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Sports Briefs

first_imgHamilton retires as Vettel wins SINGAPORE (CMC): Leader Lewis Hamilton retired for the first time this year as Sebastian Vettel sped to victory in the Singapore Grand Prix yesterday. He suffered a loss of power while running fourth, before dropping down the field and was told to retire. Hamilton’s championship lead was cut to 41 points by his Mercedes team-mate Nico Rosberg who finished fourth. Hamilton, whose paternal grandparents hail from Grenada, and Rosberg ran fifth and sixth in the opening stint, unable to keep up with the Ferraris and Red Bulls ahead. Vettel took his third win of the year in dominant style, controlling the race from start to finish as two safety cars led to hectic action behind. ‘Too much too early for Holder’ PORT-OF-SPAIN, Trinidad (CMC): Former West Indies Test opener Philo Wallace has disagreed with the decision to appoint Jason Holder Test captain and believes the responsibility will prove too much of a burden for the young player. Wallace said Holder had displayed leadership potential but warned that the new responsibility was a premature move by selectors. “Jason has shown good leadership qualities so far but I think to put him as Test captain at the age of 23 is just not right,” the Trinidad Guardian quoted Wallace as saying on the CRICKET360 show here. “Jason has a tremendous amount to offer West Indies cricket but we must be careful that we don’t push him too soon, which I think is what is happening here.” Holder will lead the Test squad for the first time when they travel to face Sri Lanka in two Tests starting next month. Richards gives Holder thumbs up ST JOHN’S, Antigua (CMC): Iconic former West Indies captain Sir Vivian Richards has hailed Jason Holder’s elevation to the Test captaincy and says it will be crucially important the 23-year-old gets the respect of his squad. And the former master batsman also rejected the idea that Holder was too young and inexperienced to carry the responsibility of the position. “Well, I have heard maybe that some folks are suggesting that he is too young, but it is better to start at that particular age,” said Sir Viv, who never lost a series as Test captain. “And if he gets lucky enough and we are successful, you have a long successful period of your captain being in place rather than the chopping and changing on a regular basis.” He added: “I believe that this individual does have the ability. Certainly, he comes over very well and you hear about the respect factor you get from other members of the dressing room and that is of vital importance because when you have that respect, it is amazing.”last_img read more

The Best Screenwriting Programs for Writing a Slasher Movie

first_img Vintage Shelf: John Carpenter’s ‘In the Mouth of Madness’12 Most Anticipated Horror Films of 2019 Stay on target Halloween is almost here, and you know what that means. Teens are taking each other on dates to see horror movies where other teens get murdered. It’s so heartwarming. But before the gore and weirdly repressive 1980s politics hit the screen, every slasher movie starts as a script a real life person dreamt up and wrote down. Sounds like a good racket to get in on.Screenwriting is an art form made infinitely more convenient by technology. While writing countless scripts in film school, I frequently considered how prohibitively tedious the process would have been if I had to use a typewriter instead of a laptop and some screenwriting software. And you do need screenwriting software. Your scripts have to be formatted in a specific way to be taken seriously, and doing that formatting in non-specialized word processors like Microsoft Word or (heaven forbid) Notepad is annoying and prone to errors.So if you’re thinking of writing your own movie, here are some programs to get started. And to celebrate the season, I’m using Malware, my own awful 2010 slasher movie script, as an example.Final DraftFinal Draft is my personal program of choice, as well as the preferred program of many professional screenwriters. It’s ubiquitous enough that shows like Comedy Bang Bang joke about it. I’m most familiar with Final Draft 8, but Final Draft 10 is the latest version. At $299, Final Draft is the priciest program on this list. But its features make it a breeze to bang out your deadly ideas. You can easily convert scripts between different files types. Keyboard shortcuts let you quickly switch between dialogue and action and scene headings and other script essential that are tedious to write out by hand.On a more macro level, you can arrange scenes in different ways, like by character arc, to get a better view of your story. Track revisions, add watermarks, use the iPad companion app, and even listen to the program read your script back to you. It’s great!In this scene, George Walsh, our slasher and a child driven violently mad by a chip put in his brain, murders his mentor and stalks his next target. His family, including his well-meaning nerdy sister who put the chip in his brain, remains oblivious.CeltxCeltx is another tool I’m fairly comfortable with. It’s the program they made us use in film school. It’s easy to understand why. First off, it’s free, which is a big deal for poor college students studying film of all majors. But more importantly, the tool has the features you and your collaborators need to actually start shooting your script. Making movies is hard. It takes a lot of people and a lot of coordination. Celtx helps would-be studios figure out and delegate the tasks necessary for producing your film.The catch is those larger production features are only available with a subscription, starting at $8.25 per month. But if all you want to do is write, you can use the free iPad app, and it’s pretty good. It has the formatting options you want. It includes templates for writing stage plays and audio plays and comic books. You can mark up your script, sync changes across your Celtx account, and even import files into Final Draft. But if you want your movie to actually be a movie and not just words on a page, consider paying for Celtx’s upper-tier tools.In this scene, our victim, Ms. Naglionne, desperately tries to escape George. She’s in a hardware store, so it’s probably not going to end well.WriterDuetWriterDuet also gates features behind a paywall, but the free version is still quite robust. You can import scripts from other programs, easily write in standard formats, and track revisions. Also, as the name implies, the collaboration tools are excellent, which is good even for just a writing-specific programs. Lots of today’s best screenwriters are part of teams like Lord and Miller, Markus and McFeely, and pretty much any pair not named Orci and Kurtzman. However, the free version of WriterDuet is limited to a Web client. You have to be online to use it and there’s no mobile version.Paying anywhere from $8 per month to a one-time $199 payment gives you access to WriterDuet’s premium features. These range from expected perks like an offline desktop client and expanded backup options for your drafts to more creative tools like video tutorials and an “Intro to Screenwriting e-book.”In this scene, George confronts Ms. Naglionne and does the thing villains in slasher movies tend to do. (Any producers interested in reading more should hit me up!)There are other quality screenwriting programs you can check out. Fade In is another recent favorite. But none of these tools will do you wrong if you’re just getting started. So there you go, all the software you need to start killing people… in your movie scripts. Happy Halloween!last_img read more