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Alternative entrepreneurial stories for College Students

college students in the graduation season will face two choices, in the end is to apply for a job or business? Nowadays, many college students are keen to realize their life value through entrepreneurship, and the mode of setting up shop has been paid attention to by many college students.

tips?The location is

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Global electricity supplier services to become entrepreneurial leader

in a year of management activities, our business has entered into a period of development. Rely on subsidies for the development of entrepreneurial projects are gradually eliminated by the market, small entrepreneurs who dropped. After a period of survival of the fittest, cross-border electricity supplier business class service projects or will become an international leader.

2015 venture capital circle in full swing, but from the second half began brewing a change, part of the financing difficulties of start-up companies, entrepreneurial forces from the scale to the pattern has changed significantly. In December 21, 2015, in the "entrepreneurial elite evolution" as the theme of the krypton space project phase fifth graduation ceremony, krypton space co-founder Tian Zhiyong released the "2015 report" phenomenon of krypton space venture project, more than 7 thousand venture project application and 101 depth incubation of nearly a year to complete the scan for the samples". read more

Early education to join the project need to pay attention to what

now, the entrepreneurial projects on the market dazzling, as an early brand is also true. So, for the novice, choose early education to join the brand, in the business and what should be paid attention to? How to avoid their own business mistakes, the more successful operation?


the profit too seriously is one of the important reasons for the failure, especially for the infant education in this line. Because education in accordance with social morality or professional ethics, should be regardless of cost. In the initial operation of entrepreneurs attention never too, but can not ignore the children and parents! We must grasp its core value, is the child! Because as long as parents have children, you will achieve profitability, and the child’s growth and change, it is your biggest profit read more

The postal savings bank of Beijing branch of capital boost real economy Green

has entered the twenty-first Century, the environmental protection industry has been rapid development, people have begun to realize the importance of environmental protection. Today, the bank has also carried out a series of strategic cooperation with environmental protection enterprises, hoping to support the development of the green real economy. Postal Savings Bank of China Beijing branch opened this precedent, and environmental protection enterprises signed a series of cooperation agreements. read more

The werewolf Jack jeans investment cheap novel style

how about Jack werewolf jeans? Are the best choice for comfort, business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the brand with its own characteristics, is a very wise choice. Jack: how about werewolf jeans? First class quality, trustworthy best choice.

Jack, a werewolf cowboy, the new design concept, extraordinary creativity, brilliant achievements of the Jack era. The cowboy design the werewolf Jack variety, all-match style, wherever you go, let a person shine at the moment. Immediately think of the werewolf brand Jack, unparalleled brand influence, the achievement of unusual sales. Join the Jack werewolf now and make your life of personality. read more

100 thousand how to invest in home investment 100 thousand

      100 thousand how to invest $100 thousand investment in the home to join the 100 thousand home investment projects? In recent years, more and more people pay attention to home decoration, investment in the home industry has become a good choice to join the venture, then how to invest in the home of 100 thousand projects? Let’s take a look at the following introduction.

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Jiamengfei time Chinese magnoliavine product

The growth process of

people is a constant beyond their own process, the development of the times requires us to progress together, of course, also need to drink creative goods stores the first time Chinese magnoliavine, China brand creative drinks. This product can join Chinese magnoliavine time unreservedly told you to drink shop operators, profit out of the low-end competition vortex, do need to rethink.


], Chinese magnoliavine time.

Guangzhou one family Catering Management Services Limited is a collection of food and beverage management, is committed to high-end catering brand management company, mainly engaged in brand promotion, operation management, food research and development, business consulting and planning services businesses, many departments under the planning center, center of research and development, production, management, Business Center Department and customer service department, has set up the restaurant franchise agency branch in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Chengdu, Beijing, more than 1000 employees, offices a total area of more than 4 thousand square meters. read more

How smart English Redwood rich good opportunities

, intelligent English? In our life, for business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the English project is very intelligent, and has the choice of business opportunities. Join the Redwood intelligent English Unlimited Business Opportunities good money!

Redwood smart English project in the face of small, middle school and high school students in all grades, the words "King" curriculum includes synchronous teaching material around the country, and each grade of different versions; at the same time at the beginning of the high school curriculum in each year, version selection of college entrance examination syllabus vocabulary review; "the single word" king of course can make every student easy to master the words quickly and realize the entrance fast, is a magic weapon for English achievement promotion. read more

Entrepreneurial analysis in the end what talent for entrepreneurship

everyone wants to get rich, so many people want to start the way to go on the road to riches, but the practice has proved that not all people are suitable for business, some people start to make money, but some people to lose business. So in the end who is suitable for entrepreneurship, which is not suitable for entrepreneurship, let us take a look at it.

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Businesses should attract attention to credibility

in order to attract customers, and now a lot of businesses hit the ad is very attractive, but the service can do this, but it is very suspect. According to the "Xinmin Evening News" reported that some time ago, the net V straight "column on the world famous fast food giant McDonald’s, said consumers have several night online meal ordering, but was a McDonald’s restaurant in the same" excuse "to postpone the delivery time, the hungry consumers depressed.

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The pilgrims join details of Western fast food lattice

many people feel that most of Chinese fast food business market share of food market, have to invest investment of Chinese fast food items, but everyone thinks so, you have the opportunity to make money, this time may be the opposite, the share is small but not the western fast food project.

is a good choice of lattice pilgrims western fast food consumers to enjoy delicious and small entrepreneurs get rich easily. The lattice of pilgrims western fast food franchises, is the best choice for investment wealth. This is a prospect of unlimited, unlimited business opportunities for big brands, entrepreneurs, investors to join. Now becomes the lattice of Western fast food franchisee pilgrims, multi join advantage power, more power from the opening to the headquarters of business support, you can be free to join, get rich quick. read more

How to deal with difficult customers the whole

in the course of the operation of the store, because it is dealing with a variety of people, will always encounter some special wonderful customers, for the owner, nature is some difficult customers. So, how to deal with these difficult customers? Every owner will have their own business skills. Here, Xiaobian to introduce a clever way to deal with difficult customers.

went shopping at a relative’s house in the evening. Not a little while, angrily came in a couple. A door, the man was furious, said relatives shop selling fake and shoddy products. Relatives smiled and said, you do not worry, how to talk about". read more

To be able to readily lock the drawer shop

Now many of the

retail store is a store owner, once busy, in the shop inside ran, weighing money very busy, if the money drawer is not lock up, it is likely to lose money. Shortly before noon, a big uncle to my store to buy meat. Just another customer to buy cigarettes, I easily put one hundred yuan directly into the drawer, and then find a change to buy cigarettes customers. In order to save time, I do not directly close the drawer, he went to the meat counter to uncle flesh.

"girl, I don’t see how you can close the drawer. Didn’t you hear that the supermarket in front of yesterday was stolen? It was because the owner was careless!" read more

Open a small supermarket purchase to pay attention to what the whole

since the business is a small supermarket, the sale of natural is a variety of daily groceries, naturally need to deal with suppliers. After all, for a kind of shop selling goods, do a good job for the purchase of the store business has a very big relationship. In short, small supermarket purchase channels is a very important problem, as well as large supermarket bulk purchase, but small supermarkets also have their own ranch students purchase mode and characteristics, whether it is from the manufacturer or to sell into the purchase directly from large supermarkets, small supermarket goods should be carey considered. read more

The best choice a number of intelligent agent supporting your underwear success

underwear market demand has been very large, successful venture to choose to join the wisdom of how to protect your underwear? Healthy underwear, the best choice for fashion. How to protect your underwear? Open their own one of the wisdom of the protection of your own underwear store, the market has unlimited business opportunities!

support one Ru smart underwear in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and other places listed it more consecutive weeks of record sales year-on-year growth of 100% of the performance, first fired the first shot of the winter underwear war, which facing the transformation of those underwear industry brings a ray of "return" of the wind. Beauty, fashion, health, in recent years the underwear played the concept of war, so that consumers dizzying, but also tired, is the "essence" of underwear bland to stay in the warm level, let everyone feel at ease. read more

Gold Connaught Lang barbecue business the best choice the whole of business with a small c

for business with a small capital entrepreneurs, we choose to join the venture project, undoubtedly is very good, with the strength of selection. How about the barbecue? High quality entrepreneurial projects, worry about entrepreneurship, then, what are you still hesitating?

is the lack of funds on hand to feel helpless? Still can not find a suitable project annoyed? Gold Connaught Lang barbecue now Hotline for Business Promotion, gold Connaught Lang barbecue with its unique characteristics in the market widely favored by consumers, to join the gold Connaught Lang barbecue, won’t let you down. read more

Grunt ShabuShabu join details

is now a lot of people’s thoughts are relatively new, and now this society as long as you can provide a novel idea there is a chance of success, of course, is the primary idea, ultimately depends on whether or not to accept the audience, can be accepted by people of the project that must be successful, this time with the idea of no relationship. Hot pot is now more popular food and beverage projects, the choice of the future of the brand will be of great help to your future. Xiaobian for you to recommend the hot pot industry Shabu Shabu Shabu Shabu brand. Grunt ShabuShabu brand was founded in 2004, over the years by virtue of its own development and expansion, and the consumer’s attention and love, brand awareness rising, by all ages consumers. At present, many stores have been established in the country to join the chain stores, and is still expanding the development of. For investors who want to start their own businesses easily, it is a good time not to miss a good time to join in the cold pot. read more

Bopos wave splash how women’s broad market

in our life, for women to join the project selection, has been very important. The choice of good women, highlight our own temperament. How about bopos wave? Women’s choice with business opportunities!


company is to improve the core competitiveness of products, not only committed to the brand franchise business, at the same time, spending huge sums to build about 35000 square meters of production Industrial Park, using the most advanced production equipment and high-quality imported fashion fabrics, and set up R & D center and strong R & D team in Hongkong, in Hongkong, Fuzhou, Guangzhou set up a product design studio, from years of experience in the development and success of the famous designer of many brands of elaborate design, the product style reflects the international fashion, and set sail to create fashion flagship in twenty-first Century. read more