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Network marketing is to increase the target flow

currently in various marketing companies are taking a different approach, with the development of Internet, more and more enterprises begin now through the network marketing this way to promote their products, so as to achieve more economic benefits. So now many companies have their own websites, to improve website traffic through the website ranking, which benefit from the upgrade. In order to do this, now a lot of Shanghai dragon ER in the struggle for traffic.

second, we choose good keywords is not enough, but also do the long tail keywords of digging, some of the many potential users are entering the site through the long tail keywords, but also through the long tail keywords in the user have more purchasing potential, the probability of turnover will be much higher. When mining long tail keywords must be around the target keywords to select. But also need long tail keywords and website content theme fit, so that they can play the function and value of long tail keywords. How to tap the keywords? We can use the search engine drop-down box and relevant search to obtain. Key words generally appear in the drop-down box and relevant search are often search for customers, the flow of words, is also highly targeted. read more

Understand the chain exchange risk chain optimization techniques

With the continuous progress of love

Shanghai algorithm, more and more webmaster friends began to realize the importance to friends of the chain, because the love of Shanghai new algorithm for the relative weakening of the role of the chain, enhance the foreign chain related requirements, at the same time, pay more attention to the quality of the chain of the platform itself, and Links as an important form of the chain, if the operation is very good, you can also find some high quality related website platform for friends of the chain, the website rankings is very important. read more

How to make the long tail optimization to improve the keywords ranking

site optimization for a period of time, the webmaster can through the 3 tools to check the web site of the long tail keywords and keywords are love Shanghai included, and these included the word ". The webmaster can adjust and optimize the strategy in time, the long tail word because of its relatively low heat keywords, the optimization is relatively easy, through the long tail word can bring some traffic to the site, it also plays a role in the optimization of keywords, can indirectly improve the site keywords ranking, so that to improve the ranking is not relatively stable great changes. read more

Love Shanghai in the field of mobile search is how to establish the dominant position of the

so, do a lot of friends consider using mobile station H5 station, and submit the mobile sitemap in Shanghai Webmaster Platform, in the mobile terminal has to give you love Shanghai station to provide a "full service".

interest is the basis of all long-term cooperation.

: I love Shanghai to you by mobile traffic, to provide you with advertising platform to help you make money.

Webmaster: I give you, according to your rules.

one click may be able to bring you an exposure, a fan, an order in the flow of more and more precious today, especially in the mobile Internet, the platform can distribute the traffic is not much. In the closed loop of the platform to play, only in accordance with their rules, the risk is too big. read more

Network marketing from entry to the master postscript open the door to search marketing community

, I have in-depth study of "WeChat Shanghai dragon", the WeChat Shanghai Dragon into my whole system in Shanghai dragon. "Shanghai dragon Lonely Nine Sword" and "WeChat Shanghai dragon", representing the PC age of the Internet and mobile Internet era of the top, suitable for network marketing in Shanghai dragon.

Shanghai dragon in the eyes of many people, is a very mysterious, very esoteric things, it seems that senior talent network will use. And I tell you, in fact, Shanghai dragon. read more

The site was linked to horse you have what good solution

2, noble baby detection, after the completion of website uploaded to the server, the nobility baby search my lottery website program site detection;


3, successfully solved the problem of the site is linked to the horse, I will go to the corresponding platform complaints (such as love Shanghai security alliance complaints, etc.), to let them know that I have dealt with these.

2, check the website information, found abnormal: site title was changed into the gaming aspects.


1, choose a professional testing tools, such as read more

The hospital site optimization program 4

2, competitors analysis, study after they are what way of promotion, the main keywords included what, how.

5, a message board forum, customers pay more attention to the evaluation content.


2, micro-blog promotion (micro-blog is characterized by strong real-time, interactive and convenient, is now very popular)

QQ group promotion

1, on the site analysis, analysis of target customers. To study the customer attribute. Clear target customers generally we will use what keywords to search, also is the user’s search habits are analyzed. And find out the competitive low flow target keywords. read more

How to make the optimization of processing capacity to maximize the Shanghai Dragon

!The maximum

4, stable high performance, stable access speed has greatly improved user experience, but also improve the spider crawling efficiency, improve the spider crawling efficiency is to improve the website optimization effect, so as to enhance the frequency of visiting spider, sometimes discontinuous snapshot is because the problems of stability and update the spatial frequency, it is not the more expensive the space is more stable, we are pursuing the high cost of space, it is also a maximum optimization of. read more

Optimization of personnel should be aware of the love of Shanghai search and no change

of course, if an Internet product for more than ten years unchanged, is unthinkable. The adjustment of the algorithm, to combat piracy and strict audit contents, blow the chain business, a variety of products (Post Bar, collaborative encyclopedia, know, these changes also love Shanghai) search.

if someone asks China Internet development for more than 20 years, what is the minimum range of products? I would say love Shanghai search. Nothing else, we look at the shape of portal for almost one or two years will be a major revision, once Miami forum now can’t find one, don’t say we are more commonly used by those desktop applications or mobile applications, various versions are more in love with the sea or emerge in an endless stream, like the first few labels: a box. Not only has not experienced major changes, the kernel also changes little love Shanghai. Or bidding. In order to rankings, or even the first Shanghai Shanghai dragon, dragon people are still in Shanghai Longfeng, just post up, the salary has increased. This is the same love Shanghai search. read more

Love Shanghai disaster Shanghai dragon spring is coming

Chinese ancient thirty-six, love the staff of Shanghai is used so skillfully. Through the staff summary of the "three way" has been fully proved to be flexible and great dialectical thought. However, I think he will become the first batch of Shanghai people’s love. A small staff, which have so much power to do such damage the interests of the group. Unless they are audacious in the extreme. The other argument should be carried out in the above activities under the acquiescence. After a few big moves this exposure, let the profit model has been questioned in the Shanghai company into a storm in love. So, love Shanghai, You’ll see. "gorgeous" turned to love you "for Shanghai". By bidding caused serious distrust spread to Shanghai’s other love, this love is indeed the existence of the crisis, Shanghai’s own making. read more

Shanghai dragon to how to write original articles to attract people

three, smooth and clean clear "

can’t write the original webmaster is not a good webmaster, Shanghai Longfeng original article is the most important factor for website optimization, a Shanghai dragon blog if you copy and paste all the others, then I would like to ask you to do the Shanghai dragon blog and significance, moreover, others hard work overtime a word the original words written by you a few seconds to steal your conscience in the past, ask where to go. If you can’t write the original article, it can only use one word to describe the "lazy", with little relationship between iq. read more

Share a bit of Shanghai Dragon technology experience

Shanghai Dragon

ER Shanghai dragon how to face a strong counter attack competitors, we all know that in Shanghai the search results, if you are diligent, so your site will be in the search results in front, but when you become lazy, you will be ranked down, so the site is in Shanghai dragon the same, if when you relax will fall behind others.

As for the

second: internal optimization

manufacturing site outside the chain is probably the most boring thing, because want to leave your site links in each site, and not every open a website can leave a link, so the chain resources also need to rely on the usual accumulation, here recommend to everyone outside the chain method, construction the blog, BBS signature, favorites or RSS submission, inquiry platform, Links platform, in fact, most of the time, the chain method does not need too much, only two or three, and then was to carry out, can be repeated every day. read more

Analysis of website content the subtle relationship of mutual exclusion

sometimes your website is very strong both in the chain and internal optimization, but can not get in anyway. This day face the boss once asked to convey. When we focus on optimization, often forget a crucial, mutual exclusion between the content of the website, how can the content of the website exclusive? Should not mutual contribution? Today we will use some cases to convince you.

, a case study of

two, advice.

from the title of the site that the main business of the website is the website construction, and we can see in the navigation domain name registration "and" virtual host "when you see here when I got lost, this website is the website construction, I was heading through understanding the website construction of the price, service etc. but, I have seen the" domain name registration "and" virtual host "do you want my own website? Obviously we see in this web site, domain name registration and rapid site is exclusive for the user’s browsing, we provide users need not in use, also produced a hindrance to the user browsing, users will think this website is not professional. In fact, this website should be separated from the two sites to do, one is on the construction site, a domain name registration. This website ranking will be better. read more

From the angle of analysis of Shanghai dragon how to choose the domain name and the corresponding sk

The removal of

3 domain names containing not often see the sign, but do not contain the domain name registration is underlined, this domain name is "the first" copycat, second is not a good memory, throughout the domestic famous website, the domain name in the underlined domain estimation is not.

5 do not English and digital and use, because some users will not pay attention to the details of the domain name, such as I and English in Arabia digital 1 alike, a netizen attention will be wrong, so in order to prevent this phenomenon, the domain name choice or do not use good English and digital. read more

Shanghai dragon to the user experience as the premise of scientific optimization is the kingly way

Most of

search engine to ge to the user experience, so as we strive for the search engine of Shanghai dragon in Er well based on the user experience of the website optimization is the priority among priorities of us.

1, what is the impact on the Shanghai dragon, what is the div+css and table of Shanghai Longfeng good bad

Of course, there are also

2, love Shanghai and noble baby in Shanghai Longfeng operation are different?


is the same, at least strategies are the same. Not the same place, a lot of love Shanghai cheating method is very effective, but the noble baby has no effect. Some methods of optimization method in noble baby, love Shanghai easily regarded as cheating. Some people used to do love Shanghai, Shanghai dragon, do noble baby in the same way Shanghai Longfeng, many are being punished. Some people used to do the Shanghai nobility baby dragon, with the same sex Shanghai Shanghai dragon, has been punished or little effect. read more

Pure text links can transfer the weight

online article mentioned that he is a query with love Shanghai webmaster tools, so I also love Shanghai webmaster tools to explain. To query a web site through the chain analysis tools can love Shanghai owners of the external links, anchor text form, the form of hyperlinks, pure text links can be found. Here I found a few can deny text links can be that transfer the weights of the example, the first is through the chain of love Shanghai Webmaster Tools query to the existence, with the nofollow tag links, as shown below: read more

Stop to do better on the Shanghai Dragon

in order to update the content and update the content

When I saw

, not

a lot of people, is to update and update! Think that as long as the site has new articles, so that a search engine should be given attention, it should give weight to give ranking, give traffic! But I’m sorry, the search engine every day in the face of the astronomical huge amount of information, why is it you prefer?

but do not stop! Stop, think, why do? What is the station traveling? What station is the search engine users also love love the station? How do the station is more read more

Several roles must play a grassroots webmaster

1: Grassroots plays a mastermind of identity, positioning of a website is very important, we must first locate the site after the customer groups and commercial properties into how to succeed? So we will not forget the main navigation when next layout.

behind a successful man there will be a great woman behind, so a successful website will have a group of tough roots. Why grass is tough? Do not shake, firmly believe that, do not change, it is necessary to have the quality of grassroots. As a grassroots when we continue to study hard, work hard for tomorrow tonight. While some peer is already a successful model, so we who are not from the grassroots do together? We think that if we take some way at the grass roots bent, then success is some earlier to the. We can go to copy a successful case, to innovate their achievements. read more

The common application will replace the anchor text


As shown in figure

, now love Shanghai in the calculation of the chain, the text is a chain, at the same time, in the judgment of the above correlation technique has become more and more mature, but still have the greatest influence on the chain rankings, even if you do the common application, leaving information in other places in fact, or do a chain, in the calculation of the time, or in accordance with a chain calculation, the more common applications, the equivalent of the chain more, who really played a role, but also very. read more

Shanghai dragon is an art full of imagination and creativity

If you

has several competitors, if they can use this copy, is not very attractive to you? Especially are men and women in love are not even going to be captured? Have spread this picture in a lot of Shanghai dragon group ah, we still remember the Taobao God copy others? Sell things to write so lovely, how much home media free of charge for his reports.

Of course, the

a web site can have a lot of media reports to you, your brand is greatly improved, greatly enhance your flow. Sure your website weight will be greatly improved, this time you have to raise what row? These are not we need to pursue the Shanghai dragon? These are creative? I have heard a acne products changed a copy, so acne products never relapse. This is a small change, the website enquiries immediately rose 50%. Of course, you can also say that this is the insight into the needs of users with independent and creative, but I want to say is do not flow is Shanghai dragon? This is with Shanghai Dragon Technology? So I think this is a kind of creative. read more