first_imgWillian José wanted to take a step forward to apologize to the fans after not making his exit to Tottenham. The Real Sociedad striker used the official means of the San Sebastian club to explain everything that has happened in recent weeks. His signing for the Mourinho team was almost done. He was so close that he refused to play last year’s Cup match against Espanyol, claiming that his incorporation into the Spurs was a matter of hours. But negotiations broke down and Willian José will not finally leave the Real. His situation is now complicated for the fans. That is why he wanted to give his explanations.Sorry: “The truth is that I apologize to the fans for everything that has happened in recent days. Many things have happened and I have to ask the fans, my teammates, the coach too, that they are supporting me. I saw that it was an opportunity very good for me to go out and play the Champions League in a Premier team. for what he has bet and now I just have to work as I have been working the last two weeks to get my space. “ Waiver to go to the match against Espanyol: “It has been a very different way. I had said that I was not summoned before Espanyol. I don’t know if it was the best decision, but that was what I thought at the time. I had a lot of information in my head and I ended up telling the president, that I didn’t have the head to go to the game. I apologize to everyone for what happened and now, to continue working every day to regain people’s trust. “What is left of the season: “The season we are doing is an exciting season, now we have the quarterfinals against Madrid, which is very difficult. We have to be all in the same dynamic and concentration to go there and get the victory.”Hobby: “Not only the fans but I am also hurt. It has been the last two weeks very painful for me, my wife and my family. I just have to keep working and keep helping my teammates scoring goals and giving joy to the fans and that they will chant my name again in Anoeta, it would be an immense happiness. “last_img