Ethnicity helps point BC moral compass

first_imgFORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – A new Insights West online survey shows ethnicity has become one of the major drivers of moral positions in BC.Among other things it found that magnetic north on the moral compass of British Columbians of European descent is often much more secular than those of Asian descent.Pollster, Mario Canseco.- Advertisement -The survey asked British Columbians about their personal views on 18 moral issues, and while divorce, abortion, and having a baby outside of marriage, were accepted by significant overall majorities, among just those of South Asian descent the approval majorities were much smaller.One issue that was particularly interesting was the death penalty, since 50 percent of British Columbians still agree with it, and in this case the approval number rises to a majority of 54 percent, among East Asians.For the record the death penalty in Canada was abolished 40 years ago, in the summer of 1976, and eleven years later a bill to restore it was narrowly defeated by 54 percent of the MP’S in the House of Commons.Advertisement Which leaves us with another 54% survey vote by males only,  in favour of pornography, an issue that was opposed by 68% of females, resulting in 57 % overall rejection.It was seniors who carried the day in this one where the vote by both sexes 55 and over, was a 72% rejection.last_img


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