Do you have the ability to master Shanghai dragon you can do the following 3 points

what is the chain? What is the station optimization? As a Shanghai dragon master must understand the essence of them. Called before the circle of popular words in the chain chain for the emperor king ", now seems to be nonsense. Now love Shanghai is of great importance to the user experience, pay attention to the original content of the site, if your web site to help users, experience is good, not what the chain can still leverage ranking. That said, the chain is of no value? That is not to say, the chain in some way above the optimization of website still plays a large role in the. The author analysis method about the station optimization and master site must have: read more

Business must know information is super high quality in fact into intelligenceshlf1314 Adsense tip

What is the ultimate

share an example. Our company before the core management progress is very slow, and to do for a variety of training is still very slow, then simply send them to read the EU EMBA, EMBA of the Yangtze River, found that such than their own internal improve a lot. It is important that he be able to obtain new and high-quality information in the process. I’ve been talking internally that people can’t make progress. Progress depends mainly on what it depends on the amount and quality of information you absorb, which is the most important. Information super high quality actually become intelligence, not ordinary can get, have to spend money to buy. Information is not just data, it also includes a lot of soft stuff. For example, you chat with the cultural people, suddenly there is a lot of understanding of something, this is also information. read more

Do site optimization met more than a year of six big worries

1, a new on-line website for nearly two months, but the love of Shanghai have been collected on the front page of the site, which included a bit do not see the article page page and product growth. The content of the update is the original update, the chain every day insist, even the love of Shanghai website snapshot is updated every day, love is not included in other pages in Shanghai. While Google included is very good, we do not know whether you encountered such troubles.

6, this is relatively common, this careless point of contact with real life friends, is when the site and other sites Links work, the other site was K, or is not long, bring some negative impact on their website, serious may be K’s own website. read more

Do Wangzhuan stability is the most importantThe golden age of nternet entrepreneurship is coming to

by the end of last year, Uber seemed destined to become a new technology giant on Silicon Valley. However, the Uber CEO’s future is in a state of uncertainty because of its resignation. In the past ten years, there have been other technology companies, but they have not been able to reach the same level. Airbnb is the second highest Valuation Company in the United States, second only to Uber, valued at $31 billion, equivalent to 7% of Facebook’s valuation. Other companies have lower valuations, such as Snap, Square, and Slack. read more

As a successful optimization of staff you cannot be lack of skills

as a successful optimization analysis, you can not lack of skills

I want to declare a thing, search engine optimization and not a computer, but a branch belongs to marketing. For marketing you need a good communication ability. Have a good communication ability in order to optimize the superior communication and optimization work more smoothly. So as a optimization personnel, you need to understand the nature of their work, don’t always own a person in.

as the optimization personnel is not you have been hard work will have success, there is a class of optimization people I admire, that is how other people did not find the problem analysis, so as to optimize the staff you need to have the ability to analyze, analysis including their station background data points, the website data competitors. There is a search engine for analysis of these changes, whether you can strategist, winning thousands of miles away plays an important role. Many beginners start may only focus on their own web sites, including traffic, keywords etc.. But if we want more than competitors, it cannot be ignored for the analysis of competitors, analysis of traffic sources, keywords and so on, try to figure out the optimization strategy of competitors use. read more

How will SOSO biddingkeywords optimization to 9 points

then, after making the auction page, find the soso agent account, and then started my soso for the road, and after a month long bidding work, which has experienced several ups and downs, I finally succeeded in all the words are optimized to the quality score 9, today this time in summary the experience to share with you. Is the so-called without the truth, I will optimize the results posted for everyone to see.


however, here I have to mention Soso auction platform instability in our advertising on the line after third days, the platform there is a problem, the price is not displayed, but also some other strange questions, the most direct consequence is that I have a lot of keyword quality score was unexpectedly became 1 terrorist position it is really tangled, for a period of time, I even called to the headquarters of the Tencent, but ultimately can not give a reasonable explanation, however, when I’m desperate, a miracle happened, the quality score was finally restored to 7, but after a series of optimization work, finally the quality score of 9 points in the stable position. Well, now the optimization techniques are summarized to everyone: read more

Michelle Lam the use of algorithms to help women choose the heart of underwearRipple old system shut

‘s frustrating shopping experience made Lam aware of the limitations and disadvantages of the store, giving her a full year to start thinking about the process. Finally, in early 2012, Lam Dolgin and Aarthi Ramamurthy with Dan True& founded Co. We mentioned in the previous article that this type of underwear vertical e-commerce model is rare, but it is worth mentioning that, True&, Co is not the first company to open up the industry. Previously, Vitoria’s secret and HerRoom have received much praise. read more

Comprehensive analysis of the day to earn 500 yuan project scamU S mission network founder Wang Xin

years ago, when the first time someone asked Wang Xing what is the advantages of entrepreneurship, he Leng for a long time out two words "brave", he interrupted his studies at University of Delaware in the United States in 2003, took the university dormitory bunk brother Wang Huiwen to start a business, not just learning programming. Each time it ended in failure.

Wang Xing didn’t give up. On the one hand, he passed around to find the relationship between trying to restore no meal service; on the other hand, Fanfou team is stepping up efforts to improve the product, but the products made no user feedback, no one knows what will happen tomorrow "fanfou". Until the next year’s meeting, when the huge unknown feeling hit, team members shed tears, Wang Xing also cried, he began to wait for dinner, no, while trying new business. read more

Flower and fruit financial by national fund strategic investment P2P by capital national team favor

after a year of barbaric growth, P2P net loan industry gradually mature, while financial institutions, Internet giants continue to enter, the industry heat unabated, recently, the state-owned enterprises have begun to enter the net loan industry.

lead: "state owned" also began to enter the net loan industry, flower and fruit financial acceptance from blue fund and capital science and technology group first round of strategic investment.

was able to make a powerful search for "5945 masters", but they found that users didn’t pay for it at all and no one came here to search for master. After a year of hard publicity, the search hasn’t picked up yet. More in-depth study found that the only way to find the master’s contact, did not solve the user’s problems. The phone call in the past, often no answer, and then, the master did not empty, and played 10 phone calls, it is easy to ask a master, and then come to bid prices, consumers do not know in the end is unreasonable. read more

CPA SMS advertising online coinsRen Zhengfei ‘m glad that the company is starting to speak the tru

Adsense network alliance information release group: 5084047

in the past more than 10 years, Ren Zhengfei’s annual year-end summary speech will be widely circulated. What classic words did Ren Zhengfei speak in this year’s speech,

if you are the Commissioner of the league, please give me the latest information and we will send it to you for the first time. Feedback

recently, HUAWEI founder Ren Zhengfei delivered a speech at the 2017 Conference on market work, sharing HUAWEI’s core principles of market operations and organizational efficiency. read more