In the fall, Buba bar will open, the first cafe in Croatia that will employ people with disabilities

first_imgIn December 2016, a crowdfunding campaign was launched on the Indiegogo platform, with the noble goal of opening the first cafe in Croatia that will employ people with Down syndrome – Buba Bar.She launched the campaign Bubamara Association from Vinkovci, which cares for over 1.400 people with disabilities in Vukovar-Srijem County, employs about 245 people, and has successfully applied for and implemented over 80 projects.Buba Bar will employ people with Down syndrome and it will be the first cafe in Croatia where guests are served by people with disabilities. Alen, Domagoj, Dario, Ivana and Marija have been diligently practicing and honing their skills for over a year in order to make their start as successful as possible. Bubamarci were trained, and through various activities and events where they had the opportunity to show their skills, both in the city of Vinkovci and throughout Croatia, they showed how ready they are to open the Buba bar. “Our mission is to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities, and to encourage society to accept people with disabilities as its equal members. We want Buba Bar to break the ice, and soon every city in Croatia has its own Buba Bar! We want to give young people with disabilities the opportunity to live life like everyone else. We want them to be able to work. ” point out the Association Bubamara, which with its excellent results unofficially holds the title of the most successful association in Croatia, and is an excellent example of the development and operation of associations.Ladybugs serve dinner at the Hilton Zagreb hotel / Photo: Bubamara AssociationThe entire project received the support of the city of Vinkovci, which provided the former Vinkovci bowling alley for the future Buba bar, as well as many other institutions, partners, sponsors and citizens after a successful crowdfunding campaign, which was the second most successful crowdfunding campaign in 2016. Currently, the works and adaptation of the entire space are in the final phase, and also, as part of the renovated facility, there will be a bowling alley, as additional content.The value of the first phase of works is 1 million 874 thousand 971 kuna, of which 1 million was provided by the Ministry of Regional Development and European Union Funds, 200 thousand kuna Bubamara, while the remaining funds in the amount of 675 thousand kuna were provided by the City of Vinkovci. Recently, a contract was signed on co-financing works and services for the project “Continuation of renovation of the facility for the development of new social services and content for young people” under the Regional Development Support Program with the Ministry of Regional Development and EU funds in the amount of 340 thousand kuna. The remaining part of the funds needed for the completion of works and services will be provided by the City of Vinkovci (approximately 363 thousand and 850 kuna), while the exact amount will be determined after the public procurement procedure so that the total foreseeable funds in the second phase are 713 thousand and 447 kuna. “The size of the Beetle Bar is about 750 square meters including a bowling alley plus terraces which are about 150 square meters. The opening of Buba Bar is expected in the fall and it will employ five people with disabilities. ”, Said Tomislav Velić, President of Bubamara.Buba bar will also be an education center, but also an example to other caterers to recognize the potential of people with disabilities. Thus, Buba will at least become a place where people with disabilities will exercise their basic right – the right to work and will have the opportunity to contribute to the community through their work.Buba Bar is looking for partners and helpThis is a story we must support. If you want to help and be socially responsible, help in arranging and equipping Buba Bar, the first cafe in Croatia that will employ people with Down syndrome. Contact the association directly LadybugRelated news:BRAVO TO THE INSTRATURIST WHO RECEIVED PERSONS WITH DOWN’S SYNDROMETHANK YOU VALUABLE MOVE OF THE MINISTRY OF TOURISM – HIRE PERSONS WITH DOWN SYNDROME AND THEIR BUBA BAR PROJECT FOR CATERING SERVICESlast_img


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