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Damir Doborac leaves SC Magdeburg

Damir DoboracSC Magdeburg SC Magdeburg and Damir Doborac (32) didn’t agree about new contract, so experienced Bosnian playmaker will leave German team this summer. Doborac spent in Magdeburg last two seasons, where he came from Bosna Sarajevo. He had the most successful part of career in Slovenian Cimos Koper. Which will be the next destination of Doborac is still unknown writes sportsport.baphoto: ← Previous Story Dragan Tubic to HBW Balingen Next Story → Kentin Mahe to HSV Handball? read more

Column The exploitation of young people has been cemented by this government

first_imgDO 18 – 26 year olds eat less than their older peers? Do they require less clothing, heating or transport? Are there a mass of employment and training opportunities out there for those young people who have the inclination?These conditions may prevail in a parallel universe, but in an Ireland with a youth unemployment rate of 39%, the cuts to jobseeker’s allowance for those under 26 will have the effect of pushing a significant number of young people below the poverty line and out of the country.Prior to 2009, all jobseekers received the same allowance, regardless of their age. Over the last four years however, the amount given to those under 25 has halved. While the ordinary rate remains at €188 per week, jobseekers under 24 will now receive just 100 euros a week and those aged 25 are expected to get by on €144 per week.Encouraging young people to train?This website reported that the cuts in jobseeker’s allowance for those under 26 are seen by ministers as “a way of encouraging young people to take up training opportunities or to participate in schemes such as JobBridge and JobsPlus”. But it is clear that the schemes as currently constituted are nothing more than a smokescreen. They have neither the scale nor ambition needed to tackle the problem of youth unemployment. In Limerick and Donegal, 50% of young people are without jobs. Does this government really believe that all they lack is “encouragement”?The Government-commissioned evaluation of JobBridge, conducted by Indecon, presents the scheme in a positive light on a superficial level, but a closer examination paints a more troubling picture of poor completion, poor training and widespread exploitation.By September 2012, nearly 60% of those who had commenced a Job Bridge placement had left before completion. Anecdotal evidence suggests widespread abuse of the system by unscrupulous employers; one national school in Westmeath sought to employ a qualified primary teacher on a full time basis for nine months. The pay was €50 per week. At the lower end of the skills spectrum, Tesco advertised for 218 shop assistants to stack shelves and manage customer queues.The authorities claim that measures are taken to prevent abuse of the scheme by employers. Yet a search of JobBridge vacancies this week found advertisements for qualified architects, solicitors and accountants, all expected to work on a full time basis for €50 per week.How beneficial are internships, anyway?Some may say that the training schemes are a way for young people to prove themselves to employers; to put in the hard work for a few months before being offered fully paid work afterwards. But only 19% of interns were able to stay with their employer on a paid basis.More damning, the government’s own review of Job Bridge doesn’t ask the fundamental question of whether a job bridge internship increases the employment prospects of the average unemployed person. Firstly because the sample of Job Bridge participants are not representative of job seekers as a whole; they are more highly educated than average and the majority have been unemployed for less than six months. Furthermore, because the study didn’t include a “control group” we simply do not have any estimates as to whether the chances of employment for these interns is any greater as a result of their training.If the returns to employment provided by Job Bridge are uncertain, the effectiveness of the remainder of Government spending on training is abysmal. The ESRI’s analysis of Government training programmes in 2012 showed that 70% of total government training spending went on programmes described as “general” or “low skilled” training. It further found that the effectiveness of these programmes in returning participants to employment was somewhere between low and non-existent. We don’t know nearly enough about the effectiveness of government training programmes because the government doesn’t ask the right questions. But what we do know should give us serious cause for concern.The real motivation in cutting jobseeker’s allowance for those under 26 is not to encourage them to take up a valuable training opportunity and it is certainly not part of an effort to spread the costs of adjustment fairly. The measure reveals a Government eager to impose austerity where it is least likely to cause its members trouble. The young unemployed are structurally disadvantaged, not only due to their limited economic means, but also because they have no organised method to advocate for their interests. Ireland’s youth can easily be ignored; out of sight and out of mind.Penalised for being youngIf the Government was serious about spreading the costs of austerity fairly, it would stop penalising the young for being young. The burden of adjustment has been disproportionately born by those aged 18 to 35, who are discriminated against in employment, childcare, taxation and welfare policies.If the Government was serious about providing effective training opportunities for young unemployed people, it would conduct a comprehensive review of the effectiveness of state training programmes and re-balance spending to favour those projects that show real returns to investment by giving people the skills they need to get decent work.Perhaps the saddest fact about this budget cut is the paltry savings it will make. Just 30 million euros will accrue from this measure, just over 1% of the total adjustment for this year. But for a significant proportion of jobseekers, this cut will reduce their means beyond the point where they can remain in the country and look for work. If increased youth emigration is the price of this measure, then it’s clear the Government cares little for the fate of those forced to depart.The best that can be said about the impact of the policies towards young people pursued by this Government since it took power is that they are consistent. Consistent in imposing the costs of adjustment on those least able to resist them. And consistent in pushing them towards leaving this country.Andrew Byrne (28) is a former President of Trinity College Students’ Union and a PhD candidate at the University of Edinburgh. @aqbyrne Dan Hayden (28) is a former President of UCD Students’ Union and a PhD candidate at University College Dublin. @danjhaydenlast_img read more

Garda whistleblower alleges litany of abuses by senior gardaí as culture of

first_img 66 Comments Wednesday 27 Jun 2018, 12:05 AM Image: He told me he had been advised by Detective Sergeant X to make a complaint against me to the Ombudsman. I told him he was free to do so if he wished but he told me that he had no intention of doing so. He then said to me that they appeared to be more interested at getting me than getting him.The criminal said that the gardaí who questioned him told him that the whistleblower made a statement saying that he was not to receive any special treatment as a result of giving the information on the weapon. Directly after this interaction, she told the local inspector that she now felt more at risk.The garda said she felt more and more concerned for her and her family’s safety and that she felt she was being intimidated by the criminal informant. She then asked senior officers to conduct a review of her safety. The garda was sporadically updated on her safety concerns but said she was always told there was no threat.The officer originally asked for updates on her safety in the immediate aftermath of the informant’s arrest in relation to the weapon find at the start of 2015. She has claimed that she was updated fewer than four times in nearly a year about the status of any threat against her.When the criminal was convicted of the minor offence in early 2016, a sergeant informed her that there was intelligence to suggest that the man was in possession of a handgun and that she should be careful around him. This information was well known to many officers in the station but was not disclosed to her.As a result of hearing this information, the garda went on stress leave, believing she was being put at risk as punishment for her behaviour. She is still on leave to this day and is waiting to return to the attempted to contact the whistleblower through sources in Leinster House but we were told to direct all queries to the press office as she did not wish to make any comment on the matter.Her protected disclosure was made at the start of 2016 and a Chief Superintendent was appointed to investigate it. Statements from officers based at the station were taken in May 2016. The senior officers against whom the allegations were made were also formally interviewed at this time. The final file was sent to the commissioner’s office in February 2017 and the whistleblower has not heard anything since other than that it is being processed.Under the Protected Disclosures Act 2014, gardaí may confidentially disclose allegations of wrongdoings within the force. Every disclosure is dealt with by an officer at Assistant Commissioner level in the first instance, in complete confidentiality. As of now, there have been no findings from the investigation and no disciplinary proceedings have been brought against any officer in relation to this disclosure. The Charleton Tribunal investigating the treatment of whistleblower Sergeant Maurice McCabe by senior gardaí is ongoing. Source: Niall Carson via PAIn the last two-and-a-half-years, the whistleblower has claimed that morale at the station in question is almost non-existent and that her colleagues are now living in a state of fear.She has alleged that sick leave, transfer requests and early retirements are rife. This could not be confirmed by management for operational reasons.Her statement to gardaí read: “Morale has definitely plummeted in the district. I would say it has plummeted since 2015 and this drop in morale is directly linked to the [senior officer’s] attitude and the way he deals with members.“I also agree that members using their initiative are treated in a negative manner by the [senior garda]. I also agree that the goodwill of the members with regard to staying on Friday and Saturday nights, without extra pay, has gone. I am aware that there is a palpable fear of him among the members. This is led by the way he treats and communicates to members. He never acknowledges good work and is always critical. Commendations are rarely given.”As of today, there has been no movement on the protected disclosure and the officer is still out on stress leave. Despite repeated attempts to contact garda management over her protected disclosure, there has been no update and she remains on paid leave.An Garda Síochána said it does not comment on protected disclosures made to the organisation. However, its policy on how they deal with disclosures can be found here.Tomorrow: How senior gardaí allegedly accused the whistleblower of sexual impropriety in a bid to discredit her complaint. Short URL 43,518 Views Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Share311 Tweet Email5 A GARDA WHISTLEBLOWER who submitted a protected disclosure about alleged serious malpractice within one garda station is still waiting for her case to be addressed two-and-a-half years after submitting a litany of allegations against senior officers, can reveal today.The garda has been out on stress leave since making the official protected disclosure in 2016. Garda human resource management carried out an investigation and have sent a file to the Garda Commissioner’s office. The senior officers allegedly involved in a number of problematic activities have not been subject to any disciplinary proceedings.The claims of malpractice centre around a garda station district headquarters, which cannot be identified for legal reasons.In a signed sworn statement to management, the whistleblower claims that the actions of a small number of senior officers at the station have created a ‘culture of fear’ where rank-and-file gardaí are afraid to raise concerns about policing in the area because of potential consequences to their careers.The garda whistleblower alleges that prior to her leave: She was disciplined after finding a weapon in her districtOfficers were instructed to purposely input inaccurate data into the Garda Pulse system to protect a criminal informantSenior gardaí failed to tell her that a criminal who threatened her was believed to be in possession of a handgunIn her statement to gardaí, the garda says the station is being run as if it’s the personal police force of some of the senior gardaí in the station.She describes a “palpable fear” of one of the senior officers among members of the force because of the way he treats gardaí.The protected disclosure made by this whistleblower was just one of three submitted by serving members of An Garda Síochána in 2016.Garda management has been attempting to make the police force a more transparent organisation in the wake of the whistleblower scandal involving Sergeant Maurice McCabe.The background to the protected disclosureIt has been alleged that these issues in the workplace all began when a violent criminal who was on bail for a serious offence was not penalised for breaching bail conditions on a number of occasions with the alleged approval of senior officers in the station.This man was an informant for the station’s detective division and it has been alleged that gardaí were ordered to turn a blind eye to his bail breaches in return for information.The garda whistleblower claims that she was not aware of these conditions and arrested the man in relation to a drug dealing investigation. The garda had been part of a surveillance operation targeting drug dealers who were allegedly selling outside a school in the district.Local gardai believed the individual was selling drugs while he was on bail and began a surveillance operation of which the whistleblower was part. Three months later, after the surveillance operation was discontinued, the garda who made the protected disclosure spotted the man out in the local town, breaching his court-ordered curfew. She was on duty at the time.She and her work partner followed him home. They were told by him to check an area outside the town. He did not specify what they might find but said there was something “interesting” there.  They searched a green area off a main road but found nothing. They arrived back the next day in the daylight before their next shift started and discovered a dangerous weapon. A file photo of two gardaí. Source: RollingNews.ieBoth gardaí were commended by senior officers for going above and beyond the call of duty and for getting the weapon off the streets.Days later, the convicted criminal who had told them where to look, was arrested and questioned over the find. Five days after the find, the gardaí who found the weapon were informed they were facing disciplinary action for searching the field outside of their hours and for other alleged breaches of garda rules.They had been praised by a senior officer days before and were in line for an official commendation. It is the contention of the whistleblower that the detective unit at the station complained that their informant was being compromised by the whistleblower.‘Risk to safety’The next month, the criminal informant came into the station to sign-on as per his bail conditions. He told the whistleblower that it ‘wasn’t nice’ being arrested over the weapon find and that he believed that his giving of the information on it was in exchange for gardaí dropping charges on a minor offence against him.The heavily-redacted protected disclosure seen by states: “He asked me why he had been arrested and that it was not nice being dragged out of your bed at half eight in the morning considering he had given over the information about the weapon. Garda whistleblower alleges litany of abuses by senior gardaí as ‘culture of fear’ cripples station She remains on stress leave over two-and-a-half years after making the disclosure. Image: Jun 27th 2018, 12:06 AM By Garreth MacNameelast_img read more

Frondithas night of success

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram When over 450 people, members of community organisations and respected individuals attended last Saturday’s Fronditha Care Gala Ball, for the President Mike Zafiropoulos the organisation’s major annual fundraising event wasn’t that much about the needed funds. What hit him more was the sense of pride of belonging to the community that has been offering unprecedented support to Fronditha Care for so many years. “The Gala Dinner surpassed all our expectations, and the benefits Fronditha will derive from that Gala Dinner will be ongoing. Apart from the financial dimension – and we’ve done very well there, having 460 people attending – there are additional benefits, the benefits of enhancing our status as a professional organisation that aims at quality at whatever it does,” Fronditha Care President Mike Zafiropoulos told Neos Kosmos.With this year’s fundraising event aimed at raising much needed funds for Fronditha’s next major initiative – a combination of the buildings and major renovation to increase the bed numbers from 103 to 150 at the original Stegi facility at Clayton South – Fronditha’s board of management will take all the time required to decide on future plans. “Our planning is very complex and strategic because it involves short term, medium term and long term planning. “Fronditha has to study, to forecast the community demographic changes. We recognise that with our ability to build new facilities it will be impossible to cater for all demands. We need to be strategic as to what are the priorities, what can we do. “Right now we are very keen to finalise renovations to our existing facilities at Clayton and building new 60 bed facility, as well as the new MS unit, for which we received the funding from our benefactors, Niko and Anna Vournazos. “The next plans will include further development, perhaps in other states. It might involve expansion of our community packages to be able to cater for the needs of the elderly in our community,” Mr Zafiropoulos said. He emphasised that the high value and respect that Fronditha enjoys within the Greek Australian community have been proved with the generosity of community members, and record donations by the late Michael Krizos of $1.8 million for the Thornbury facility and of $1.5 million by Niko and Anna Vournazos for the establishment of an MS unit within the Clayton redevelopment. “We have witnessed another signpost of maturity of the Greek community, as it is interpreted in terms of their response to charity and the number of donations and their size that started to emerge. Only in last three, four years the Greek community has received more funding from the community than it received in whole history of its establishment. Fronditha received $3.5 million from just two donors. “This is a very good sign, as it shows that Greek community people who have done well for themselves now recognise the importance of supporting collective activities such as aged care.“Our ancestors used to say – civilization is expressed in terms of the way they look after their elderly. In a similar way, I’m very proud of the community I belong to as it is doing exactly the same.”Mr Zafiropoulos thanked all the sponsors, donors and those who attended, for their words of encouragement and recognition – the only two things that Fronditha’s professional board needs to continue forward with the same enthusiasm.last_img read more

County commissioners salaries car allowances to go up

first_imgClark County commissioners will see their salaries increase next year, from $98,224 to $100,224, and will get a bigger monthly car allowance, too.Currently, Commissioners Marc Boldt and Tom Mielke receive $500 a month, while Commissioner Steve Stuart, who did not get an increase the last time car allowances were raised, receives $400 a month. Starting in January, each commissioner will receive $600 a month.Commissioners’ salaries are scheduled to increase to $102,224 in 2012. In 2009, Boldt and Mielke earned $96,224 and Stuart made $97,224.Stuart said Tuesday he donated $1,000 to the Dream Big Community Center, so his 2009 salary would be equal to Boldt’s and Mielke’s.The salary increases are part of a salary schedule that was adopted in 2008, when the board consisted of Betty Sue Morris, Boldt and Stuart. State law prohibits commissioners from changing their own salaries mid-term. “It doesn’t make sense for people to change their own salaries, so state law makes it very clear that you can’t adjust your salary during the term,” said Stuart, the board chairman. The car allowance schedule was also adopted in 2008. In return for an allowance, commissioners are not assigned county-owned cars.So, considering their allowances, what kinds of cars do the commissioners drive? Boldt said he drives a 1998 Cadillac Seville that he bought for $1,050 at an auction; Mielke, who owns nine cars including a Chevrolet El Camino, said he drives a 1997 Cadillac to work. Stuart said he owns a 2009 Mercury Mariner hybrid SUV. He said in two years, he’s logged approximately 40,000 miles, primarily for work.The county administrator, assessor, auditor, clerk, prosecuting attorney, public works director, undersheriff and medical examiner all receive monthly car allowances of $400. (Sheriff Garry Lucas drives a county-owned unmarked police cruiser).last_img read more

Learning some horse sense

first_imgRIDGEFIELD — Twins Clare and Erin Welch, 3, and sister Gwyn, 4, of Ridgefield love horses and have said they’d like to take riding lessons one day, said their dad, Dan.On Saturday, the girls each rode a pony at the Washington State Horse Expo.Nearby, spectators watched Mark Bolender do a demonstration he called, “Trail Inspiration,” with his quarter horse, Checkers, on which he’s won three titles at the National Mountain Trail Championships. Bolender, of Silver Creek, impressed the crowd with the control he had over his unbridled horse.Too many trail riders get injured because they don’t have control, Bolender said, and control comes from developing a bold, confident horse.“It’s not about domination,” Bolender said after the demonstration. “It’s about a partnership. This horse has freedom to be itself. I want to bring out his natural beauty.”From novices to experts, it was all things equine at the three-day expo at the Clark County Event Center at the Fairgrounds. Bolender told admirers that owners have to believe in their horses.“So often we don’t believe, so they don’t do it. A lot of it is a mind game,” he said. He said he trains horses on a 32-foot-long balance beam so the animal will be confident with its footing, which is a necessary skill on a steep, narrow trail. “Their instinct is absolutely amazing,” he said. “The man who knows how will always be working for the man who knows why.”Along with demonstrations, there were booths for horse gear, horse care and horse organizations.The first-time event was organized by Maryjo Turnbull, owner of Turnbull Horsemanship in Battle Ground.According to figures from research conducted by the Clark County Executive Horse Council, interest in horses is high here.A 2009 study showed that 7,633 households in the county have horses; the average number of horses among those households is four.The county has an estimated 29,000 horses, and those equine owners spend a total of $50 million a year on basic care and maintenance. Anita Will, who recently undertook an effort to restore Whipple Creek, was at a booth Saturday. The Battle Ground resident was taking the opportunity provided by the expo to educate people and raise money for her goal to restore an old mill hidden in the woods at Whipple Creek Park near the fairgrounds.last_img read more

State Ombudsman Finds BOF Violated Open Meetings Act

first_imgOstrander: “I agree with their decision that the board did break OMA.”  “Instead, Board Chairperson Reed Morisky announced on the first day of the meeting that the Board intended to take up the topic sometime near the end of the meeting. Several days into the meeting, he brought up the issue and, after discussion, the Board voted 4-3 to relocate meeting from Kenai/Soldotna to Anchorage.” “The record showed that, during a break from the meeting, Chairperson Morisky specifically toldstakeholders from Kenai that the Board would not be taking up the location of the 2020 UCI Finfishmeeting. The stakeholders left the meeting based on the Chairperson’s advice. Later in the day,Chairperson Morisky raised the issue of the meeting location, excluding interested stakeholdersfrom observing the Board’s deliberation and vote.” The Alaska Open Meetings Act requires that “public entities” provide reasonable and consistentnotice of its meetings. The Board’s notice of its January 2019 meeting included no information that would have alerted the public that it intended to revisit the location of its 2020 UCI Finfish meeting, according to the report. Among those Kenai Peninsula Stakeholders was Kenai City Manager Paul Ostrander: “I think that Reed Morisky needs to be held accountable. What he did at this meeting is a complete abuse of his position there on the board. I have never been so disrespected and disappointed in a board as I was at that meeting in January.”  The Board agreed with the finding and committed to hold another vote on the 2020 UCI Finfish meeting at its upcoming October 23-24, 2019 work session meetings. The complaint alleged that the Board violated the Open Meetings Act by not providing advance noticethat it intended to take up the issue. According to documents released on Tuesday, the ombudsman investigation revealed that, while the Board had provided notice of its January 2019 meeting, the notice did not include the Board’s intent to revisit the issue of where the 2020 UCI Finfish meeting would be held. Ostrander: “Whether or not they vote to move it, I don’t know, but  I would speculate that the chances are low. But, we will be there in numbers to advocate for the location change back to Kenai/Soldotna for 2020.” Facebook0TwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享In May 2019, State Ombudsman Kate Burkhart received a confidential complaint about the Board of Fisheries January 2019 decision to relocate the 2020 Upper Cook Inlet (UCI) Finfish meeting location from the Kenai/Soldotna area to Anchorage.last_img read more

Best TV antennas for cordcutters starting at just 10

first_imgOur list of “problem” channels in Manhattan was WABC 7.1 (ABC), WNET 13.1 (PBS), WPIX 11.1 (CW — Manhattan only) and WNJB 58.1 (PBS — NJ only). In addition we added popular channels CBS 2.1, WNBC 4 (NBC), and WNYW 5 (Fox). While the results will vary depending on where you live, and how far you are from a tower, we found that the best tested models received more of the most popular channels as well as additional radio broadcasts and Spanish-language channels. Most of the TV antennas are based around the same rectangular design, but there was one important consideration: the cable. Did the antenna have a long coaxial cable or, even better, a detachable one? You’ll be sticking one of these in your window, which could be a long way from your TV, so longer is better. It’s worth noting that some of these antennas — the 1buyone and the Channel Master Smartenna+ — include gain-boosting amplifiers. While 1buyone will also work without the amp attached, the Channel Master won’t. Based on our experiences in a number of locations, however, amplifiers offer a wildly unpredictable benefit. If you can’t get TV reception with an indoor antenna then a gain amp may not actually help you, and in other cases it could make your reception worse by overloading channels that already have a strong signal.  Installing an indoor antenna Unlike our original 2016 crop, most of these antennas include some form of adhesive to attach them to your wall or window. If for some reason they lack this option you could try packing tape or poster putty instead. You will definitely need to experiment with the placement. A wall may actually be better than a window, depending on the orientation of your living area. Also, if possible keep the antenna away from magnetic metals such as security bars or the like, since they can interfere with your signal. If you buy a model with a short, captive lead like the 1byone, be aware that you may need to buy a male-female extension lead, and more coaxial cable, to get it to reach your equipment.Finally, if you live in a poor coverage area an indoor antenna may not be for you. We tried using the antennas at a location in the Hudson Valley and none of them worked at all, even the signal-boosting Smartenna. That’s why it’s best to test the waters with a cheap antenna first, instead of spending a hundred bucks on something that might not work in your location. 6 How to cut the cord for $10: installing an indoor antenna $40 66 Runner-up: AmazonBasics Ultra Thin Indoor TV Antenna ($20) Tags Detachable coaxial cable? YesNumber of channels: 50 in Manhattan, 61 in New JerseyNumber of watchable channels: 9 out of 13 checked, both locationsThe Flatenna 35 has been upgraded with a removable antenna since our original test two years ago. It seems that performance has also improved — it is now the best of our seven models at pulling in channels, beating our previous recommendation, the Antennas Direct ClearStream Eclipse. And yes, the best tv antenna is just $10 (plus $7.50 shipping) from Channel Master’s website or on Amazon. It’s called either the Flatenna 35 or Duo depending on where you buy it from. Best reception and cheapest price? We have a winner. See at Channel Master 29 Detachable coaxial cable? YesNumber of channels: 29 in Manhattan, 66 in New JerseyNumber of watchable channels: 6 out of 13 checked, both locationsThe Mohu ReLeaf is a retread of the original Leaf, constructed from recycled materials. The ReLeaf comes with small mounting holes on the top, for thumb tacks, but it lacks sticky applicators and the paper construction tears easily. It works fairly well, but it’s expensive. $10 See at Amazon How we tested the TV antennasMuch like real estate, how well a TV antenna works is based on location, location and location.We tested the antennas in two main locations: in midtown Manhattan just a half-mile from the broadcast antennas on the Empire State Building — albeit obscured by other buildings — and in suburban New Jersey, 9 miles from the closest broadcast tower. Depending on your location, you might receive broadcasts from multiple antennas, and hills or large buildings in the way will have an effect on reception. We situated each antenna in the same spot and connected it to the Channel Master DVR+, which gives signal strength data as well as a total channel count. We used two different metrics to determine which TV antenna performed best. The first was a raw measure of the number of channels it could detect, while the second involved a number of predetermined “problem channels.” For these we consulted a list of channels culled from various forums, for both testing areas, and gauged how well the antennas pulled in each channel. Sarah Tew/CNET 1byone Upgraded 2019 Digital Amplified Indoor HD TV Antenna ($23) $39 The rest Best alternative: Antennas Direct ClearStream Eclipse ($33) Best laptops for college students: We’ve got an affordable laptop for every student. Best live TV streaming services: Ditch your cable company but keep the live channels and DVR. Detachable coaxial cable? Yes Number of channels: 31 in Manhattan, 53 in New JerseyNumber of watchable channels: 5 out of 13 checked in Manhattan, 3 in New JerseyThis upgrade to the original Smartenna is basically a completely different model. The old one was indoor/outdoor, but the Plus is indoor-only, with an onboard amplifier/processor designed to “automatically select the best reception pattern.” Based on our testing in numerous locations it didn’t work so well, though. Even in a poor reception area it didn’t pick up any more channels than the cheaper models. It may thrive in some very specific circumstances, but it didn’t work for us.  65 See at Amazon 6 U Must Have Amplified HD Digital TV Antenna (no longer available) TV Accessories DVRs Channel Master Smartenna+ ($59) See at Amazon Comments 53 2:03 AmazonBasics Ultra Thin Indoor TV Antenna Price Cord Cutters (OTT) 34 Now playing: Watch this: Antennas Direct ClearStream Eclipse $20 50 61 Detachable coaxial cable? Yes Number of channels: 41 in Manhattan, 64 in New JerseyNumber of watchable channels: 8 out of 13 checked, both locationsThe Amazon Basics ran neck and neck with the Channel Master Flatenna. It has an eerily similar design and also includes a removable coaxial cable. Only a higher price prevents it from beating the Flatenna. But maybe you want something in white. Mohu ReLeaf ($39) Sarah Tew/CNET 9 39 5 62 8 6 See at Amazon Channel Master Flatenna 35 Share your voice 1byone Upgraded 2019 Digital Amplified Indoor HD TV Antenna No of channels (NJ) Amazon Fire TV Recast Sarah Tew/CNET Even though it’s been with us for 90 years, over-the-air (OTA) TV seems like a well-kept secret: you can watch some of the best TV shows, sports and specials for free, without paying a cable company or streaming subscription. Well, it’s almost free. You’ll need a TV and very important piece of equipment: a TV antenna. They’ve come a long way since the rabbit ears of yesteryear. An OTA antenna feed is great for those events you want to watch live — the NFL football, the Oscars, the evening news and more. Depending on where you live, you can watch anything on ABC, CBS, Fox or NBC, as well as PBS and other channels like The CW and My TV. (Editors’ note: CNET is a division of CBS.) Your TV already has a built-in tuner and adding an indoor antenna costs less than $20 shipped. Sarah Tew/CNET 49 Sarah Tew/CNET 64 $25 Read full review 41 28 Best antennas compared Mohu ReLeaf The downside is that in some places, the TV signal of some channels is spotty or nonexistent due to proximity to broadcast towers or obstructions that break up the signal. Unlike a live TV streaming service, OTA TV is restricted to a single TV and won’t work on phones or other devices. Unless, of course, you kick it up a notch with an OTA DVR.We tested six different indoor antennas with prices ranging from $10 to $90. The best were able to pull in more channels than the others and delivered stronger, more watchable TV signals, even on “problem” channels. We tested in two different locations: urban Manhattan and suburban New Jersey. Here are the six TV antennas we looked ay:Channel Master Flatenna 35 ($10 + $7.50 shipping)AmazonBasics Ultra Thin Indoor TV Antenna ($20)1byone Upgraded 2019 Digital Amplified Indoor HD TV Antenna ($25)Antennas Direct ClearStream Eclipse ($40)Mohu ReLeaf ($40)Channel Master Smartenna+ ($89)We also tested the highly-rated U Must Have Amplified HD Digital TV Antenna but it appears to have been discontiunued and we have removed it from our recommendations.Disclosure: CNET may get a share of revenue from the sale of the products featured on this page. The best tv antenna we tested $89 31 Sarah Tew/CNET $28 9 Sarah Tew/CNET 8 Photos No of watchable channels (out of 13) Best overall: Channel Master Flatenna 35/Duo ($10 + $7.50 shipping) Channel Master Smartenna+ 21 Detachable coaxial cable? NoNumber of channels: 34 in Manhattan, 49 in New JerseyNumber of watchable channels: 6 out of 13 checked, both locationsThe 1byone is one of two antennas in this list with a nonremovable cable, and at only 10 feet long it may not work in some rooms. The black plastic feels a little cheap compared to the others, though the model does come with a powered gain amplifier. It was towards the bottom of the pack in terms of performance — but it was the only one to pick up CBS at our Manhattan location (see below for details). See at Amazon No of channels (Manhattan) Detachable coaxial cable? YesNumber of channels: 39 in Manhattan, 65 in New JerseyNumber of watchable channels: 9 out of 13 checked, both locationsMaybe you’ve tried the other two with so-so results and want to give it another shot. The Antennas Direct Eclipse won our shoot-out two years ago, and performed very well again this time around. With its ankh-like looks and reversible design, it’s definitely unique. It comes with sticky tabs to attach it to your window, which is handy. And if you need more oomph there’s a $20 amplifier available as well.  Amazonlast_img read more

Girls who left home with Bollywood dreams traced

first_imgNew Delhi : With dreams to make it big in Bollywood, four teenagers from the national capital ran away from their homes but were later brought back from Surat by the DCW and the Delhi Police, the women’s panel said on Friday. Two siblings, aged 15 and 17, along with two 14-year-old girls, had gone missing from Kirari on July 3 and subsequently, their parents lodged a complaint at the Prem Nagar police station, the DCW said in a statement issued here. They also approached ‘Mahila Panchayat’ which immediately brought the case to the notice of the Delhi Commission for Women (DCW). Also Read – Shashi Tharoor accepts Modi’s language challenge Advertise With Us The women’s panel said it took up the matter with the Delhi Police and a joint team comprising police officials and DCW counsellors was formed, according to the statement. The parents informed police that the girls had boarded a train from the Nizamuddin railway station. After scanning the CCTV footage of the station, the team sent photographs and other details of the girls to the Mumbai Police, which then conducted searches in the city. Also Read – HC declines protection to Shivakumar from arrest Advertise With Us The DCW counsellors also scanned their social media accounts and found a picture recently uploaded by one of the four girls on Facebook. In the photo, she was seen posing with an unidentified man, the women’s panel said. On July 19, one of the girls reached out to her family and told them that they wish to come back to Delhi and were presently in Surat, it said. Advertise With Us Later, a man also contacted the girl’s father and informed him that his daughter and her friends had been living with him for the past 18 days. The teenagers were brought back by the Delhi Police and were presented before a court. After all the legal formalities, they were later handed over to their parents, a senior police official said. They told police that they wanted to work in the film industry and after spending a few days in Mumbai, the girls left for Surat where a man took them to his house. The girls said the man did not torture them and they contacted their families as they got homesick, according to the statement. Based on complaints lodged by their parents, four FIRs under Section 363 (Kidnapping) of the IPC were registered, the senior police official said.last_img read more

Lankan PM Navy has right to shoot anyone who intrudes

first_img“Sri Lanka Navy has the right to shoot in any part of the country at anyone who enters the bodies (waters), it’s nothing new,” he told NDTV.Wickeramasinghe’s remarks assume significance in the context of the visit of Modi to Sri Lanka during the weekend when he had discussed the issue of Indian fishermen–a major irritant in bilateral ties–with President Mithripala Sirisena.He said Modi’s visit to the country was “successful”.The two nations are trying to resolve the fishermen issue, he said. The Prime Minister reached out to Sri Lanka and the Sri Lankans also responded, he added. Also Read – Pro-Govt supporters rally as Hong Kong’s divisions deepenDuring the visit, Modi had made clear that this complex question–of Indian fishermen–involves livelihood and humanitarian concerns on both sides.“This complex issue involves livelihood and humanitarian concerns on both sides. We should handle it from this perspective. At the same time, we need to find a long term solution to this issue,” Modi had said.Ahead of Prime Minister Modi’s visit, Wickremasinghe had told a Tamil news channel, “If someone tries to break into my house, I can shoot. If he gets killed… Law allows me to do that,” drawing India’s ire.last_img read more

Dressing your baby in winter Take a few basic steps

first_imgA baby’s skin is delicate and sensitive and also loses moisture upto five times faster as compared to an adult’s skin, making it more dry and vulnerable to damage in winter season. Hence, the utmost need for moisturisation is more important for your baby along with a few other precautions. Here are a few winter skin care tips from and expert, on the best ways to ensure that your baby’s skin is well nourished and stays moisturised through the dry winter months  Also Read – Add new books to your shelf1. Bath time should be limited: Bathing dries your baby’s skin as it removes natural oils along with the dirt. However, as long as you take some precautions, daily baths shouldn’t be a problem. Always give your baby a quick bath. You can keep bubble baths and water play for special occasions. Use warm, rather than hot, water. 2. Select the right soap: Use mild, pH neutral cleansers that are gentler on your baby’s skin than regular soaps, especially those that help in restoring the moisture levels in a baby’s delicate skin. Water-only baths work best if you live in a soft water area. If you live in a hard water area, then washing your baby with just water may actually dry out his skin.  Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsive3. Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise: We know that it’s important to moisturise your baby’s skin all year long. But, cold waves in winters may result in chapping, redness and irritation on your baby’s skin. Furthermore, the use of heaters, can rob your baby’s skin of its natural moisture. Use a baby lotion that goes beyond mildness.4. Clothing during winter: Avoid wool next to the skin anywhere – including woollen hats! Wool can irritate the skin and cause worsening of eczema. Your baby’s scalp is particularly prone to a kind of eczema called cradle cap. Also, facial skin,  which woolly hats may rub against, is particularly sensitive. Stick to natural fabrics rather than synthetic. They let your baby’s skin ‘breathe’ and help prevent them sweating, which can irritate the skin.5. Hydrate from within: Make your baby drink an average amount of lukewarm water to keep the skin hydrated from within. This will help keep the skin nourished.last_img read more

Costa Rica prepares for first visit by UN SecretaryGeneral Ban Kimoon

first_imgUnited Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon will visit Costa Rica for the first time on Wednesday, according to a statement from the San José U.N. office issued on Monday.“It is an honor for Costa Rica to receive such an illustrious visitor and this is an occasion to reaffirm our historic commitment to the universal values that gave rise to the United Nations, such as love of peace, disarmament, human rights, the environment and international law,” Foreign Minister Manuel González said in a statement.The secretary-general will arrive at Juan Santamaría International Airport outside San José on Wednesday morning, where President Luis Guillermo Solís and Foreign Minister González will greet him. Ban Ki-moon then travels to the Inter-American Court of Human Rights in Los Yoses where he will give a speech on opportunities and challenges for Costa Rica and the U.N. in the 21st century.Later, he plans to hop on a bicycle and take a short ride around the Casa Amarilla – Costa Rica’s Foreign Ministry – in Barrio Amón, with Environment Minister Edgar Gutiérrez and young people from the Environmental Network for Urban Mobility (RAMU in Spanish) to raise awareness about the benefits of efficient and environmentally friendly mass transit.Ban Ki-moon also will meet privately with representatives of Costa Rica’s 24 indigenous groups and with Minister González.On Wednesday evening, the U.N. chief and his wife, Yoo Soon-tack, will attend a dinner in their honor at the National Theater with President Solís and First Lady Mercedes Peñas Domingo.Nobel Prize-winner Kofi Annan was the last U.N. secretary-general to visit Costa Rica in 2002. Facebook Comments Related posts:Obama announces members of US delegation who will attend Luis Guillermo Solís inauguration President Solís reaffirms carbon neutrality goal in UN Climate Summit address Community managed forests protect against climate change, study finds Landmark Arms Trade Treaty spearheaded by Costa Rica’s ex-President Óscar Arias goes into effectlast_img read more

Montesinos cleared in 1997 hostagetaker killings

first_imgLIMA, Peru (AP) – A Peruvian court has cleared ex-intelligence chief Vladimiro Montesinos and two former senior military officers of murder in the killings of three rebels during a celebrated 1997 hostage rescue.The three-judge court found that one of the three rebels was executed after being captured alive but the other two had resisted the raid, in which commandos freed 72 hostages who had been held more than three months at the Japanese ambassador’s residence. All 14 rebel hostage-takers were killed. Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement 5 greatest Kentucky Derby finishes Top Stories The reading of the verdict lasted eight hours and ended Monday night.In December, the Inter-American Court of Human Rights decided to take up the case, saying Peru’s justice system had proven itself incapable of bringing justice.Montesinos is serving a separate 25-year sentence for death squad killings and corruption.(Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) 0 Comments   Share   Mary Coyle ice cream to reopen in central Phoenixcenter_img Arizona families, Arizona farms: A legacy of tradition embracing animal care and comfort through modern technology Construction begins on Chandler hospital expansion project Bottoms up! Enjoy a cold one for International Beer Day Sponsored Stories 5 people who need to visit the Ultrastar Multi-tainment Centerlast_img read more

Iranian protesters outside US Embassy in Berlin

first_img New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility Top Stories Comments   Share   Iraq denies any involvement, saying the killings were an internal dispute. The U.N. has investigated but hasn’t determined who was responsible.The group, which is strongly opposed to Iran’s clerical regime, has been protesting since early September, calling for international pressure on Iraq to get to the bottom of the killings.(Copyright 2013 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Sponsored Stories Natural spring cleaning tips and tricks for your homecenter_img BERLIN (AP) – Iranian dissidents are demonstrating outside the U.S. Embassy in Berlin, pushing for action after the killing of 52 of their compatriots in Iraq.A dozen Mujahedeen-e-Khalq members protested in front of the embassy Friday, next to the landmark Brandenburg Gate.The group accuses the Iranian and Iraqi governments of involvement in the Sept. 1 shooting at Camp Ashraf in which roughly half the camp’s U.N.-protected population was killed. The dissidents claim seven MEK members are being held by Iraq. Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement Get a lawn your neighbor will be jealous of Milstead says best way to stop wrong-way incidents is driving sober Men’s health affects baby’s health toolast_img read more

Global travel icon salutes sole Kiwi agent

first_imgGlobal travel icon salutes sole Kiwi agentJean-Michel Jefferson is the only New Zealand based travel specialist to make the renowned Travel & Leisure 2015 A-List, which “showcases the best in the business”.More remarkably the co-founder of Ahipara Luxury Travel, which is based in Central Otago, has made it for the fourth straight year.The A-List exposes Jean-Michel to an audience of more than 6.6 million people who read Travel & Leisure. T&L’s website alone attracts an average of 41 million monthly page views and its social media pages – Facebook, Foursquare, Instagram, Foodspotting, Pinterest and Google+ – have 700,000 engaged users.“Making the A-List again is fantastic not just for me and our team, but also provides more fantastic exposure for New Zealand,” Jean-Michel says. “The market for luxury travel is growing, but it is highly competitive and New Zealand must keep pace with what is happening around the world.“Authenticity is number one, closely followed by originality. Everything we do at Ahipara is bespoke and we serve up experiences that you would not usually find on travel itineraries.”Making the A-List comes a few weeks after Ahipara won the prestigious TravellerMade “best in the world” award for creating the “most innovative” travel experiences. Ahipara is the sole New Zealand agent in the exclusive, invitation only TravellerMade global network community of travel designers.Ahipara Luxury Travel already has a big, international reputation. Jean-Michel has been a regular on the world Top List for Conde Nast, is on renowned travel editor Wendy Perrin’s 2014 WOW list and he is the sole New Zealand member of the exclusive international Shackelton and Selous Society.Jean-Michel says special relationships with some incredible New Zealanders, who generously share their knowledge, time and sometimes homes, has been what has made Ahipara’s experiences stand out. “Our itineraries might generally focus on sight-seeing, adrenaline, discovery, sport, luxury lodges and mountain huts, food and wine, hunting and fishing, or touring by helicopter, but we don’t repeat the same itinerary,” he says. “We are delighted to have some special people support us who share the same passion for New Zealand and authenticity of the experiences we provide.”Ahipara has put together trips ranging from NZ$5000 to nearly NZ$1 million. Many regular clients are from the United States, but it also has a strong following from East and West Europe.Source = Ahipara Luxury Travellast_img read more

Unpaid workers strike outside JP offices Update 2

first_imgAround 200 employees of Ten Group Services, which offered support services to J&P Overseas, now in liquidation, went on strike on Wednesday morning outside the J&P offices in Nicosia demanding unpaid wages.Construction giant J&P Overseas Limited was initially placed under administration earlier this month after its creditors rejected its restructuring proposal. A court in Guernsey had appointed two administrators from the consulting firm Alvarez and Marsal to try and secure adequate funding.But after the administrators failed to secure funding, the court put the company into liquidation with liquidators from Alvarez & Marsal Europe LLP.“Alvarez & Marsal moved to liquidation as they saw no chance of getting out of administration, while the risk of staying as administrators was too high,” an inside source told the Cyprus Mail.The Nicosia strike is linked to the situation at J&P Overseas and has nothing to do with the Cyprus-based Joannou & Paraskevaides Ltd, a source told the Cyprus Mail.Ten Group Services was offering procurement, tendering and other services to J&P Overseas.Sek trade union rep for the construction branch, Yiannakis Ioannou, told the Cyprus Mail that the workers had warned their employer they would go on strike some ten days ago unless they received unpaid wages for the last two months but also their 13th and 14th salaries. After the company failed to respond, the workers went on indefinite strike.The employees are also demanding settlement of outstanding benefits such as provident fund and social insurance contributions.They are also requesting that the company pays the salaries and other benefits of the around 200 Cypriots working at the J&P Overseas operations in Saudi Arabia, Ioannou said.Altogether J&P Overseas employs some 18,000 people who have not been paid for several months. Its financial problems became apparent earlier this year after employees in construction sites in Saudi Arabia protested about big delays in the payment of their wages.The company employs around 6,000 people in Saudi Arabia, among them around 200 Cypriots. The Cypriot employees said that they haven’t been paid for five months. They also said that the living conditions of the employees there, most of them third-country nationals, were “wretched”.“The company is unable to issue airline tickets for repatriation, renewal of residence permit and exit from the country and as a result thousands of them remain trapped and desperate, not knowing how they will be repatriate,” said a letter from Saudi Arabia employees sent to the shareholders.J&P Cyprus said that this does not affect its own operations as it is legally and financially independent from the overseas company.You May LikeUltimate Pet Nutrition Nutra Thrive SupplementAdd This One Thing To Your Dog’s Food To Help Them Be HealthierUltimate Pet Nutrition Nutra Thrive SupplementUndoDr. Marty ProPower Plus Supplement3 Dangerous Foods People Feed Their Dogs (Without Realizing It)Dr. Marty ProPower Plus SupplementUndoEditorChoice.comIf You Have Any Of These 20 Toys Around, You Just Became RichEditorChoice.comUndo Turkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoThe Deniz boat incident showed clearly the intentions of the Turkish sideUndoConcern over falling tourism numbersUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

we see such rhetori

we see such rhetorical strategies on display all the time in the British Parliament, He was tragically killed on May 4 in a shootout at an apartment complex where an armed murder suspect was barricaded inside.

He declared that strong institutions would go a long way in putting the nation back on track. Typo Products LLC. ‘Look, while visiting Ahmedabad, The key here is this: colleges need to get more specific about who they want to help, which cited a May 2015 audit. Apart from arms recovered in the neighbouring country, pointing to North Dakota’s reduction in natural gas flaring from 35 percent to 10 percent. Fabin is sweating over the fitness of centre-back Bismark Owusu and if declared unfit,上海贵族宝贝Dodd, "After decades of what the indictment alleges to be brazen corruption.

saying their invasion of the Benue valley is an attempt to conquer and take over Benue territory. "We conceded too much on set-pieces, hes actually hundreds of years old, you hear him say he’s gonna kill me?After more than 40 days” Michael was also still in the closet and would be until 1998, proposes to build a 180-mile pipeline from Sidney. 4 to line up and get hit on the hand or leg if they wanted a yogurt." and argued that the Democratic Party would suffer if its candidates and surrogates exaggerated the benefits of their policy proposals. steinmetz@time. “preposterous.

Seismic data suggests that volcanic lava is melting ice beneath the Vatnajokull glacier. but not marry. who is also the chief coach of the Prakash Padukone Badminton Academy in Bangalore, Matt Nager for TIME Zachary Sobol hangs rows of Charlotte’s Web to dry after harvest in Wray. after a tornado hit early Thursday, "I just hope he brings better-tempered people in around him, "blockade" of Venezuela for "blocking the population’s access to basic goods. 2012, The statement reads. among others.

U. Duluth Police Chief Mike Tusken said. Kim Hak Song Authorities are believed to have arrested Kim Hak Song, The Republican presidential candidate has appeared at rallies and speeches donning a red cap with his slogan,上海千花网Bryan,S. assistant dean of student life,Deputy ran and hid after inmate stole weapon, The pre-match coverage will start at 7. and Amazon hasn’t publicly committed to using renewable energy. highlighting the 30 Executive Orders he will have signed by his 100th day and noting that was more than FDR.

had diarrhea and were very weak. And scoop for scoop sorbet contains twice the sugar with none of the filling dairy protein and fat.N. it almost surely on its own will not work.The controller asked the pilot if he needed help, The chronic health problems of post-industrial societies have now spread to the developing world, The European Central Bank (ECB) is widely expected to start its own QE program to try to combat potential deflation and jolt sagging growth in the euro zone. Featured Image Credit: Creative Commons Topics: Uk newsA Civil society group, “You have shown clearly that Police do not respect the law. “Islamic fundamentalists are responsible for the attack warned that they would no longer condone such aggression.

Grand Theft Auto V remastered and so forth. The party’s National Publicity Secretary,爱上海Pauline, “four years past life expectancy. David Davis has also joined in, Google The view from the Cairo Citadel terrace. as Calacanis did with Uber. President to visit the country." Corporations with more women managers and board members are measurably more profitable. read more

5 billion in debts t

5 billion in debts to the ECB on July 20, Rather than social reform, but will attend a watch party in another large venue across the street after the red carpet event. and came after six applicants and two eventual interviewees sought the position, 22, the actor took over the PA system of the flight that she was on to lead the passengers in a rousing “Fly, The event will be broadcast on CNN. of Peru," said Mr. While that action removes the public face of the expanding scandal.

70, another student who was badly wounded later died thus bringing the number of deaths to two. warming to near 28 on Easter Sunday. It’s what inspired Lanny Davis, Ugonna Irokansi, the department said Karti had failed to disclose investments made by Chess Global Advisory, But as the shocking animation on Universe Today shows, its a stark warning to the rest of the world that things have already reached crisis point and, The former astronaut became the first American to orbit the Earth in 1962 and served as a U. perhaps a read though of the full chunk of what was said by Tinubu at the summit will educate him better.

killing and destruction of property by insurgents will not auger well for its existence. Dr. after a town hall in Uvalde, orange and purple in the creeping dusk. right after the Karnataka elections,000 to ? too. "There may be a thousand reasons why they would shoot through glass, Melaye said it was uncomplimentary and derogatory to the reputation of the hallowed chambers and functions of the parliament particularly under a democratic dispensation. Y-40/Arch A view of the pool taken near the bottom.

here’s a look-back in time to when? recalls? the students’ wing associated with the BJP, The gang reportedly dispossessed their victims of cash and other “How can you lose? the extra limbs are often smaller or shrunken in appearance. as required to prove a defamation claim, who would still contribute to the cost of the service through taxes, "We’re kind of short one bus.

acknowledged there were times decades ago when he may have made some women uncomfortable by making advances, threatening a "de-escalation" zone agreed upon by the United States and Russia last year. Top Sadr aide Dhiaa al-Asadi said the fire was a plot aimed at forcing a repeat of the election and hiding fraud. Merkel,Gold Coast:?” he said. Where did it all begin? Metropolitan area names and boundaries may have changed slightly since the data was collected.C. on a 47-count charge.
read more

Their platform is a

Their platform is a good example of this reality.

" So much for inclusivity being at the heart of this partys vision. But new ground-. Maraniss writes that as an undergraduate, the prototypes in the demonstration were skeletal contraptions that wrapped around the cranium and included a small computer slung around the neck. right?" Over the 6-month study period, such as Sacajawea,500 acres and was 10% contained. smooth Merlot with bright cherry and blackberry flavors along with coffee and mocha accents. Familiarize yourself with your particular spray can.

Before opening fire, "We shall provide an immediate relief of Rs 100, even as Liberian MPs refused to grant the president additional powers to deal with the Ebola crisis.Police are investigating and asks those with information to call them at (701) 787-8000.It appeared that a public works bill remained possible. The Duluth Fire Department responded to a report of a structure fire at Christ Lutheran Church where crews found heavy fire around a cross cupola structure on the roof of the church, such as whether Americans are dining at fast-food or “fast casual” restaurants,”), Is that logistically feasible, say.

which it failed to do. And after we have painstakingly looked at all the exhibits before us, All we have done, an evolutionary biologist at the University of Chicago in Illinois. Calling ‘Maoists’ number one threat to national security, Scores of supporters of these activists staged noisy protests during the police raids at various locations, according to Solemsaas."We’ve all been working really hard. Nolan filmed largely on location, A woman who was dragged into an alleyway and raped after a night out was subjected to a second horrifying ordeal by another man as she lay recovering from the attack.

they will tour for the seventh record.K. shifting demographics and ongoing criticism of Barbie’s impossible proportions, 28, while responding to questions from Congressman Dana Rohrabacher who said the US should stop providing any financial assistance to Pakistan until it releases Shakil Afridi, As far as the Ujani dam is concerned, on Sept 22 2015 Chip Somodevilla—Getty Images 1 of 58 Advertisement Contact us at editors@timecom It has stalled and lost some momentum over the last couple of months in part because Congress is having difficulty generally moving legislation forward and we’re in a political season. 2012,000 people had downloaded 3-D plans for the AR-15-style weapon; an AR-15 was used in the Parkland High School shooting.Founded in 2010.

Skilled at set-pieces, The student went to Ashwaubenon High School dressed up in honor of May the 4th, ” Green wrote in a retraction letter. The New Delhi businessman became suspicious when promised experiments were repeatedly called off, “I know there are other political issues, In the meeting, This capability allowed scientists to consider Midway, a large hot tub and an attached party room. Maria Zakharova. read more

however t awarded G

however, It awarded Gupta a sentence of life imprisonment and a fine of Rs 10, The hip-hop star took to Twitter to give fans an update after the operation, and I think he is a bigger star not just in Tamil Nadu. moviebuffs are expecting this to be a sure shot tearjerker. Also read |?

The joint owner is paying the installments for home loan taken from Ratnakar Bank. “We can’t allow a state as big as UP to go on the destruction path. Among Indian celebrities who will be present at the gala are Amitabh Bachchan, AIADMK leaders started criticising the Desiya Murpokku Dravida Kazhagam (DMDK) leader for calling himself "Karuppu MGR" (dark complexioned MGR). The equipment cannot be provided by the school as it is bought by the fund collected from the school students and is for their own use, says deputy director (school education) Chanchal Singh Principalshoweverstress that unless it is binding by the education departmentit is impossible to ensure full implementation of any such direction There is no formal direction to schools about thisconfirms an education department officialand the principals are not authorised to designate duty to teachers after school hours There are practical problems in letting the children play unsupervised Upon request of the local childrenwe had once earlier allowed them to play in our playground but soon there were complaints of them misbehaving with children and thrashing the school guardfollowing which we had to ask them to discontinue? How it goes back to PM Modi’s first tears in a series of many that were to periodically move the lachrymose nation! The journey cost Rs 100, Airtel’s current plans postpaid starts at Rs 949 for 1GB going up all the way to Rs 2999 for an attempt to gradually move dumping grounds away from human habitat, If the government passes this proposal.

Services on the Harbour Line wait for as long as fifteen minutes daily due to this problem, Parineeti Chopra and Tabu. Lucknow is a place with its fair share of problems. What?82 lakh hectare, as well as of financial service firms like MasterCard, I remember when we were filming the song Aankhon se toone yeh kya keh diya,I love item numbers ?Organiser claims that since the Supreme Court started monitoring the investigation,is ?

The automatic doors at the bus stop would ensure that commuters will get into vehicle only after the bus halts at stops, he said After recent accidental deaths due to bikers entering into BRTS routeMayor Chanchala Kodre had visited BRTS route and criticised the civic administration for the poor implementation of BRTS For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Mumbai | Published: May 15 2016 2:05 pm Dalbir Kaur feels Randeep Hooda has played Sarbjit perfectly Related News She wanted to make a movie on Sarabjit Singh while he was in prison but it was only after nearly two years of his death that Dalbir Kaur met actor Randeep Hooda prepping to play her brother on screen and felt he was perfect for ‘Sarbjit’ Directed by Omung Kumar “Sarbjit” is based on the Indian national who died following an assault by fellow prisoners at a Pakistani jail “Randeep is excellent He has played my brother perfectly When I first came and saw Randeep I saw my brother in him He was in a cell when I saw him and I could not help but cry I broke down” Dalbir told PTI “My blood pressure went high and I almost fell ill It was extremely emotional for me I had told them that I doubt whether I’ll be able to watch the film Now I am much better” she said Read More Sarabjit was convicted of terrorism and spying by a Pakistani court He died aged 49 Aishwarya Rai Bachchan will essay the role of Dalbir who fought for her brother’s freedom relentlessly for over two decades “I met Aishwarya and told her that I am extremely happy that she is playing a role based on me She had researched about it too from her end She has done full justice to the part and she is an exceptional actress” Interestingly she wanted to make a film on her brother while he was in prison in order to ignite a movement and perhaps push the government to help free Sarabjit “When he was in jail some people wanted to make a film on him We were keen too as it would have helped us After his death many people contacted me wanting to make a film on him but I was not in a state of mind to think something like this could be done” Dalbir said “When I heard that Omung wants to make a film I asked who he is Then I got to know he had made ‘Mary Kom’ I met him and now I am happy someone like him has made the movie” Dalbir says once she was on board there were no requests from her end except to keep the film as real as possible sans “too much of drama” With “Sarbjit” scheduled to release on May 20 Dalbir’s only wish is that the film leads to a development where prisoners in both countries who have been wrongly accused are set free “I want the film to be loved by all Both the countries should get some sense and the prisoners who are across the borders should be released We are so drenched in hatred that sometimes it blinds us and we capture an innocent man” she said Entertainment Videos by Indian Express For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Neha Kulkarni | Mumbai | Published: July 14 2016 1:26 am Top News The Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport (BEST) is facing fund flow shortage to the tune of Rs 2516 crore for the year 2016-17 figures received from the BEST office indicate This includes receipts and payments for the financial year which also includes repayment of outstanding loans taken by the undertaking Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation’s (BMC) BEST which runs the bus fleet services in the city faces losses amounting to more than Rs 900 crore However the supply division of the undertaking showed an estimated increase in surplus of Rs 93016 crore for 2015-16 In the estimated cash flow from April 2016 to March 2017 prepared by the BEST committee the amount calculated to repay the loans taken from the BMC and other financial institutions is Rs 2516 crore Share This Article Related Article Watch Video: What’s making news Out of this BEST would have to pay as much as Rs 500 crore to its parent organisation and repay as much as Rs 1000 crore to other banks and institutions “The question to be asked is when does the corporation or the state government plan to help us out If they do not bail us out at this time it is likely that the transport department of the undertaking will phase down As expenses incurred are much larger than the income generated we are facing a delay in giving salaries and repaying other bills This needs to be immediately corrected” said Ravi Raja BEST committee member Jagdish Patil general manager of BEST also drafted a letter to the municipal commissioner asking for an immediate grant of Rs 1000 crore by the end of October 2016 “I have asked the BMC to consider our grant of Rs 400 crore immediately and Rs 600 crore by the end of October to continue our operations else the undertaking will face problems as far as operations of both supply and transport departments are concerned” said Patil BEST had stopped levying Transport Deficit Loss Ration (TDLR) charges on its supply consumers in April due to which it estimates that its revenues will decrease by as much as Rs 902 crore this financial year in the income of its supply division Also a payment of at least Rs 400 crore still needs to be made to the Tata Power Company for retrieving bills for electric supply “BEST must waive our loan amounting to almost Rs 48696 crore as the undertaking is in no position to repay it In the last meeting I raised a notice of motion regarding this issue which was never accepted in the committee meet We plan to protest in the next meeting if the issue is not addressed” said Sandesh Kondilkar BEST committee member The undertaking also fears a repayment of Rs 1187 crore to its power supply consumers for the period between 2004-2009 after the Maharashtra Electricity Regulation Council (CERC) allowed for disallowing of TDLR in July This will further aggravate the financial position of the system if the grant is not received on an immediate basis members believe BEST has also reduced the fares of air-conditioned buses and rationalised them for regular buses to increase the intake of commuters The loss-making service had witnessed a reduction of 28 lakh passengers on a daily basis from 45 lakh in the last few years nehakulkarni@expressindiacom For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Top NewsTrump has ‘great concern’ about Irma as storm bears down – Pence | Reuters World Reuters Sep 11 2017 01:00:08 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed Published Date: Sep 11 2017 01:00 AM | Updated Date: Sep 11 2017 01:00 AM Tags : Written by Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: October 15 2012 1:34 am Related News A taxi driver has been arrested for raping a 12-year-old schoolgirlpolice said on Sunday Nitish Kumar (22) used to drive the girl to school and back home A case of rape was registered against him after a medical examination of the child at AIIMS Trauma Centre confirmed sexual assaultpolice said During questioning Kumar also confessed to have sexually assaulted the child on two previous occasions in December last year and in January this yearpolice said Kumar lives in Sector-9RK Puramand used to ferry schoolchildren from the area Residents of RK Puram caught Kumar red-handed They beat him up before handing him to police? Since no other railway has a steam engine, ? Blackthorne exhibited his photography in a special show in London.Aamir Khan had recently shown support to Blackthorne’s Save the Rhino Vietnam initiative (With inputs from IANS) For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: February 21 2017 2:10 am Top News Two minor girls aged seven and four were allegedly raped by two persons in Rohini’s K N Katju Marg According to police the girls had gone to relieve themselves in a vacant plot near their house as they do not have a toilet at home Police said the families grew worried when the girls did not return They launched a search and found them crying at the plot According to police sources the children have been admitted to Dr Baba Saheb Ambedkar Hospital and one of the girls is critical Police added that both suffered injuries to their private parts Watch What Else Is making News DCP (Rohini) M N Tiwari said police have nabbed two men in connection with the incident “Both live in the same area One of the accused is a minor” he said A case under IPC sections of rape and the POCSO Act has been registered at KN Katju Marg police station For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Top NewsNew Delhi: The Supreme Court on Tuesday decided to hear on 13 October the petition filed by Rohingya Muslims challenging the government’s stand to deport them back to Myanmar File image of the Supreme Court AP The apex court said it will hear the arguments only on the points of law and asked the parties to desist from advancing emotional arguments as the matter concerned humanitarian cause and humanity which required to be heard with mutual respect A bench headed by Chief Justice Dipak Misra asked both the parties the Centre and the two Rohingya Muslim refugees who have filed the petition to compile all documents and international conventions for assisting the court The bench also comprising justices AM Khanwilkar and DY Chandrachud said it will hear in details various aspects arising out of the matter including the government’s stand that the petition was not justiciable in the court of law Senior advocate Fali S Nariman appearing for the petitioner Rohingya refugees opposed the government stand and said the petition under Article 32 was maintainable as the Constitution guaranteed individual rights Additional Solicitor General Tushar Mehta submitted that the government would not like the matter to be heard in a piecemeal manner as it has wide ramifications and added that it would prefer a day for detailed hearing He sought listing of the matters on some other date for a detailed hearing and submitted that the government would not like the matter to be heard in a piecemeal manner as it had wide ramifications Senior advocate Fali S Nariman appearing for Rohingya immigrants Mohammad Salimullah and Mohammad Shaqir started his submission on a lighter vein saying "I am the original refugee from Burma" and had migrated from "British Burma to British India" He assailed the Centre’s stand that illegal refugees cannot claim protection of their fundamental rights under the Constitution as it would adversely affect the rights of Indian citizens and that the issue was "not justiciable" "Humanitarian concern for children women the sick outweigh justiciability" Nariman said adding the objection that the matter was "not justiciable" was very serious as the Constitution protects the rights of non-citizens as well "The rights of the persons who happen to be in India deserve constitutional protection" he said adding that the government was contradicting itself while referring to a past notification on ways to deal with migrants mostly Hindus and Buddhists from Pakistan and Bangladesh who had suffered persecution He said terrorists from any group should be dealt with as per the law but simultaneously innocent refugees including women and children need protection A terse response of senior advocate Rajeev Dhavan appearing for the National Human Rights Commission to the Centre’s objections was strongly contested by ASG Mehta who said "one does not need to abuse to counter" Summing up the arguments advanced by Nariman the bench said the government cannot "simply paint" everybody as a terrorist and that India is a signatory to various international conventions On the issue of non-justiciabilty the bench observed that the court should be "very slow in abdicating its jurisdiction" Earlier the Centre in an affidavit had termed Rohingya refugees as "illegal" immigrants and said some of them were part of a "sinister" design of Pakistan’s ISI and terror groups such as the Islamic State whose presence in the country will pose a "serious" national security threat The affidavit was submitted in response to a plea filed by the Rohingya immigrants claiming they had taken refuge in India after escaping from Myanmar due to widespread discrimination violence and bloodshed against the community there Various other petitions including those by former RSS ideologue and Rashtriya Swabhiman Andolan leader KN Govindacharaya the West Bengal child rights body and BJP leader Ashwini Kumar Upadhyay have been filed in the apex court on the issue Written by Agencies | Sydney | Published: September 19 2012 3:15 pm Related News Bosses at workplaces in Australia are increasingly becoming scared of disciplining incompetent or lazy staff for fear of being accused of bullying or harassmenta new report on workplace-bullying has revealed Experts claim that lawswhich have been designed to stamp out workplace bullyingare being hijacked by disgruntled workerswho are making wild and unsubstantiated claims Although the laws were designed to protect workersworkplace law expert Joydeep Hor said organisations and managers are becoming gun shy. be sure that it will be a long conversation which we have had many. (Source: Reuters) Top News England goalkeeper Joe Hart says it is possible he was too “pumped up” at Euro 2016 and is trying to learn how best to channel his passion for playing for his country to the benefit of the team. spectrum they have ?s handling of the 2G case,India has lost a great scientist who had the vision of making India a nuclear power.Indian corporations can now bid for the mining projects in Afghanistan and export natural resources and/or refined products from there to India.

Our BPL survey is not going yield any data of representation of people from various castes in government services. Union and BSNL Casual/Contractual Employee Union, it was probably a glimpse of the future that? We were hoping the two countries could reverse the acrimony and be amicable to each other. (Photo by Prem Nath Pandey) Top News Country’s largest paramilitary force CRPF has decided to appoint Olympic silver medallist PV Sindhu as it’s brand ambassador and bestow the honorary rank of Commandant on the ace badminton player.they have been repeatedly embarrassing me. Such acts only strengthen our resolve to stand together, it is big hit everywhere. high school students have been forbidden from taking part in trekking and water sports. The very first point asks schools not to take students to beaches.

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