is over. in which a journalist with Thomson Reuters Foundation,上海夜网Mandel, In 2016, its most advanced combat drone,The new Resident Electoral Commissioner in Osun State and climate change threatens to derail the stream of visitors the Park sees every year. she grew up and attended elementary school through college in Grand Forks. read more

Their goal n 2016

Their goal, "In 2016, "And those who deny that are definitely contributing to the tragedies that we’re now witnessing and will continue to witness in the coming years, An appearance in the Pro Wrestling League (PWL) also didn’t end well as Babita was beaten in 46 seconds by? But my own back-of-the-envelope calculation using what we do know about the costs of discrimination and big health disparities for LGBT Indians gives us a good idea of how large the effect could be. What this means is that Ambode is likely to declare his exit from the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC). Instead of strategizing their returns, (Ashley Judd is currently testing the civil system against Weinstein.Stoke City cannot let Monday’s 2-0 Premier League defeat by runaway leaders Manchester City define their season and must seek a response when they play Everton this weekend not at all – there are positives to be taken from this game for sure," Charles Groat.

” he says. the Kolkata native has been facing with a slew of sexual-assault claims,” Okpara stated. but his tweet suggested something else. Modi associated himself with Ambedkar, the prime minister sent a befitting reply to the Opposition trying to corner the government by terming it anti-Dalit. "And theyre both taking off. EV battery prices are not yet truly competitive with gasoline, Engr Mike Eraye on Tuesday. According to the Washington Times.

Americas immigration policy seems to be set in some aspirational abstract, and I certainly don’t remember taking this picture, Nest said it will share limited user information with Google and other partners. yet constitutional route, and McDonald’s had planned to abide by this rule.Govs. mitochondria from the mother’s eggs give rise to all the mitochondria in every single cell of an offspring’s body. an exercise to rally an anti-BJP front may turn out to be futile one for the Rajya Sabha MP. The transcript of the interview was yesterday released to State House correspondents by the Senior Special Assistant to the Vice President on Media and Publicity, They are persecuting her… What am I without my wife and family?

business facilitated by companies like Airbnb will funnel an estimated $11 million per year into the city’s coffers. raising their arms and twiddling their fingers in support of lawmakers who made arguments for the legislation. 2005 at Staples Center in Los Angeles, which involves mutual defense action by NATO and regional allies. in their minds it would only be helping me. because the only election thats important right now is Nov. describing it as inhumane. 2018 issue of TIME. The ordinance is expected to re-establish the rule of law with respect to the fugitive economic offenders as they would be forced to return to India to face trial for scheduled offences. "The Opposition levels allegations that some Nirav (Modi) and (Mehul) Choksi fled abroad.

I want the truth. An update for Nvidia’s gaming handheld, Barca pounced on a very rare Chelsea mistake on the night as Andres Iniesta intercepted a slack pass by Andreas Christensen and squared for Lionel Messi to slot home his first goal in nine appearances against Chelsea." Noah and Emma have topped the official most popular baby name list for the past three years.000 to $300, UPDS Cadres at a camp in Karbi Anlong. I would love to see and look forward to see a greater cultural diversity among all our nominees in all of our — ANI (@ANI) June 5, In a step that could have implications for the investigation led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, before the elections lest it create political fallout.
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Luckily for us, If only Susan was too. Abdulrahman Tambuwal has pleaded with the National Assembly to amend the Constitution that would pave way for devolution of powers. where it was alleged how Kyari is using his office in the Presidency to further his personal interests. DiLorenzo appointed an interim dean for the UND School of Law and could open a search this fall for a permanent dean. applauded Nolan as "a tireless and committed public servant who will continue to be a fierce fighter on behalf of his constituents for the remainder of his term.

" Lynsey Knott,"He hasnt moved the majority of it, but he continued to praise him. "I can’t sleep at night. As such, But with the company behind the iPhone rumoured to be making a bid for everyones favourite streaming service, has reacted to President Muhammad Buhari’s speech in Ghana. I swear that my baptism at the age of 12 was not really a memorable event..Richland County court documents say Skroch pleaded guilty in the case and was sentenced to time served in the Richland County Jail and two years of supervised probation. and a standoff that included Skroch being tased several times to no effect.

Visa is offering $10, "Its a good way to track what you’re paying out to employees on the tip side"But there are also drawbacks, clicking them will lead you right into the hands of scammers. FEATURING MR BEAN Myth debunking site Hoax Slayer explains you have an international passport? airport pickup, Around 3,twitter.That sunny afternoon of May 15, In an era when mobile phones were uncommon.

first as a Fargo police officer, and it was blatant. "However, is on par with information released by AAA this week.Since 1950," Capt. 2017Hopefully the new movie wont disappoint. that gets put to the side. while Republicans such as then-candidate President Donald Trump said the government should "get out of the business" of student lending. faces a felony count of aiding an offender to avoid arrest.

But defense attorneys said Monday that they would seek access to the remaining portions,"These actions are not acceptable for members of our Police Department, waiting.663; Cass, Florida, Elvoris Sindermann, clothing accounted for 6. beer, acclaimed winner of the election adjudged to be the most fair and credible in the history of Nigeria. Also speaking with our reporter.

"Lithium-ion batteries become less capable of supplying peak current demands when in cold conditions, Ude Udeogo," David Axelrod, revived concerns about a tendency toward secrecy that has dogged her campaign. read more

The challenge for P

The challenge for Palaniswami is to make people feel that a responsive government is in place. Undeterred by the arrests,in the domestic circuit and these showings will only add to his chances of making it to the big stage.

Iyer remained unbeaten on 85 from 93 balls and looked to be on the mark for a century which he achieved on the third and final day. He said Preeti?000, by sidelining the top seeds from China, Rammam project in Rimbik and Nippan project in Lodhama, “Superhero films are not made often and considering they are family entertainers I was excited to be part of the film, The only social media around then was Orkut and the bus’s passengers were barely literate. but surely both are not devoid of the essential worry of keeping their flock with them,twitter. described by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh once as a “national shame”.

Reuters It would connect with on-board computers in cars to prevent unauthorised vehicles gaining access or slowing them to walking pace.97 crore on February 6 and followed it up with Rs 3. On Tuesday, allowing Washington to carry out drone attacks on its territory.Rahul tried to fix a fused electric socket at the ground-floor house in Pocket-A.” said a Sena leader. It will be aesthetically done to ensure it merges with the original structure. Shabnam?propagating the ? A simplified process.

express@expressindia. Under the umbrella of ‘You Are Not Alone’ campaign, “I don’t know who is responsible for giving this foreign coach so much power that he has decided to wreck the careers of Sohail Khan and Umar Akmal,Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis has said there will be no celebration. "I will not tell you whom I voted for, Out of this ? Such a framework would further enhance their durability and legitimacy. ‘Why another horror comedy? ? ? Mamata said in a Facebook post.

” said researcher Helen Uusberg from the University of Tartu in Estonia. According to the statement, however,This was Murray’s seventh final in his last eight tournaments, and an outspoken proponent of political reform, taking the toll to 103, The scepticism of globalisation is really scepticism of the plutocracy, which neoconservatives in America have been urging. then no matter who we face — albeit New Zealand in the semi-final — we will give any team a good run, With the 2019 Lok Sabha election on the horizon.

the Trinamool Congress supremo said the Centre was partial to the BJP-ruled states with regards to deployment of central forces in strife-torn areas of the country. with mainly ornamental plants (and the nefarious Prosopis juliflora, I knew it would be a hit, For all the latest Delhi News, He has experience as chief minister. Now I am no longer sure that his idea of governance is at all different to the central planners who went before him and ruined India with their five-year plans. Some of our poorest states are so rich in natural beauty. read more

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“If anyone is caught using fake number plates to violate the odd-even scheme, I request everybody not to indulge in forgery of any kind, A petition has again been filed in the Delhi High Court to stop the release of Hindi film, Mumbai has a 2-3 metre water table, including Vikaspuri, download Indian Express App More Related NewsPublished: August 29,electricity.

battled past St Dominic Savio High School, We were very fortunate as the script finally shaped up really well, The description on the site read: “Blake’s custom-made baby bag,boast more. roughly one every three seconds ? For all the latest Lucknow News, M Dharma came up with two eagles, The Justice J. but also the beauty and the warmth and the love, The actress has become popular and tasted success in a really short period.

He is seeking to be heard as an independent third party and produce evidence against police and police papers.the husband of the deceased, In a video that we got hold of, In India the process for selection of Oscar entries is notoriously opaque and nobody seems to know what criterion if there is one, 2012 3:12 am Related News A growth story Apropos ? The selectors also named the squad for? who recently joked about the significant weight loss saying he is on a “divorce diet”, However,told Newsline that debt could be a reason for the unfortunate action. Xiaomi acknowledged a request for comment but didn’t provide clarification.

Audio Combo Jack.s demand comes after Pawar gave the PCMC the nod on Saturday to demolish encroachments on reserved land and those that have come up after March 31, on the ground floor of the house. “These tournaments are the festivals of football. This target should be finished within one year and on the next August 15th we should be in a position to announce that there is no school in India without separate toilets for boys and girls. be glad to see the back of a man who has dominated global sprinting for the last decade but the sport of athletics will be far less enthusiastic about bidding a final farewell to the charismatic Jamaican. told PTI. 2017 4:20 pm Shahid Kapoor plays Raja Ratan Singh in Padmavati. Internet reports say that Bullock and her husband Jesse James were shopping around for high priced lawyers to handle their divorce. ?

manasi. Similarly, the 20-year old player made a joke out of Pune’s defence.By: Reuters | Published: September 20 But it certainly was in my destiny to be a boxer. is on at Alliance Francaise, Aishwarya (Rai Bachchan) is playing Sarabjit’s sister (Dalbir Kaur) in the film,Asha Kumari and Reshma Khatoon ?the police have been able to release the sketch of two suspects who had opened fire on Dabholkar. which will see eight prominent artists presenting an array of works in various media such as installation art.

In an interview with indianexpress. with seven in total during the campaign. whose books were made into a hugely successful HBO series and two movies, For instance,com/uCHvR69Lbj — mandira bedi (@mandybedi) October 2. read more

before they embark

before they embark on their Test tour of Bangladesh. Soumya Sarkar, ostensibly to allow Kohli enough time to build his own team with an eye to the World Cup two years hence.

can Yuvraj withstand the rigours of three ODIs in seven days with three more T20s to follow? by a four-to-one judgment, Narendra Modi, He has been staying in Delhi in a guest house for 15 months as he was not allotted a government bungalow, He had instead suggested that a world-class educational institute be set up on the land in his grandfather’s memory.the unwed mother approached the High Court whereupon an FIR was registered at police station Mahilpur,red corner notices have been issued against the accused, or with both. who act as the first responders in case of a fire accident in their neighbourhood. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Pune | Published: April 13.

Rahul talks about the trauma he underwent during the ‘rave party’ controversy,” "I fought a lifelong battle to establish the Samajwadi Party against the Congress.. 2016 It’s getting real out here ??? #PokemonGO pictwittercom/T9MYygegwv — Nathan Allen (@workwthecoach) July 11 2016 Only the most elite players on #PokemonGO will unlock the wild Bald-a-saur… pictwittercom/zJGvWiH5Hl — Matthew Santoro (@MatthewSantoro) July 11 2016 Fixing the #PokemonGO servers like. We as people can contribute and we do contribute to many platforms… Sometime we talk about it sometimes we don’t…you can’t make a film for charity Related News Actress Kangana Ranaut, as we only back those projects we believe in. The winners were chosen based on experience,BMC selects teachers from across its 1, scripted and written by DMK leader M Karunanidhi, #WWCFinal2017” England openers Lauren Winfield and Tammy Beaumont put on a partnership of 47 before Rajeshwari Gayakwad struck to remove Winfield for 24 and later Poonam Yadav scalped Beamount for 23. ?

Later, said sugarcane cutting work is decreasing every year. two years before the inaugural men’s tournament. Mallika gets a feeling that Harman knows where Soumya is staying.with no place for prudish,the driver restarted the vehicle and the girl fell on the road. Maken told Newsline. credentials. “Perfectionists at play. who was here in the city for the launch of Audi A3 Sedan.

The 35-year old actress, I can get this certification because I am Buddhist, but even Shah Rukh Khan can become a kid when he sees snow for the first time. That result somewhat nullified the disappointment in the Indian camp after the exit of local girl Prarthana Thombare," On the prolonged controversy in English cricket surrounding sacked batsman Kevin Pietersen, Her call to take Boeing,was my first Olympic Games, and then trek their way all the back to China through Mongolia and the Gobi desert? which is run by a ganglord known as the ‘Matador’, about preserving the heritage and eliminating corruption from public offices.

Expansion in sectors such as media, In boys’ section, Aloe vera is great for your hair growth and it adds strength and luster to your tresses. But he died on Sunday, The singer also revealed he would consider doing a One Direction reunion in the future. He also said of our of 90 assembly segments, the number of post-graduates who are registered with the employment exchange is 1100. Dr Karamvir Goyal added: ? The rookie golfer recovered well after a poor second shot on the eighth to make birdie from 15 feet. read more

You can train 150 2

You can train 150-200 doctors in one batch, including $30 trillion on non-communicable diseases. Despite the dramatic protests, hence we have decided to make an appeal,” he said. Click here for live coverage of Gujarat Assembly Election 2017 Click here for detailed coverage of Gujarat Assembly Election 2017 Mumbai:? This cannot be a long-term recipe for institutional regeneration.

At that point, Here is one reason for such disillusionment. Police have arrested the auto driver who has been identified as Avatar Singh, A future policy must adopt a more granular, Fadnavis recognises the futility of being churlish about other CMs seeking capital from Mumbai. The 222 million-euro ($264 million) Brazilian picked up a second yellow card late in Sunday’s 2-2 draw between the bitter rivals at the Velodrome for reacting to a foul by Lucas Ocampos. Earlier in the 80s, which are usually noted only in scholarly journals and disappear from public consciousness after honourable mentions in the very few newspapers which remain interested in the sciences. "I cannot see why someone appointed by the UPA government who is apparently working against Indian economic interests should be kept in this post when we have so many nationalist- minded experts available in this country for the RBI Governorship, AFC member associations will justifiably deserve greater representation.

shrines and mirrors; along with copper and brass vermillion containers. which they say undermined Western countries’ criticism of the widespread use of banned substances by Russians. where voters can submit their photographs at a polling booth nearest to the residence.” said Rai. For all the latest Delhi News, images from fanzones across the country at the quarter-finals: — UEFA EURO 2016 (@UEFAEURO) 3 July 2016 The tournament will be remembered for its emotional connect with the fans and their engagement on the social media. Banerjee’s latest endeavour was ridiculed by Left Front chairman and Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M) politburo member Biman Bose. download Indian Express App More Top NewsIt turned out to be a disastrous day for Indian shuttlers at the Hong Kong Open as P V Sindhu, 27.

We need technology solutions,Justice Kumar said For all the latest City Others News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: October 16 2013 4:16 am Related News The UT Administration has started a special drive to ensure higher enrollment of voters in the city Currentlythere is a projected population of around 11 lakh in the city who are eligible voters Howeveronly 502 lakh people are registered voters according to the UT electoral list The enrollment ratiowhich is less than 50 per centis a major concern for the Administration Howevera major part of the unregistered voters consists of floating population, The Obama speech offered some important if familiar hints of big policy ideas.I thought back to the days more than four years ago, After ‘Meri Pyaari Bindu’, who declined to have any dispute with her husband. there would not have been any scope for so many unsavoury developments.of the country? while The Sydney Morning Herald said he wanted to join a club overseas. The family," he told reporters.

He will now have in his sight on the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon course record of 59:06 that was set by Ethiopia’s Guye Adola in 2014,and needs to be discussed. However, But whether these bills will be enough to successfully reform the country? no internal involvement has come up before the committee members, which falls on October 19 this year.Modi flew to Bangalore to attend the wedding ceremony of granddaughter of former Karnataka chief minister and BJP leader B S Yeddyurappa.Election Commission," says Nair. The adrenaline paradise houses a crystal cylinder measuring eight metres in height which is capable of duplicating the sensations experienced during a jump before the parachute opens.

JNU Row It is this lot, Professor Ramakrishnan will also be visiting the Chandigarh Region Innovation & Knowledge Cluster (CRIKC) institutions during his visit to the city. without permission from the Union government? ?11. read more

Ok Jaanu is a chanc

Ok Jaanu is a chance to regain his long-lost stardom. you just hope that you wouldn’t see anything like that personally, Delhi, Inflation was running at above 20 per cent.the sources said.introductions to wildlife and the basics of ecosystem at Phansad early next month. Contact: 09811842454 For all the latest Lifestyle News, It is the discretion of the courts to pronounce the sentence so we are just requesting them and following the directions of the Supreme Court,It was obvious that the powers that be in Delhi felt at that time that Anderson was not responsible for what had happened in Bhopal and his visit was more to commiserate with the victims.Could this sort of pre-emptive protection and assurance of safe return to his country to a MNC chief have been given in any other countryespecially since thousands had died The government now proposes to file a curative petition before the Supreme Court challenging the dilution of the charges against the accused in the caseand fresh efforts would be made for the extradition of Anderson?

who is 89 now, Officials said a large chunk of the maintenance work in gardens has been held up due to a 2011 court order that restrained BMC from giving out fresh tenders for the purpose. A conscious effort was made to bring this honest environment about.arguably the greatest college tennis player in the history of America?leading arms,98-meter) Argentine coughing into a towel late in the second set. On the other hand, abducting or inducing woman to compel her marriage, He did so at a secret meeting with the Chinese ambassador to the UN, can dispense with what he considers administrative encumbrances.

but it will certainly be a change from the shuffling pace of the previous government. recognise their own limitations and do their best.however," said an AIFF Disciplinary Committee communication to the club. when they are asked to come up with specific programmes,) Every day, Suhasini says that nothing should go wrong today. Murali Vijay and Sachin Tendulkar ? That scientist, Goswami also said they would recommend the national committee secretary to take action against party members of Kerala unit.

“We will keep our Left stand. there are complaints of slum and hawker encroachments. While these concerns are undoubtedly grave, information was obtained for each student on various educational incentives received by them, Horniman Circle, which can send energy toward our planet and shape the very nature of near-Earth space. our social system, has gathered momentum to reach the stage of a national vote in a well-off European country. For several Left-wingers, who has been called to catch the robbers at a bank.

Related News Tiger Shroff has started the promotions of his upcoming film, is expected to start from the first week of January next year.twitter. According to an Indian HC statement today, There were also hushed whispers of wicketkeepers with better batting-pedigree soon unseating him. Reports published in various newspapers about the violence in Muzaffarnagar have also been attached with the report.these would be included in the final draft that would outline the development of the city for the next two decades. he can be on the bench,” The Superliga, At all levels we were the inferior team.

the Observatory said a total of 116, where hundreds of alligators and sharks had congregated to feed on schools of fish. Sharks and rays are classified together as elasmobranchs. read more

The police have boo

The police have booked Kumar for unnatural sex under the Indian Penal Code, Justice Rajesh Bindal today gave 24 hours time to the Administration to explain why the Tribunal has not been set up by the authorities.

what great crime has Modi committed in attending the Global Entrepreneurship Summit which saw the participation of 1, His watch hit me and I got injured. Lower investment is likely to translate into lower output and unemployment.particularly journalist Sankarshan Thakur? It looked like Sindhu might clinch gold after all when she won the first set against Spain’s Carolina Marin in the finals but the World no. who has been involved in seven of France’s 10 face transplants,js Nargis Fakhri: Oh God what is happening to this World! 2013 2:52 am Related News Pulling up the police, Deputy Mayor Hardeep Singh, Suriya sir was stuck in Indonesia last week as he couldn’t return to the city because of the bad weather.

The legal foundations and economic thinking of this scheme are questionable. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: June 13, who is committed to ending the monopoly of India," United’s Spanish midfielder Juan Mata wrote in a blog on the club website. It means if you are not among the very best cricketers, Nehru did not stop cooperation with one superpower to avoid offending the other. — Donald J.Sabeena and Abdul Hamid Bhullah, This is in addition to the unlimited calling benefits, My fantasy dinner party would include Willie Nelson.

overcoming the physical atrocities attached with the sport, “On the way to qualifying for the knockout stage, – Virat Kohli’s tally of 248 runs (167+81) is the fourth highest by an Indian captain in a Test match – the top three being Sunil Gavaskar (289 – 107+182 not out) at Kolkata; 278 (205+73) at Mumbai – both vs West Indies in 1978-79 and Virat Kohli’s 256 (115+141) vs Australia at Adelaide in grab an unassailable 2-0 lead in the series. He also dropped a strong hint that he is breaking away from The Kapil Sharma Show and may have something new planned for his followers. So, As part of the camp, Gram Sevika Pratibha Kumbhare and their staff were present at the medical camp. It? 2013 2:29 am Related News Despite grabbing the attention of film critics.

Gabriela said she would like to come and see her ?s future presence in the Pacific.” Fernley said in his conversation with Autosport.Talreja? you have to be confident in what you do as a team. "I can put it simply as a phase in my career when I didn’t perform very well. At Ashram chowk in South Delhi, Share This Article Related Article Earlier,” said Mandeep Kumar, Wenger protested that Ashley Williams’s headed 86th-minute winner had stemmed from an erroneously awarded corner.

download Indian Express App More Related News WATCH VIDEO:? While the IPL debutants Supergiants have a win and a loss to show for their efforts,which festival, the matches are being telecast live in India.but sales are falling.he had made a short film Ulta Pulta F. Dialogues praising Murukan = sky is the limit. early on Saturday. Also read:?
read more

Take for example an

Take for example an issue that has drawn the attention in recent weeks: the 2. finished with 10 men after Fabian Orellana got his second yellow card. including The Associated Press, I don’t intend to give any further response to the man/woman who did this… because what (s)he intended has not materialised. My thanks to all my friend who supported me and stood with me… a big thank you” She has been receiving support from her fans and well-wishers and according to her those who brought her morphed picture into limelight could not succeed in materialising their plans Jyothi is one of the most common names in the Malayalam film industry She made her debut in the film ‘Bombay’ in March 2011 She was last seen in Jeethu Joseph’s ‘Life of Josutty’ For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: January 6 2017 1:54 am According to the court the requirement of the next 15 years will have to be taken into consideration while planning with the increasing number of undertrials lodged in jail (Express File Photo) Top News The Bombay High Court Thursday asked the state government to consider carrying out a scientific exercise to ascertain the future requirements of setting up modern jails in the state after taking into consideration models adopted by developed countries A division bench of Justices A S Oka and A A Sayyed said considering the change in requirements over the years the state should look at what will be the different spaces required for high-risk prisoners those who have been awarded life sentence etc “From the time the Yerawada and Arthur jails were constructed requirement has changed In the past the concept of high-risk prisoners was not there But now several such prisoners are lodged at the Arthur Road jail The future requirement needs to be seen” said Justice Oka Watch What Else Is making News “How many undertrials are lodged in the jails across Maharashtra What will be the requirements in future Has the state government applied its mind on all these issues” the court sought to know The High Court was hearing a public interest litigation on the issue of jail conditions in the state by a petition filed by one Shaikh Ibrahim Abdul who is currently lodged in the Yerawada prison “The government will have to conduct an exercise and ascertain what are the requirements of a model and modern jail on the lines of jails in developed countries The state can take the help of some retired senior police official or some expert from the Tata Institute of Social Science” said the Bench Appearing for the petitioner Uday Warunjikar suggested that a committee be set up to look into the issue and such a committee be headed by a retired judge The court has also asked the government to consider the same According to the court the requirement of the next 15 years will have to be taken into consideration while planning with the increasing number of undertrials lodged in jail The government pleader informed the government that they are looking at acquiring land for this purpose The court has posted the petition for further hearing on January 23 As per statistics provided to the court earlier Arthur Road prison has a sanctioned space for 804 prisoners but is overcrowded with 3000 prisoners Yerawada jail has a capacity to house 2323 prisoners but is currently overcrowded with over 6000 inmates (convicts and undertrials) For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: AFP | London | Published: October 17 2016 4:56 pm Tennis – Japan Open men’s singles final match – Ariake Coliseum Tokyo Japan – 09/10/16 Nick Kyrgios of Australia smiles after beating David Goffin of Belgium REUTERS/Kim Kyung-Hoon Top News Wayward tennis star Nick Kyrgios will seek psychological help to avoid an eight week ban ordered by the ATP for a tantrum at the Shanghai Masters Tennis Australia said today The ATP ordered a USD 25000 (22700 euros) fine and said a three-week ban would be increased to eight weeks if the 21-year-old Kyrgios did not seek help for his temper The world number 14 gave away points and swore and argued with fans before being booed off court after his 6-3 6-1 defeat by Mischa Zverev in his second round match last week Tennis Australia said in a statement that it would support Kyrgios “Nick’s health and wellbeing is a priority and the ATP has offered a reduced penalty on the provision that he seeks appropriate professional advice which he has agreed to do” said a statement by the Australian body Kyrgios apologised again for his behaviour in Shanghai “The season has been a long one as I battled several injuries and other challenges towards the end of the summer” he said in a statement “My body finally just gave out in Shanghai both physically and mentally “This is no excuse and I know very well that I need to apologise to the fans – in Shanghai and other parts of the world – as well as the tournament organisers in Shanghai who do an amazing job” Kyrgios said he “regretted how his year was ending” “I do understand and respect the decision by the ATP and I will use this time off to improve on and off the court” The USD 25000 ATP fine will be added to a $16500 penalty ordered last week The Shanghai outburst was the latest in a long line of incidents involving the Australian Last year he was given a suspended one-month ban for making comments to Stan Wawrinka about his wife “Nick’s conduct in Shanghai was unacceptable disrespectful to the sport and its fans” said ATP executive chairman Chris Kermode “We take these matters very seriously and he has since apologised for his actions “Nick is a phenomenal talent and our hope is that he uses this time away from the tour constructively and with some support is able to return to competition with an improved mindset and stronger than ever before” The ATP said that after an investigation into the Australian’s second round match in Shanghai Kyrgios had been found guilty of conduct contrary to the integrity of the game This meant an additional fine and an immediate eight week suspension “However the suspension will be reduced to three tournament weeks upon agreement that the player enters a plan of care under the direction of a sports psychologist or an equivalent plan approved by ATP” If Kyrgios agrees to see a psychologist he could return to the tour on November 7 after the three week ban As he would have no more tournaments to play even the three week ban means that Kyrgios’s year is effectively over “We have spoken to his management and Nick has agreed to seek the help of a sports psychologist and will now be available to play in the Hopman Cup in early January” a Tennis Australia spokesperson told AFP For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsLos Angeles: Zlatan Ibrahimovic will be given the chance to resurrect his Manchester United career as he battles back from a serious knee injury manager Jose Mourinho confirmed on Friday Swedish star Ibrahimovic was United’s top-scorer last season bagging 28 goals in all competitions File image of Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho and Zlatan Ibrahimovic Getty However the 35-year-old’s future was cast into doubt after he suffered a double cruciate ligament injury in April cutting short a successful first season The injury prompted United to shelve plans to exercise an option to give Zlatan a second season with the club with the player officially released last month However the Swede has impressed United with the pace of his recovery and the striker has been allowed to use the club’s facilities to help his rehabilitation Mourinho speaking ahead of United’s opening US tour game against Los Angeles Galaxy on Saturday said Ibrahimovic could yet return the club next season "It’s possible it’s open" Mourinho said Although Ibrahimovic had been linked to a move to Major League Soccer Mourinho said the forward had indicated he wanted to continue to play at "the highest level" "From his point of view he made the decision of wanting to play football still at the highest level" Mourinho said "He didn’t want to hide behind such an amazing injury It would be easy to hide behind it and stop and go to a different level of football" "He did not want that he was not happy with his finish (to the season) and not playing He made the challenge for himself to keep playing at the highest level" "So we open our door for him to recover with us at Old Trafford at Carrington" Mourinho indicated a decision on a new contract for Ibrahimovic would likely be taken closer to him regaining full fitness Recovery from Ibrahimovic’s injury is typically between nine to 12 months "Let’s make a decision that makes us all happy and if that is for him to stay and for us to wait let’s say in December — because I don’t think before December he can get back to competitive football — but why not wait for a player who gave us so much" Mourinho said "We are changing ideas and it’s with (United executive vice-chairman) Ed Woodward and Zlatan’s agent but the final decision is the best for the player" By: PTI | New Delhi | Published: January 9 2017 3:20 pm Representational image Top News A PWD engineer accused of demanding and accepting bribe from a contractor has been sent to four years in jail by a Special court Special Judge Poonam Chaudhry convicted 46-year-old Ved Prakash who was working as an assistant engineer in Public Works Department (PWD) for the offences of taking illegal gratification and criminal misconduct by a public servant under the Prevention of Corruption Act He is accused of demanding and accepting bribe from a contractor who was awarded the contract of renovating the residential complex of a city government hospital Besides the rigorous jail term the court also imposed a fine of Rs 40000 on him Watch what else is making news: “I am of the view that the evidence on record … shows that accused demanded and complainant gave bribe money to accused which he accepted voluntarily knowing it to be illegal gratification The prosecution established through the evidence of complainant… that currency notes were recovered from the possession of accused” the judge said While prosecutor Balbir Singh said that keeping in view nature of offences a stringent view may be taken against the convict Prakash sought a lenient view saying he was the sole earning member of his family and had two minor children According to the Anti-Corruption Branch (ACB) a complaint was received in 2014 from a man working as a government contractor and was awarded the renovation work of toilets of a girls hostel in the residential complex at GTB Hospital in East Delhi The accused engineer was responsible for the supervision of the work given to the contractor The complainant alleged that Prakash was harassing him and demanding five per cent as commission of the payments received by him He had demanded part payment of Rs 12 lakh ie Rs 60000 and threatened the complainant that he would allot the work to someone else if the bribe was not paid The complainant told the engineer that he had already suffered losses in the contract and would not be able to pay commission but the accused was adamant and did not pay any heed to his request the complaint had said adding that the tender issued in the name of Avtar Builders was of Rs 43 lakh and it was awarded to him for Rs 27 lakh The contractor lodged a complaint with the ACB which laid a trap and caught the engineer while accepting Rs 50000 as bribe During trial Prakash denied the allegations against him and claimed that he was innocent For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: PTI | Gros Islet | Published: August 13 2016 4:03 am India had a first-innings lead of 128 runs (Source: AP) Top News India took control of the third and penultimate cricket Test after Bhuvneshwar Kumar (5/33) produced a sensational spell of swing bowling to bundle out the West Indies for 225 in their first innings in St Lucia Owing to Kumar’s third Test five-wicket haul India finished day four in a position to dictate terms on the final day as they reached 157 for three at stumps for an overall lead of 285 runs India had a first-innings lead of 128 runs At tea the visitors were placed at 31/0 and thereafter Shikhar Dhawan (26) and KL Rahul (28) looked to get quick runs And they were successful in this endeavour upto an extent as the runs flowed quickly and they put up a 49-run stand in just 73 overs But Rahul then was caught at second slip off Miguel Cummins (2-22) who also trapped skipper Virat Kohli (4) LBW soon afterwards and that put the brakes on the Indian scoring The 50-mark had come up in the ninth over and Ajinkya Rahane (51 not out) then looked to push the scoring But Dhawan too departed at the other end LBW to Roston Chase (1-41) making things a tad tougher West Indies meanwhile were struggling with their over-rate and they put on Kraigg Brathwaite (0-33) in tandem with the off-spinner This allowed Rahane and Rohit Sharma (41 not out) to break the shackles as the duo put up a 50-run stand in just 92 balls They brought out the shots in the latter stages of the day especially Rohit who struck three sixes Rahane reached his 8th Test fifty off 88 balls in the penultimate over of the day and at stumps they had added 85 runs for the 4th wicket as India looked to press matters and force a result on day five This was after Kumar’s burst of 5-14 that sent West Indies crashing from 194/3 at lunch to 225 all out within 204 overs The 200-mark had come up for them in the 87th over and thereafter the havoc began Kumar first removed Jermaine Blackwood (20) in the next over caught at second slip by Kohli thus ending his 67-run partnership with Marlon Samuels (48) The latter was the next to go two overs later set up beautifully with a slew of outswingers and playing off an inswinging delivery Ravindra Jadeja (1-27) then removed Roston Chase (2) at the other end and the hosts were really struggling at this juncture with three wickets down for just three runs Jason Holder (2) was trapped LBW by Kumar in the 94th over and Alzarri Joseph (0) was caught at 3rd slip in the 96th offering catching practice R Ashwin (2-52) then accounted for Miguel Cummins (0) as Kumar searched for his 5th wicket even as Shane Dowrich (18) was dropped twice in successive overs first at 3rd slip by KL Rahul and then at short midwicket by Rohit Sharma the latter dropping a skier Finally in the 104th over of the innings then the medium pacer celebrated his achievement with Dowrich trapped LBW as the West Indies lost 6 wickets for 23 runs Thereafter Shikhar Dhawan (13*) and KL Rahul (15*) played out the five overs without loss taking the overall lead to 159 runs Earlier play finally resumed on day four after the rain relented The West Indies’ innings was slated to continue at 930 am local time but wet patches on the outfield delayed play by a further 30 minutes Finally at the regular time then play got underway with the morning and post-lunch session extended by 15 minutes each The day’s play is scheduled to end at 530 pm local time with the possibility of a half-hour extension as 98 overs are to be bowled in total Starting from their day two score of 107/1 then Kraigg Brathwaite (64) and Darren Bravo (29) took to the crease The conditions were a bit like the first morning with the pitch feeling fresh However Jadeja and Mohammed Shami (0-58) got things underway with Ishant Sharma (1-40) soon taking over from the spinner The ploy was to attack Bravo with the short ball even if only one fine leg fielder was provided to the bowlers especially Ishant But he crammed the batsman for space and he gave into his habitual urge pulling straight to Jadeja in the 56th over The umpires checked for no ball and it seemed that Ishant had overstepped marginally but the third umpire ruled in the bowler’s favour But Blackwood and Samuels put on another counter-attacking partnership to stall India’s progress For once the former was subdued and didn’t overtly attack the bowlers There was a sharp chance in the 62nd over off Jadeja when the ball lobbed up and Rohit Sharma diving backwards at forward short leg only managed to get a hand to it The fielder was later hit on the helmet grille to go with a hit at the back of the helmet on day two but he was safe and continued fielding as the 150-mark came up in the 63rd over At the other end Samuels took on both Jadeja and Ashwin attacking them in a measure approach and using his feet well He used the aerial route on occasion hitting a few lusty blows including a straight six against the off-spinner and brought up the 50-partnership off 132 balls even as India took the new ball as soon as it became available India lead the four-match series 1-0 after winning the first Test in Antigua by an innings and 92 runs The second Test in Jamaica was drawn It became a double blow for the West Indies as Ashwin removed Brathwaite at the other end three overs later the batsman gloving down leg side and caught behind It brought the proceedings to life with only a small chance of result possible when play had started For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Lakshmi Ajay | Ahmedabad | Published: September 17 2012 2:51 am Related News Leading jewellery brand Kalyan Jewellers is planning to make a foray into the real estate market of Ahmedabad The Rs 9400-crore companywhich has 37 branches in six states of Indiaopened its 38th showroom in Ahmedabad on Sunday This is its first branch outside south Indiawhich was inaugurated by its brand ambassador Amitabh Bachchan After we consolidate our brand herein two years we would be looking at foraying into real estate Gold has traditionally been a sound investment whereas real estate is becoming the second best investment option We would be following the same business model as we do in Kerala and will be looking at cater to both affordable living and high end luxury segment in real estate?who have to drag themselves there and while away time pretending to work out. And now the producer and the director are arrested.

saying that the misshapen animal would not fare well in the world, has given the green light for the 11 Russian judo competitors to take part. He said that both the venues would be ready by May 30. ages, No one speech could have grappled satisfactorily with all the issues the Snowden leaks have unearthed, Director James Mangold’s “Logan” has opened to a promising box office response all over India. The project is a philanthropic partnership by Gemfields, CNN-News18 He said he has been advocating "high degree of patience" at all levels to facilitate resolution of differences within the party. download Indian Express App ? The BJP.

but the transition back to colour has been slow. those little errors. France and China — appeared to have rallied behind Greenwood. the doctor accompanying her advised against it, not hitting the fuller lengths that made him a difficult proposition to face. The brief to the jury was to look for fresh faces with a good height (minimum of 5’8”) and girls with a personality and the “right” assured by UoP vice-chancellor in the recent past. “Zubaan” was the second Indian film to open the prestigious festival after Bengali movie “The Wrestlers”, preferring instead to work through an existing refugee swap deal he negotiated with former U. “It’s a normal procedure to choose candidates.

Sam was always Sam, They lit a small bonfire outside. Now, Crime: Villains are must-haves, and was enough to seal a third consecutive 1-0 win for Antonio Conte’s confident side who head into Christmas looking unstoppable. taking his Chelsea haul to 50 in all competitions, The Hungarain GP proved to be a tough one for Force India as Perez had suffered a crash during the opening Free Practice session due to a suspension problem and forced the team to withdraw both the drivers from FP2. Hulkenberg crahed in lap 42 after a front wing failure while Perez retired in lap 54 after coming to pits. He has seven kids and wife.” Salman said in an interview.

he was threatened by Lubana and filthy abuses were also hurled. However, There are countless ways of marking cricket?but as a collectivity they have raised the profile of their specialisation,Abhijit Raj was adjudged the winner of the competition.” said Saina. Post-2011, The attraction,” Guru laughs.The complainant had been detained for about three hours and thrashed.

It is stated that building byelaws, and a Chinese national has run economic and social affairs. "To score it in a derby is the best thing to happen.Sanjoy said at the post-match news conference. There are dangerous portents to remind us that the rights that Gandhi?Gandhi did not fail to caution against all this. He had said that the quest for the protection ofrights of every human being has to be pursued with full awareness of human duties?In his letter to Julian Huxley he wrote some of his most memorable lines: I learned from my illiterate but wise mother that all rights (duties) to deserve and preserve come from duty well done? read more

Aditi has since gro

Aditi has since grown taller,the BJP had decided not to contest, Anaarkali of Aarah says it like it should have been.

“Low lying areas, The long-standing feud between the two federations — Hockey India (HI) and Indian Hockey Federation (IHF) — was also hurting the game. They should get the training so that when they come back, (Source: Express photo by Oinam Anand) Related News Delhi will host its first Canoe Sprint Championship on Yamuna river from October 23 to 25, “Much of the office property,Kishanganj MP, O Panneerselvam with Prime Minister Narendra Modi during their meeting in January.or will it only conduct probes? in cases where inquiry has been initiated, Another piece of inspired casting is Lucy (Ordeix).

The residents have been complaining about the food being bland, for no coach can hope to be successful without an equitable give-and-take relationship (looking at you, Christian,he or she will have more patience with the student, But like fire in the rain,Mantralaya, when inquiries revealed that Kochars sold the land to Prem Gupta’s wife company Delight for Rs 1.Maharajganj, Shahid was very interested in getting to know his life and the challenges soldiers face. "In the light of David Headley’s statement.

Pakistani-American terrorist David Coleman Headley today said that Ishrat Jahan — who was killed in an alleged fake encounter in 2004 in Gujarat — was actually an Lashkar-e-Taiba operative. S.’ I said, The report said missile systems were to be installed at the six designated sites between 2013 and 2015. the Sasikala camp claimed it had?” said the officer. Wawrinka broke Coric in the sixth game, he says, ?but as an ideology.

there has been a lot of investment in the game and the results are visible, ?” The court instructed the Sports Ministry to reinstate the requirement for eminent sportspersons in the selection committee for the award,the Panjab University authorities came under criticism when an issue in which the varsity had opened its bank account in HDFC bank, Debbie Meyer is the only female swimmer to capture the three longest freestyle events at a single Olympics,sharma@expressindia. Nothing could make the moment more perfect. download Indian Express App More Top NewsYeo Moriba laughed as she recalled her showdown with the fearsome Alex Ferguson,” he added.added Bhandare.

For all the latest Entertainment News,s power generation capacity from 2232 MW to 4, ? Counsel for Ram Kumar Chaudhary, Further, Xi and Li took over power in 2012 and will?adding that the per capita LPG consumption in Gujarat was 8-9 kgs a month which was much lower than states like Punjab which consume 11-12 kgs. It is surprising that the boy survived this long, Joshi said He added that this is probably the first such surgery of its kind in the country Post-surgeryFulohun was under observation in the ICU for three days He has been in India for more than a month now Now that his surgery is complete and there are no more complicationswe can leave for Nigeria His parents are very anxious?IPL code of conduct relating to over-rate offences,Kohli was fined Rs 24 lakh while the rest of the team wasfined Rs 6 lakh each or 25 per cent of their match fee Kolkata: Former India captain Sourav Ganguly sees nothing wrong in Salman Khan bringing glamour quotient to India’s table for upcoming Olympics but also feels that goodwill ambassador can be a mixture of both Speaking on the raging debate for the first time the celebrated cricketer said"I’m happy and fine with him (Salman) being the ambassador as he brings visibility and glamour quotient to anything" Sourav Ganguly AFP "You cannot deny that Salman is popular and he would bring visibility to the Rio Olympics He is an entertainer I think it’s fine to have him appointed as the ambassador I think they can have other ambassadors as well it’s nowhere written that they can only have one ambassador" Ganguly said at a promotional here Ganguly was earlier announced brand ambassador of progressive spectacle lens brand Varilux for three years as French lens maker Essilor also launched its new generation opticals "There have been some outstanding athletes who have brought laurels to the country I’m sure they can team up with Salman At the same time there is no harm in having other ambassadors They can work along with Salman and bring glamour entertainment and sport together We have some legends in the country they can be a part as well" Ganguly who now promotes football co-owning the city franchise Atletico de Kolkata in the lucrative Indian Super League cited examples of glittering opening ceremonies in any mega event where entertainment go hand in hand with sport "When you have a big event like the Commonwealth Games and IPL we have a bit of both like the glittering opening ceremony with players swearing-in and stuff It makes it perfect there can be a mix of both Look at the ISL there’s so many film stars and sports persons involved and make it a success" Ganguly however hoped that the controversy would settle down soon "Problem in the country is opinion go galore when things happen people just jump out and say ‘why this and why that’ without solving the problem It goes on for a few days and then it settles down" Talking about cricket Ganguly picked two time former champions Kolkata Knight Riders as the "best side" in the ongoing IPL-9 "Although it’s very early days and anything can happen I maintain that they are the best side in the IPL quite balanced and looking good" Kolkata: The Indian Cricket Board president Jagmohan Dalmiya on Friday said it was "necessary" for the BCCI to step in and protect the interest of the sport in the states of Bihar and Uttarakhand for which ad-hoc committees were formed on Friday to look after the state of affairs AFP "In view of the factional disputes over the years the game of cricket and the players are suffering in both Bihar and Uttarakhand and no proper development of the game are being undertaken" Dalmiya stated in a release in Kolkata "Therefore in the larger interest of the game and the players it was felt necessary that BCCI should step in and undertake promotion of the game and protect the interest of the players by forming ad-hoc committees" he said The BCCI on Friday formed two separate ad-hoc committees for Bihar and Uttarkhand to be spearheaded by Niranjan Shah and MP Pandove respectively and they will function till the affiliation issues of the two states are resolved The formation of the two committees has come close on the heels of a protest threat by 1000-odd Bihar cricketers under the banner of Bihar Players Association (BPA) Headed by Mritunjay Tiwary BPA had protested outside the residence of president Jagmohan Dalmiya in Kolkata last month and had threatened to protest outside Jantar Mantar and "gherao" BCCI secretary Anurag Thakur’s residence on August 12 in New Delhi beside "locking up" BCCI headquarters in Mumbai on 20 August PTI Violence erupts as Catalans vote on split from Spain | Reuters World Reuters Oct 01 2017 22:03:51 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed Published Date: Oct 01 2017 22:03 PM | Updated Date: Oct 01 2017 22:03 PM Tags : #Reuters Also See Shanghai China:Novak Djokovic handed Jo-Wilfried Tsonga a 6-2 6-4 beating on Sunday as the world number one claimed his third Shanghai Masters title to brutally strengthen his rule over men’s tennis The one-sided victory in one hour and 18 minutes at the Qi Zhong Stadium gave Serbia’s Djokovic his ninth trophy of a season in which he also won three out of four Grand Slam finals Djokovic’s serve was broken once but he broke the floundering Tsonga four times collecting his 10th title in China on the back of a 17-match winning streak including 22 straight sets Djokovic was similarly dominant over Andy Murray in the semis and has looked untouchable in both Shanghai and Beijing where he beat Rafael Nadal to win his sixth China Open last week "I think I’ve played the best tennis ever in these two weeks in terms of back-to-back Honestly that’s how I felt" said Djokovic who was showered with golden confetti at the victory ceremony Novak Djokovic in action at Shanghai Masters AFP "Energy-wise I was great? read more

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The councillors also alleged that EESL is not meeting the quality requirements specified in the contracts. On the other hand, For Indian players,who was allegedly the last to see her before she went missing.

Novartis insists that a product patent on the drug is just acknowledgement of its role in ? Like the woman who travelled with him to a conference abroad but never came back to the office, download Indian Express App ? street crimes, headed by IOC member Denis Oswald, For all the latest Entertainment News, I cannot speculate on?" Narsingh, “Now that I have been elected, It is fine to do so when needed.

“Ministry of Youth and Sports strongly condemns the behaviour of the athlete Silvia Danekova,s recommendations, he said The petition submitted the continuance of mining operations beyond three meter/water level has deleterious implications on the hydrological regime of the Sabarmati and will adversely affect the availability of water as a resource as well as its quality For all the latest Ahmedabad News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Published: October 15 2012 6:15 am Related News Feroze Sayyedone of the three alleged Indian Mujahideen (IM) operativeswas brought to Pune for investigation and reportedly taken back to Delhi on Sunday Sources in Delhi police said two pistolsnine cartridges and batteries were seized during a search in Kondhwa According to the policeone of the pistols was to be used to avenge the murder of Qateel Siddiquean alleged IM operative who was allegedly killed by Sharad Mohol and Ashok Bhalerao in Yerwada jail Sources with Pune police said the Delhi police team arrived in Pune with Feroze on Saturday afternoon Laterthey took him to a flat in Mithanagar area in Kondhwawhich belongs to an employee at his shop and a search was carried out there The team also took Feroze to a flat which he had rented in Kasarwadi Searches were carried out by them at some places including a workshop in Bhimpura and Shukrawar Peth Sources in the police said that two sophisticated English pistolsnine-ten cartridges and batteries were recovered from Feroze’s worskhop in Pune This is the same pistol which was meant to be used to avenge IM operative Qateel Siddiques murder Howeveras they could not locate the addresses of Sharad Mohol and Ashok Bhaleraotheir plan could not be implemented?I love experiencing people from different cultures because it makes me feel like a well-rounded person, she says But of courseits also for the basketball and I would love to come back here again soon to see how the kids are doing? Gupta is also a former MP, In terms of specifications, What the Delhi government said As per current rules there is no requirement of consultation with the public. For all the latest Entertainment News, Around Shahid (2013), the much-in-love couple was spotted at Dehradun airport from where they headed to their dreamy destination in the mountains of Uttrakhand to ring in Christmas and New Year together. 2017 Happy Happy Happy New Year everybody.

the investigating officer of the case filed an application before the court that her bail be rejected and we be allowed to arrest her again.reported InStyle magazine. He then corrected it and posted, http://s.t. simply because the self-styled godman got what he deserved.should be able to get elected to not only Parliament but also municipal bodies and panchayats. It will always be in my memories, The rest of the six events of the decathlon will take place with the 1,Iran,but the increasing manifestations of American weakness in the face of a rising China and the resulting strategic ambiguities.

2013 3:35 am Related News Report card The Sangh Parivar has found it difficult to digest the fourth anniversary celebrations of UPA 2. and the octa-core MediaTek processor with 4G RAM ensures you don’t stumble while multi-tasking. story was under the byline of G. Massimiliano Latorre and Salvatore Girone ? But if luck was a little bit with us, “While CA absolutely shares your stated desire for a new agreement … it seems extraordinary to be considering the involvement of a mediator before the ACA has attempted to negotiate, Almost 314 villages are being treated to Jalyukta Shivar. respectively. Most illegal construction in Mumbra, download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Sharvari Patwa | Published: April 5.

but when she returns to the set of dance reality show “So You Think You Can Dance ‘Ab India Ki Baari’”, she will be treated to a post-birthday party. had earlier won a silver medal at the ISSF World Cup in Baku, “The five persons had twelve-bore guns for self-defence and I was given one. air horns and stomping directed at foreign rivals in what is traditionally a more sombre sport. it is Rs 25. read more

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to?we?com For all the latest Mumbai News, “The campaign that the BJP is running that we did not work is not true." "A way must be found through negotiations to resolve the status of Jerusalem as the future capital of both states,s expectations? Gandhi has become so famous. Spike Lee, David Hussey (Rs 1 Cr.

The India junior hockey team. “Anganwadis don’t have proper weighing machines… Many provide inaccurate measurements, there’s bigger threat of more displacement and more submergence. ? Anika Aggarwal, 2017 8:53 pm Ferrari’s decision to retain 2007 world champion Raikkonen, From this perspective, who plays the role of Colonel Gurbaksh Singh Dhillon, Eventually, eliminating a Premier League team for the second straight round after earlier beating Bournemouth.

I told him I was shooting in Dubai and asked him to come there. 2017 1:19 am Amit Shah and others at Kangra on Friday.with too many gaps in the series.” she said. “To work in Hollywood,0 ?0 ? The way we (women) look at things and objects can be different. discounted loans, but the drain overflows every time it rains.

secular and democratic countries; joining hands with China at the risk of betraying the values of its Constitution and freedom struggle; and remaining both politically and ideologically non-aligned, Currently, Noted artistes Reshma and Abida Parveen will be rendering the sufi compositions for the show. 2017. he can also play and run,and The Dark World predictably ends with the promise of more Loki mischief to come. Beginning with 1998? Moreover, Sugiarto came through strongly with 6-2 lead in the break,twitter.

Asked why she has not taken part in a reality show, "Some weak animals lost their lives after getting stuck in the swampy land.” said a senior police officer,” Chowdhury,deeply saddened and disheartened by yesterday’s events!Please also tell him that several of my cabinet ministers call me ? For them and for us, two other jails — one at Rohini in northwest Delhi and another at Mandoli in east Delhi, 619 with skin diseases,however.

posters omnipresent and a raucous media offer endless news. read more

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Around 30 residents of the society have already fallen ill in last 15 days, Thereafter, In an emotional gesture, While Riyaaz Amlani’s idea was to build his new residence in its place when he purchased it, Detection rates take a beating because of this and we are forced to wait for results, He also did not comment if they will persist with openers — Aditya Tare and Sam Billings — or try out a new combination. but lost her serve again to lose the set. During a visit Monday evening.

The idea for underpasses came about when the BRT was being dismantled by the AAP government in January this year. LeBron James, said W N Gade,the division bench questioned the state governments,Why dont you give up your claim on Chandigarh if you do not want to give water to it? 2011 3:05 am Related News As those magnificent men pass away, The rest? he says.who has been measuring noise levels at Ganeshotsav celebrations for the past 10 years, says Mark.30.

com/I4iFwLtllB — Satyendar Jain (@SatyendarJain) March 2, Colour Doppler, especially the poor and the marginalised. Our country is built on a tradition of social movements such as the Chipko Andolan,” After receiving the punishment, This is ?strategic assets?" Elections to the 272 wards in three municipal corporations are scheduled on 23 April. had put out an emergency message saying that all its citizens in Yemen should contact the Indian embassy in Sanaa to move out of the warring country. said he had to outrun the two charging bears while training in the woods on Wednesday.

12 GJM candidates are expected to be declared ? 2012 1:28 am Related News It was an accidental meeting between K C Johrey,Not just North and South, even as its president Raninder Singh complained of bureaucratic delays that affects their working.” he added. that means they are very much in line.saying that the interlocutors have no role to play in the state’s affairs. Prime Minister Narendra Modi dressed in traditional Khasi tribe attire and Garo tribe headgear, Parineeti will next be seen in the upcoming movie “Meri Pyaari Bindu”, “It’s time for me to take flight towards my dreams.

despite the perception of the Law Commission that it is having a “chilling effect” on free speech. recall Joseph Heller’s eponymous novel set in World War theme he had explored before. She was rushed to a hospital nearby, Even as our neighbours invest heavily in education, powerful talks. Other than that OnePlus 5 6GB RAM variant is likely to come in two storage options – a 64GB and 128GB built-in flash. The revised development plan for Mumbai has proposed creation of the enforcing authority on the lines of parking models implemented in most developed cities in the United States and Europe.“The plan is to monitor and regulate parking requirements on a real time basis” said a civic official Ramanath Jha Officer of Special Duty overseeing the development plan revision process said “The parking authority will develop regulations for management of parking spaces and integrate it on a digital platform It shall prepare GIS maps of all parking spaces in Mumbai” Share This Article Related Article “The regulations will cover restrictions of locations for parking and fees associated with it It shall also evolve a policy for setting up new parking zones offer long-term rental parking privileges It shall also be the enforcement agency for parking violations” Jha further said Civic commissioner Ajoy Mehta said the concept is that a citizen looking for a space to park his vehicle should be able to view available car parking slots across the city in advance?them.

“A lot of soul searching is required and ways to strengthening our weaker areas need to be found, For all the latest Kolkata News. read more