Nurses advised to be accountable

first_imgLocalNews Nurses advised to be accountable by: – June 5, 2012 Nurses reciting their pledge at Sunday’s awards ceremonyA call has been issued to nurses on the island to be careful how they care for patients and responsible particularly when administering medication.That call was issued by High Court Judge Birnie Stephenson-Brooks while delivering the featured address during an awards ceremony at the Arawak House of Culture on Sunday.The Nursing Service concluded a month of activities and celebration in observance of nurses and the nursing profession.Justice Stephenson-Brooks explained to the nurses that because of the society in which they live where citizens are quick to file lawsuits, this should encourage them to be accountable when administering health care to patients.“As a nurse you are responsible and accountable for the quality of care given to customers…. because we live in a time when litigation is prominent, we live in a society where people sue. So if somebody comes to the hospital and they die and believe me nobody brings their relative to the hospital to die; even if the person was dying you didn’t bring the person to the hospital to die and so they always want to blame somebody and you know who are the first people that they blame? Them nurses”. Justice Birnie Stephenson-BrooksShe therefore advised them to practice accountability in everything they do.“You have to be accountable for everything you do; count every swab, measure every piece of medication because your name could now appear on a writ before the High Court and then I might have to decide whether you were responsible for the person who was almost dead when they got to the hospital dying. So please you are accountable”.Justice Stephenson-Brooks further advised the nurses to know the entire nursing system which includes the hospital.“Please for heaven’s sake, nurses know everything in the hospital, know where every room is. Don’t send somebody to the delivery suite when they’re looking for the morgue. Know the whole system, know the process, know who your orthopedics doctor is, know who your gynecologist is. Don’t send someone to Dr. Roberts if they have a broken foot, don’t send somebody to Dr. Julien when they’re going to have a baby,” she explained.They were also advised to be cognizant of what is occurring around them.“I urge you to be aware of what is going on around you, on your ward, in your department, be aware of what are the urgent needs, the programs that are in place and the budgetary constraints just to name a few”. Dominica Vibes News Share Sharing is caring! Tweetcenter_img Share Share 6 Views   no discussionslast_img



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