Webmaster daily broadcast Baidu search Tim mobile application site user experience is more important

1, the user experience has become the primary criteria for search engine evaluation website

Admin5 station network May 2nd news, Baidu today released Webmaster Platform "Web2.0 anti spam with Raiders" for sending spam information website at home and there are a lot of explicit criteria and coping strategies. In the Web2.0 anti spam Raiders in detail, which will be identified as the contents of Baidu garbage content. At the same time, Baidu has also made recommendations on how to deal with the rubbish in the face of the owners. read more

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One second to save more than one person

Wenchuan, Sichuan in May 12th, a strong earthquake, the magnitude of up to 7.8, the affected population of hundreds of thousands of people. Community donations to the disaster area, and in the disaster assistance operations, the most obvious is the network increasingly influential.

in the first report, the network media before the release of the news media in Sichuan earthquake, and the epicenter, magnitude and other information have made an accurate forecast. Whether it is a traditional text reports, or recently very hot video reports, all reflect the characteristics of the "fast" in the network communication. read more

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Small group purchase website survival sample closures after the case of a tide

"our website usually two or three days will have a click, so everyone can think of our sales right?" officially launched in Guangzhou in September 2011 of a local group purchase network CEO Mr. Chen to ridicule the "China Times" reporter.


network group purchase sales performance since the establishment has been tepid, is currently hovering at the edge of collapse, and Mr. Chen experienced business pain, sadness is a microcosm of many earlier trend is difficult to endure the creation of group purchase website. read more

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QQ mailbox with mail advertising mail anti rod drink


team brings three February 10, 2014 Tencent QQ mailbox function for the user, with 1 improvements: 2, automatic writing advertising mail; Lenovo recently contact group; 3, add a large picture to text, but also to optimize the basic functions.

you don’t know the domestic mail marketing messages sent over 80% are sent to QQ mailbox, as do SEO, launched a series of optimization around Baidu and Baidu, every official speaker will cause the interpretation of a large number of SEO staff, as a way to promote the "email marketing" naturally don’t let the dynamic update. read more

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Do a few shallow suggestions to promote medical soft

medical soft from first to last is a controversial subject, some people say it revolutionized the medical network marketing model, to create considerable economic value, some people think that it is made up excessive, cheating consumers feeling more in name than in reality. The people who love it every day, hundreds of thousands of pieces of bombing, deliberate speculation; hate it, teeth, together with all available forces, slander, pressure. But objectively speaking, the medical soft as a springboard for traditional medical advertisements leap forward, with beautiful words and pictures to appease patients with broken hearts, give confidence and hope, its ultimate goal is reached between the buyer and seller transaction, to achieve purchasing power, spread the brand value. Naked, but it’s true. However, this road is not smooth sailing in medical literature, just like life, full of frustration, there are inherent flaws, there are external unrest. Some people are happy, some people worry. How to go more long, small make up the following points are not without effect. read more

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From the web page of the development of the garbage talk about the planning and promotion of person

in the six months ago, perhaps we do not know there is a spam page such a site, and today, I almost everyone on the QQ know spam page wangyeba.com such a garbage station. Even if I do not know the web site, also heard of such a name. Why is it that a web site that has been developed for just a year can build such a high level of garbage awareness so quickly? I have to study the development of our station analysis and promotion methods, "the webmaster do promotion planning in individual stationmaster sit first put the garbage, the garbage fully deserve. Analysis of

when you do website must be in the domain name, site name, column design targeted. Be clear at a glance. Who knows who the user is. Analysis of

the so-called garbage promotion: wine is also afraid of deep alley, do not say the website promotion, it is no good web spam webmaster to do the promotion is very set. His methods are mainly three.

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First soldier after the ceremony the young bright weapon

How many people have for SEO and

. Many people have to make every effort, because the SEO night bald, how many people are standing in the crossroads SEO regardless of how many people and things, because SEO frustrated


SEO should not accept

SEO I don’t know how many people have a way of thinking, I just know that we should not be submissive, life teaches us to be successful, we also know that if we through their own efforts to create the result is what we want most, now look at the state of their own, whether every day you are still in the chain of distress, whether every day is original and headache, whether every day in order to rank the lifting and suck read more

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Entrepreneurs how to step on the air boil opponents Pig eight quit nets CEO Zhu Mingyue said so

April 22nd, thousands of entrepreneurs gathered in Chengdu to participate in tiger sniffing F& M Innovation Festival Chengdu Railway Station. A few days a total of ten speakers to share their entrepreneurial experience, from the local grassroots entrepreneurs in Chengdu to fly to Chengdu specifically Ali, the relevant person in charge of Jingdong. Pig network founder, CEO Zhu Mingyue also brought to the event, share zhubajie.com what is through the ten years.

below is Zhu Mingyue’s speech at the event: read more

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WeChat selling high end red wine depends on not fly

a high-end wine selling friends want to carry out network marketing, has its own corporate website, just do not very good, and now the company wants to recruit a few people to take charge of the network marketing this. The main task is to optimize their own enterprise station, and as a platform to carry out network marketing, the boss valued WeChat marketing, but now the lack of talent in this area. I am in a second tier cities, from the level of consumption, such as high-end wine market is not very large, most people rarely buy this high-end wine. Of course, there are some gifts to customers need to buy, if you really want to sell these high-end wine in WeChat, the first step to do is the accumulation of contacts, we must find the potential customers, the general types of people need this wine? I think the premier is those small business owners, they have to spend so this grade the goods. Furthermore, those who like red wine products, such as: the city’s white-collar class, this part of the population can also be consumed. read more

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Using the favorites to improve the efficiency of the extension

    using the favorites to improve the efficiency of the extension (mcq0544 share)

a lot of friends have read my article on the network to promote the article, maybe 100 people read, there are only 50 people feel justified, but did not practice. There are 49 people in the article with the method to do, but the effect is not very ideal. Finally, only one person with the article described in the method, to achieve the same effect with me.

or some friends may spend a few hours in the article to promote the method, 1 days will bring a IP of 500. I may spend only half an hour to promote, 1 days can come to 1000IP, which is to promote the efficiency of the problem. Did not find a good promotional material, or a good place to promote, are the factors affecting the efficiency of the promotion. Or find a good material, and then go to a good place to spend a long time, which is also a factor affecting the efficiency of the promotion. Today I will tell you their own promotion methods other than experience, how to use web favorites to improve the efficiency of the extension. read more

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