Cross border electricity supplier farewell 0 tax the last wave of preferential attack

days ago, cross-border retail electricity supplier will implement the import of new tax news, finally confirmed the relevant departments of the state, "0 tax era" is coming to an end. For the new deal to take the largest part of the business model to take part in the bonded, in order to catch up before the implementation of the new deal to clean up inventory, have started to dump goods model. It is reported that the well-known domestic electricity supplier suning.com from the end of the month to open a "clear inventory model really is the theme of the half off rest assured purchase. read more

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Where the electricity supplier or died of a bad user experience

huge investment, the founder of brilliant history, all over the subway sensational advertising, where the first big sales Chinese own brand in the market continue to attack cities and capture territories electricity supplier. However, the recent spread of the negative news, the possibility that the giant PPG all over again looks more and more.

where is the problem?

I think the biggest problem where the customer is a poor user experience. Last year, I bought a pair of shoes in every guest on. Get the hand, feel the quality is very general, because the price is very cheap, so it does not matter. This year, JiaBuZhu guest turns SMS, mail, subway advertising campaign, and bought a pair of canvas shoes, a pair of casual slippers. Shoes for a few days, disappointed. Canvas shoes feel extremely poor quality shoes, tail cloth there is a moment where the customer brand plate toss about, in my mind is equal to inferior goods. Another leisure slippers, if I am hard to squeeze, the foot will blister; if not hard, feel free to foot slipped out. From then on, I know I will never buy every guest products. read more

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Darunfa in electronic commerce in traditional retail enterprises can counter attack

speed transit online sea news after the retail giant WAL-MART, Metro, recently announced a retail enterprise Darunfa into electricity supplier industry. It is reported that Darunfa company registered in Shanghai set up a joint venture company, flying cow Jida of electronic commerce, the registered capital of 100 million yuan. The electricity supplier website will be launched at the end, after the completion of consumers can buy goods on the Internet, the goods will be from the receipt of the RT Branch issued recently. read more

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07073 Wang Jian 16 year old business from 0 to 5 million monthly

introduction he was 14 years old at the age of 16 to create a website, make a pot of gold at the age of 21, the establishment of the company, at the age of 24, his website has become a leader in the field of game company (07073.com), a monthly income of 5 million yuan.

what are the young people born in 1988,


people have just entered the community, no work experience, respect for colleagues to call my brother and sister.

Wang Jian is not the case, he was 14 years old at the age of 16 to create a website, make a pot of gold at the age of 21, the establishment of the company, at the age of 24, his website has become a leader in the field of game company (07073.com), a monthly income of 5 million yuan. read more

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Tmall double eleven carnival world turned inward


Hongkong airport, airport was the world’s famous devil aviation, for your captain, as it comes into play difficult acrobatics, the aircraft does not send our best captain mission. It is interesting that no one missed them here.

18 years of dust laden Eic airport, has been transformed into a cruise terminal. Yesterday, Eic pier to re dress the theme of aviation, to meet the challenge of another captain of the challenge: Alibaba CEO xiaoyao.

is the team to attend the "Xiao Yao Zi Qi Fei · Tmall global double 11 Carnival activities. From November 11th, there are 20 days to come, the coach led the army issued a special city such as Hongkong, and carefully select such a symbolic venue. Time, space, the plot, this year, a little unusual 11. read more

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First inspection of small household electrical appliances online shopping security risks

Beijing News (reporter Liao Ailing) yesterday, Beijing city Industrial and Commercial Bureau first informed the quality monitoring results of small household electrical appliances, clothing online shopping, there are 13 kinds of product quality, the safety of small household appliances are the most.

clothing is often online Taobao to buy more goods. The Beijing business monitoring found a distribution by "Hangzhou Ping people clothing Limited company" and "zeaka" (No. HDT1022PG) blouse is not qualified, not only the detection of formaldehyde content exceed the standard, even the use of a biodegradable carcinogenic aromatic amine dyes, harmful to the human body. read more

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Electronic mall music cool days off CEO bluntly competition too tragic

July 2010 a hot evening, when the cool days of Ejiri Yuichi in the CBD CEO mall, an open-air Cafe had confidently to the media described, "we are optimistic about the prospects of Chinese e-commerce market, also believe that the cool days will be a success in Chinese". The cool days of online shopping mall, the Japanese giant Lotte and Baidu joint venture company.

however, things did not go to Ejiri Yuichi’s expected direction. Two years later, the cool days in Chinese miscues, yesterday morning, the cool days of mall officially closed shop would become a "market The climate does not suit one. and exit Chinese well-known foreign enterprises. read more

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Looking for steel net 1 billion 100 million financing exposure hand Shougang Beijing coal developmen


] January 15th news billion state power network, the latest learned billion state power network, steel officially announced that this round of financing amounted to 1 billion 100 million yuan, leading capitalists for Beijing Jingxi entrepreneurial Cci Capital Ltd and Thailand securities, leading investment amounted to 890 million yuan, the remaining amount provided by the original structure with speculative investors Sequoia Capital Chinese, male cattle capital. At the same time, looking for steel network will also cooperate with Jingdong financial depth cooperation in the supply chain financial services.   read more

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Jingdong to join the logistics group logistics business to third party merchants open

in order to attract businesses to join the Jingdong responsible person said through the Jingdong logistics services businesses will also be ranked in the search results in the front position.

source: Vision China

November 23rd, Jingdong released Jingdong logistics brand logo, officially announced that Jingdong logistics will be the way to operate the brand of social business to open.

this means that the third party merchants can enjoy the same service with Jingdong self logistics. Businesses can even include Jingdong, including all electronic business platform warehouse distribution logistics outsourcing to Jingdong logistics, no longer need to rent their own coffers, hiring warehouse managers, shipping and after-sales. read more

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June mogujie com product manager to advocate darwinism

editor’s note: the concept of community e-commerce as early as 08 years was born, but the community e-commerce website really into people’s horizons has just begun, such as Amoy arena, love, beauty etc.. In the Taobao Product Manager June has done many years with my knowledge and resources to the electronic commerce, in the last year founded the network community e-commerce volume bean Adsense service, so as to find out the potential community of e-commerce, online shopping this year in favor of the female founder sharing website mogujie.com. He holds a "Darwinism" attitude, the products he believes that good products in the market to continue to exercise birth, community e-commerce is still a piece of blue ocean, need to beat the market. The current Talks interview, listen to June talk about his community e-commerce blueprint. read more

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