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Roquette acquires US caramel colours manufacturer Sethness

first_imgRoquette acquires US caramel colours manufacturer SethnessPosted By: Jules Scullyon: July 06, 2018In: Beverage, Business, Food, Industries, Ingredients, Mergers & AcquisitionsPrintEmailRoquette has bought US caramel colour supplier Sethness following successful joint ventures between the companies in France and China.Family-owned Sethness is headquartered in Illinois and was founded in 1880. The firm provides caramel colours for food and beverage applications and each of its caramel classes is said to offer unique characteristics and benefits.It is expected the closing of the acquisition will take place in the third quarter of 2018.Roquette CEO Jean-Marc Gilson said: “This acquisition will help accelerate Roquette’s growth plan in the food and beverage market, and further drive value for our customers. We have been very happy to successfully partner with Sethness in France and China for years. We are looking forward to working with their talented teams to continue addressing customers’ current and future needs everywhere in the world.”Chuck Sethness, representative of the Sethness family, added: “Today is an important day in our long history. Over the past 135-years, our family-owned company has strived to offer the highest quality caramel colour products to the most recognised players in the food and beverage industry.“I am pleased that Roquette, a group with which we share common values and a long-term vision, will now continue to leverage on the strong assets of both companies to reinforce its relationships with clients for the benefit of consumers globally.”Plant-based ingredients supplier Roquette has 8,300 employees and an annual turnover of over €3.3 billion.Share with your network: Tags: FranceRoquetteSethnessUSlast_img read more

Mondelēz sees a net growth for the second quarter of 2018

first_imgMondelēz sees a net growth for the second quarter of 2018Posted By: Harriet Jachecon: July 26, 2018In: Beverage, Confectionery, Financial, FoodPrintEmailMondelēz has reported a net growth for its 2018 second quarter when compared to the same period in 2017, from $5.98 billion to $6.11 billion, an increase of 2.1%. The company, the maker of top selling brands Ritz, Oreos, and Cadbury’s, says this is largely driven primarily by ‘a favourable impact from currency and commodity hedging activities’.The company was hit by a cyber attack in August of last year, but despite this, overall revenue increased for its second quarter of 2018.Further to this, operating income fell from $636 million to $481 million over the year, a loss of 24.3%, caused largely by the impact from pension participation changes in North America.Dirk Van de Put, chairman and chief executive officer of Mondelēz, said: “We delivered a strong second quarter, in both developed and emerging markets, building on the momentum created in the beginning of the year.“We posted solid top-line results with good performance across all regions. We remain focused on executing against our plans and will share the results of our strategic review with investors in September.”Compared to the previous year, Mondelēz Europe saw an increase in revenue of 6.1%, and North America saw an increase of 6.5%. Mondelēz invested $500 million in its acquisition of US cookie company Tate’s Bake Shop, and also said it has invested $200 million into its Opava biscuit plant since 2014 in order to improve its competitiveness in the European market.Latin America and Asia, and the Middle East and Africa saw losses of 8.7% and 2.4% respectively. The financial result from Latin America comes after news that the company shut down two production facilities in Brazil in March. The loss in the Middle East is despite news of Mondelēz opening a $90 million biscuit production plant in Bahrain in April this year.Last November saw a change in chief executive officer for the company as Dirk Van de Put took over from Irene Rosenfeld.Share with your network: Tags: financial resultsMondelez Internationallast_img read more

Trump plans to enforce sanctions against Iran state TV says source

first_imgIran The IRIB employs thousands of people. Many view it as a mouthpiece of the Islamic republic, however, with little room for fair reporting and opposition voices. It has come under renewed criticism in the wake of the recent unrest as the country’s moderate president, Hassan Rouhani, has also added his weight to its critics. Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, seen below a portrait of the late founder of the Islamic republic, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, appoints the head of the state-run broadcaster.Photograph: HANDOUT/AFP/Getty Images The Trump administration is planning to impose blanket sanctions on Iranian state television, as part of measures to punish those involved in the crackdown of protesters following the recent unrest. The Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB), a state-run organisation whose head is directly appointed by the country’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has been subject to US sanctions since 2013, but both Barack Obama and Donald Trump have signed presidential waivers every 180 days to prevent them coming into force. @SaeedKD Shares128128 “The IRIB must echo the nation’s opinions, not a single faction,” Rouhani said on Monday. That view has been echoed by many reformists and opposition voices since country-wide protests over economic and political grievances, the biggest in Iran in nearly a decade, began at the end of December. IRIB asked its viewers during the recent unrest to send information about the identities of protesters.The original US sanctions state the IRIB has “contributed to the infringement of individuals’ human rights by broadcasting forced televised confessions and show trials” and a 2014 report from the New York-based Centre for Human Rights in Iran (CHRI) called it a “a major human rights violator”. The state TV channel, which has been losing viewers in recent years to illegal satellite networks, alleged on its website on Sunday that a campaign against the network was instigated by the BBC, the London-based Manoto TV and also the Voice of America’s Persian service. “The networks funded by the UK Foreign Office … are working to sow distrust among Iranians about the IRIB,” it said. The semi-official Isna news agency also reported last week that the Iranian embassy in London had written to regulator Ofcom, complaining that some Persian-language television networks in the UK had been “encouraging protesters to riot and take arms”. Trump has posted a series of tweets in condemnation of Iranian authorities since the unrest began, which Iranian authorities have claimed as evidence some of the unrest was stirred up from outside. Many, even those critical of Iran’s human rights record, view Trump’s focus on Iran as hypocritical. Kenneth Roth, the executive director of Human Rights Watch, said on Twitter that “president Trump has issued 2,900 Tweets. Four mention ‘human rights.’ All are about Iran. Everyone sees through that selectivity.” Read more Iran Share via Email Share on Facebook Country-wide protests over economic and political grievances started in Iran at the end of December. Photograph: AP … we have a small favour to ask. The Guardian will engage with the most critical issues of our time – from the escalating climate catastrophe to widespread inequality to the influence of big tech on our lives. At a time when factual information is a necessity, we believe that each of us, around the world, deserves access to accurate reporting with integrity at its heart.More people are reading and supporting The Guardian’s independent, investigative journalism than ever before. And unlike many news organisations, we have chosen an approach that allows us to keep our journalism accessible to all, regardless of where they live or what they can afford. But we need your ongoing support to keep working as we do.Our editorial independence means we set our own agenda and voice our own opinions. Guardian journalism is free from commercial and political bias and not influenced by billionaire owners or shareholders. This means we can give a voice to those less heard, explore where others turn away, and rigorously challenge those in power.We need your support to keep delivering quality journalism, to maintain our openness and to protect our precious independence. Every reader contribution, big or small, is so valuable. Support The Guardian from as little as $1 – and it only takes a minute. Thank you. Facebook Reuse this content Share on Messenger Last modified on Fri 9 Feb 2018 13.35 EST The Guardian understands Trump is planning not to sign the waiver in regards to the state broadcaster when it comes up for renewal at the end of January, meaning the sanctions will become active. A source familiar with decision-making in Washington in relation to the IRIB sanctions said Trump was persuaded not to impose restrictions on the Iranian central bank, in case it caused problems for ordinary people, but instead to target specific organisations such as state TV. “It is a symbolic act. It will send a strong message to Iran without imposing more hardship on Iranians like other sanctions,” the source said. Not signing the waivers meant the “IRIB’s activity outside of Iran, including the activity of its bureaux, the ability to purchase international content and live satellite transmission, will be restricted,” the source said. “It is also possible that all the individuals who are affiliated with IRIB and reside outside Iran will be affected and their bank accounts will be suspended. Iranian users on Twitter are supportive of imposing sanction on IRIB. #BanIRIB has been popular on Twitter.” Trump plans to enforce sanctions against Iran state TV, says source Donald Trump Saeed Kamali Dehghan Iran correspondent Pinterest news Iran says it could quit nuclear deal if US keeps adding sanctions Ayatollah Ali Khamenei Mon 8 Jan 2018 14.37 EST Middle East and North Africa Share on WhatsApp Support The Guardian Topics Share via Email Share on Twitter Share on LinkedIn Read more This article is more than 1 year old Share on Facebook Since you’re here… Share on Twitter Iran launches wave of arrests as regime bids to quell protests Share on Pinterest It follows a crackdown against protestors, with reports IRIB asked viewers to release information on demonstrators’ identities Twitter This article is more than 1 year oldlast_img read more

How selfie kid became star of Super Bowl after selfie with Justin

first_imgSource: Various The hands-down winner of Super Bowl halftime was the teen the internet immediately dubbed ‘selfie kid’, who somehow managed to steal some of the spotlight away from Justin Timberlake’s high-energy performance by taking a series of snaps with the headliner. The young Super Bowl fan, Ryan McKenna, looked uncomfortable being in the spotlight, but danced with Timberlake during his performance. The internet quickly got busy creating all sorts of memes about the moment Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Super Bowl Last modified on Mon 5 Feb 2018 15.33 EST US news Shares22 Topics How ‘selfie kid’ became star of Super Bowl after selfie with Justin Timberlake – video,Play Video Share via Email 1:21 US news Mon 5 Feb 2018 14.29 EST Justin Timberlakelast_img read more

Were darker than other boybands – but were still very American how

first_img Report 27 Apr 2018 0:55 26 Apr 2018 23:58 Most of them are men of colour – and many of their songs address being gay – but that’s not the only way these millennial sensations are reinventing the boyband You seem to make a lot of spurious assertions about people you don’t know td2000 Pinterest Pinterest Share via Email Would have been preferable to men of colour (graun even spelt it wrong 😉 ) Share Reply Share You need help. We’re darker than other boybands and we suck dick, but we’re still very American.” He lets the sentiment sink in for a beat. “You should try to make that the headline. And though cheeky One Direction references are scattered throughout the Saturation trilogy – “I feel just like Zayn, I feel just like Harry,” Vann raps on Boys – Brockhampton don’t sound much like familiar boybands. They rap as often as they sing; they idolise Kanye, Wu-Tang Clan, Souls of Mischief and Odd Future, and it shows. In 2018, strict ideas about genre divisions are about as relevant as cassette players, and rap’s influence bleeds into just about everything else. In other words, it’s not like hip-hop is not weird enough to accommodate an act such as Brockhampton, if that’s how they wanted to play it. But for Abstract and company, introducing Brockhampton as a boyband in a world that sees men of colour on a stage and automatically thinks “rap crew” was not a decision; it was simply what they were. “We’re boys in a band. Right?” asks Vann.“You’ll see publications being like, ‘self-proclaimed boyband’, or put ‘boyband’ in quotes. But why can’t we be that?” Hemnani asks. “The American idea of a boyband is, like, five straight, conventionally attractive white dudes. I come from a south Asian background, and I’m not supposed to be doing any of this. I’m supposed to be a doctor, or work at 7-Eleven, or be an engineer. So, even beyond the boyband thing, doing something out of the norm for my culture in general is big to me.” 8 9 shoname BrigadierCrispbread Mores the pity. Share on Twitter 27 Apr 2018 0:39 Share on Facebook Share via Email Last modified on Tue 19 Feb 2019 05.33 EST Rooben View more comments 0 1 Facebook unfriendlyblckhottie TheBozBoz Facebook No. Why? Do you see a market for that? Support The Guardian Topics Share on Facebook | Pick | Pick 1 2 26 Apr 2018 23:46 16 17 interviews Threads collapsed Reply Reply Reply Admittedly the band name Badger’s Penis doesn’t quite have the same ring to it It.s got really down at the YMCA Reply Report Facebook Report ” We’re darker than other boybands and we suck dick, but we’re still very American.” He lets the sentiment sink in for a beat. “You should try to make that the headline.” ” Boybands are shit, but I like this guy ! At least he has a sense of humour ! Twitter 27 Apr 2018 0:43 Trumbledon | Pick Read more Reply Twitter Share on Twitter unthreaded expanded Share on Twitter Onthebus2 Facebook Vin Diacola Ron Nubio 25 Ha, you beat me to it! pedrodelgardo | Pick 27 Apr 2018 0:51 Twitter Reply Share on Facebook Twitter Facebook sympathyformrbushido Twitter comments (90)Sign in or create your Guardian account to join the discussion. Report bobbiediamonds FeedMeBerk 27 Apr 2018 1:33 Vin Diacola Twitter Damn I’m getting old. Report Comments 90 ThisNameisMine Share on Facebook Twitter Pop and rock Show 25 Twitter Kevin Abstract: ‘When you mention Bieber, Lorde, One Direction: I want to be on that list’ 27 Apr 2018 6:55 26 Apr 2018 23:59 Report Facebook Reply Facebook Report Got introduced to these guys recently and they’re ace. It’s refreshing to hear raps about being a young gay man, its about as rare as an out football player. | Pick Reply No, you just knock ‘woke’ to the ground, please let me do the rest. Share on Facebook | Pick Share on Twitter Share 27 Apr 2018 0:39 Share on Twitter GutsandGlory Facebook Share on Facebook Twitter 27 Apr 2018 4:12 Share on Facebook 2 3 | Pick RogTheDodge Share Report Share on Facebook Vin Diacola Share Share on Facebook Twitter 27 Apr 2018 0:46 Reply | Pick Facebook I live near Brockhampton, which sits nicely just off the A40 in Gloucestershire. I’ve never seen anyone looking like any of those people in The Craven Arms. Are there any fat ugly ones? | Pick Report Share on Twitter Reply Reply Share Report Facebook userles Twitter Report Reply Twitter TheBozBoz TheAlmightySarlacc “People want to coddle you and be like: ‘Oh, no, don’t hold yourself to that standard’ – but why?” asks Ameer Vann, the deep-voiced 21-year-old rapper who met Abstract in high school outside Houston, Texas. “Why wouldn’t I want to be Michael? Why wouldn’t I want to be 23 on the cover of Thriller?”“Tupac died when he was 25!” exclaims Romil Hemnani, a 22-year-old originally from Connecticut who is one of the group’s producers. “He was only 25 and he accomplished all that!”“And you know what else we have to remind each other of, even in the bigger sense of things?” adds Henock Sileshi – better known as HK – who is 23 and serves as Brockhampton’s self-taught creative director. “Trayvon Martin died when he was 17. Who is to say Ameer can’t get pulled over and something happens? We still operate in this world.”If Brockhampton make you reassess everything you thought a boyband could be, things are going according to plan. While the crew lead with the music, they double as a self-sufficient creative agency. Alongside the singers, rappers and producers in their 14-man roster are designers, photographers and web developers (such as Robert Ontenient, who joined as a producer but taught himself code from scratch when the group needed a webmaster). There aren’t many, or perhaps any other boybands producing and mixing their own records, shooting and directing their own music videos, designing their own merch and stage sets. And there aren’t many boybands who look like Brockhampton – the majority of its members are men of colour – or whose lyrics reference giving guys head and coming out to their parents. In Junky, Abstract spells it out: “Why you always rap about being gay? ’Cause not enough niggas rap and be gay.” Share on Twitter BrigadierCrispbread Reply Share on Facebook This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn’t abide by our community standards. Replies may also be deleted. For more detail see our FAQs. Share on Facebook Facebook Stimpers Is Brockhamptom like cauliflower ear? Share on Twitter 100 Share on Facebook 0 1 Men Share Share on Twitter Share on WhatsApp Facebook Facebook Twitter Share on Twitter Report Reply 26 Apr 2018 23:53 27 Apr 2018 5:02 8 9 Watch the video for Brockhampton: Boogie Share on Facebook Is it possible, please, not to like them because I think they’re music isn’t very good?Would that be OK? Mmm? Mmm? OK? Not OK? What d’you think, good? Bad? Can I listen to music I like? How would that be? Yes?, No?.Let me know as soon as you could, thanks now. Take care. Share dondi Reply Watch the video for Brockhampton: Boys 27 Apr 2018 0:34 27 Apr 2018 0:58 Share Share on Twitter 27 Apr 2018 0:18 Since you’re here… I know. They sound good! They actually do. Catchy! And their films look good. What more do you want? Twitter 27 28 Facebook Share on Twitter Facebook 3 4 PunCrock 27 Apr 2018 0:45 Facebook Share on Messenger ‘Not enough niggas rap and be gay’ … Kevin Abstract. Photograph: Ashlan Grey Reply This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn’t abide by our community standards. Replies may also be deleted. For more detail see our FAQs. Share on Facebook All power to them! I love it! Share on Twitter 27 Apr 2018 0:44 J S 4 5 Share on Facebook Share Twitter Share on Facebook Twitter 1 2 Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Do you throw words like ‘incredible’ around at anything? Share on Twitter 27 Apr 2018 1:07 1 Report Report Share on Twitter | Pick Sexuality Share Share Facebook Share Share 0 1 13 14 27 Apr 2018 0:40 PunCrock 27 Apr 2018 0:46 Show 6 more replies 292super Reuse this content,View all comments > pedrodelgardo Share on Facebook Report Report Reply 11 12 Twitter I think they’re incredible too 🙂 This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn’t abide by our community standards. Replies may also be deleted. For more detail see our FAQs. Twitter This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn’t abide by our community standards. Replies may also be deleted. For more detail see our FAQs. | Pick Report Share on Twitter Share | Pick Playing…London, Dublin, Reading, Leeds should clue you in. | Pick Report Reply Facebook Twitter RogTheDodge 27 Apr 2018 0:06 Share Report Share This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn’t abide by our community standards. Replies may also be deleted. For more detail see our FAQs. 26 Apr 2018 23:42 37 38 18 19 Reply Sorry there was an error. Please try again later. If the problem persists, please contact Userhelp | Pick Report Stimpers Share on Twitter Reply Report Report 2 3 Share on Facebook 0 1 Share Share on Facebook TheCourtOfOwls Stimpers Share on Facebook Vin Diacola Share on Twitter Shares5151 | Pick 50 Facebook Report | Pick Twitter Twitter Reply Twitter Only psychologically. Facebook “The whole point is to redefine it,” Abstract says. “So that a group of kids who look more like us and less like One Direction could be like: ‘I want to be in a boyband. I’m-a do that.’” Specifically, the group likes to use the phrase “all-American boyband” – a phrase that feels especially striking at a time when the surface-level wokeness of US pop culture might lead one to believe that the country is much more socially progressive than it is. Dom McLennon, a 25-year-old rapper who started making beats when he was 11, doesn’t see this framing as optimistic or pessimistic so much as honest. “This is the most all-American shit you could come up with,” he says. “It’s not a positive or negative thing. America’s not a beautiful place. I’m three generations removed from slavery. I don’t have a good history here. But there’s no reason I can’t make one for myself right now.”“NWA was all-American; Wu-Tang was all-American,” adds Abstract. “It was just a part of America you may not have seen at the time. And I feel like a Merlyn Wood verse, or an Ameer Vann verse, or Dom – their perspective is just as American as the white kids I went to school with who shot guns and killed animals on the weekends. We’re darker than other boybands and we suck dick, but we’re still very American.” He lets the sentiment sink in for a beat. “You should try to make that the headline.”A few hours later, the crew takes the stage to the swell of the Backstreet Boys’ I Want It That Way; the overwhelmingly teenage crowd shouts along to the pop anthem probably released around the time they were born. There are wild screams and chants of “Fuck Pitchfork!” – a trope that’s become a crowd staple at their recent shows, referring to the music website – as Brockhampton explode into Boogie, a euphoric, moshpit-inducing funk banger. On the chorus, Abstract sings: “I’ve been beat up my whole life / I’ve been shot down, kicked out twice / Ain’t no stopping me tonight.” Close your eyes, listen to the crowd’s deafening noise, and you could mistake it for a One Direction reunion show. Report | Pick 14 15 9 10 5 6 Reply Share on Twitter Mainly thin ugly ones judging by the picture…. Loading comments… Trouble loading? cortazar Share on Facebook Facebook Gelion Twitter MamaSaidKnockYouOut 27 Apr 2018 1:47 Facebook CapitalismKills Share on Facebook Share on Twitter CropplyCrab 27 Apr 2018 0:30 Twitter 16 17 Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Thu 26 Apr 2018 11.23 EDT Reply | Pick LanceB8888 sympathyformrbushido sympathyformrbushido 14 15 Twitter reading99 Share Share on Twitter Reply Share Sign in or create your Guardian account to recommend a comment | Pick Interview’We’re darker than other boybands – but we’re still very American’: how Brockhampton broke the mouldMeaghan Garvey unfriendlyblckhottie I bloody knew it. Share on Facebook | Pick Report Please select Personal abuse Off topic Legal issue Trolling Hate speech Offensive/Threatening language Copyright Spam Other Share 27 Apr 2018 1:46 I love how many posters (usually men) come here to denounce people becoming woke. It’s almost like they’re threatened… 27 Apr 2018 4:26 | Pick OhReallyFFS 27 Apr 2018 3:00 FeedMeBerk 1 5 6 Share on Twitter Twitter Share Twitter Share on Twitter Twitter Twitter pedrodelgardo Twitter Share on Twitter The next day, the group has planned the tour’s sole meet-and-greet at RSVP Gallery, a streetwear boutique in Wicker Park, Chicago, co-owned by Virgil Abloh of Louis Vuitton. Two hours before it’s scheduled to start, there’s already a queue stretching four blocks. The crowd is almost entirely teens, as diverse as Brockhampton’s members themselves; Estrella, 20, and Kendall, 19, at the front, have been waiting since 6am – almost nine hours. “There are other bands that have representation, but it’s not like Brockhampton,” says 17-year-old Miracle. “As a black person, seeing other people of colour who are unapologetically themselves, speaking on things like being gay …” “And mental illness, too,” adds her friend Micquela, who is 16. We’re interrupted by Brockhampton members beginning to arrive, and the street goes nuts. “Yo, that’s Ameer!” “Jabari, we love you!” “HK, you look cute today!” The friends laugh as they politely apologise for screaming – it’s just that they have never had musical heroes like this before.Brockhampton play Koko, London, 20-21 August; Helix, Dublin, 22 August; Reading festival, 25 August; Leeds festival, 26 August. Report 8 9 | Pick Twitter Share 27 Apr 2018 4:41 | Pick 27 Apr 2018 5:49 Pop and rock Report Facebook Vin Diacola 27 Apr 2018 0:41 6 7 Vin Diacola Show 1 more reply I didn’t think Boys was very good – too repetitive. *Gently removes the word ‘ woke ‘ from your comment… … then kicks it to death in the street. Share on Twitter Share HK…? Jabari? Race 26 Apr 2018 23:45 Identity politics Share on Twitter recommendations Facebook | Pick | Pick Share Twitter Email (optional) Share on Twitter Twitter Reply 26 Apr 2018 23:54 Twitter collapsed Facebook 3 4 27 Apr 2018 4:44 Share Share on Facebook 27 Apr 2018 3:47 Share on Twitter Interview’We’re darker than other boybands – but we’re still very American’: how Brockhampton broke the mouldMeaghan Garvey 2 Reply Share on Facebook Share Twitter Facebook 27 Apr 2018 0:26 Facebook Report 26 Apr 2018 23:59 Report Share on Twitter 8 9 … we have a small favour to ask. The Guardian will engage with the most critical issues of our time – from the escalating climate catastrophe to widespread inequality to the influence of big tech on our lives. 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Every reader contribution, big or small, is so valuable. Support The Guardian from as little as $1 – and it only takes a minute. Thank you. Report Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Wow, they’re so woke. | Pick Facebook Share on Facebook Share on Twitter freewheelingfrankie Share on Twitter Reply Share on Twitter Share on Twitter For me, Backstreet Boys were darker. 3 4 Facebook bobbiediamonds Share PunCrock Facebook | Pick 90% of the commenters will be reflexively shitting on the group without listening to anything they’ve put out. Admittedly, half of the remaining 10% will listen to it, become extremely upset by how “urban” it is, and trash it on here before listening to a whole Simply Red album to cool off. Brockhampton are excellent, and managing to put out one solid album and two very good albums in just one year is really unheard of, so all kudos to them. Reply | Pick Facebook | Pick Rap Share on Twitter Reply Reply Share 27 Apr 2018 0:45 Share on Twitter mrspaintbush Report Share on Pinterest 27 Apr 2018 0:40 3 4 7 8 3 4 32 33 Facebook Share | Pick 27 Apr 2018 4:43 Share on Facebook chantaspell 27 Apr 2018 1:06 Now I’m wondering how difficult it must be to put a peircing and ring on a badger’s cock. | Pick Reply Onthebus2 newest Share on Facebook Report Share Twitter BrigadierCrispbread Share Facebook Show 2 more replies Twitter IceCreamTony Facebook 27 Apr 2018 16:15 Twitter Facebook Reply | Pick oldest Facebook 40 41 Reply Reason (optional) Report Report Reply This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn’t abide by our community standards. Replies may also be deleted. For more detail see our FAQs. Share Share Share on Facebook Listened to some songs on a friend’s recommendation, and they are incredible. They remind me of a young Kanye, but with a massive heart and good heads on their shoulders to accompany the obvious talent. Boogie is a bop, and Junky strikes straight at the heart. From one gay, black ’96 baby to another, I wish Kevin and the band all the success ❤️ Share on Facebook Share Twitter Commune71 Facebook Report | Pick Report I wonder if there’s a cunning way of getting rid of both at the same time ? Hmmm Twitter Share on Facebook *Gently removes the word ‘ woke ‘ from your comment… … then kicks it to death in the street. Share on Twitter Order by oldest Fair play to them. Enjoy while you can kids. Share Facebook Share Share | Pick Facebook All Share on Facebook 1 2 7 8 Well, language is for expressing what you feel, right? I really enjoy their music. I like their vibe, and they are fun and engaging to listen to while also making some really moving tracks. I used to pointlessly snark about things that didn’t float my boat too, but I was a 15 year old. What’s your excuse? Facebook Reply 2 Share on Twitter TaliShar Facebook Reply Report Share on Facebook unfriendlyblckhottie Thirteen of the members of Brockhampton, photographed by the 14th, Ashlan Grey.Photograph: Ashlan Grey Pinterest 4 5 0 1 Didn’t really know much about them until I heard Boogie which is ridiculously catchy. Unsurprisingly the quality varies a lot over the course of the 3 albums but there’s some gems in there. Doing it all off their own backs as well, more power to them. | Pick | Pick Share on LinkedIn Reinventing the boy band. Bit like reinventing chemical weapons. We’re better off without either! | Pick Report | Pick Trumbledon Share on Facebook | Pick Facebook ThisNameisMine cortazar Share on Facebook unfriendlyblckhottie Reply Reply Report pedrodelgardo Vin Diacola Share 27 Apr 2018 17:00 27 Apr 2018 3:11 Share on Facebook OhReallyFFS Report 27 Apr 2018 0:00 Facebook 0 1 Share Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Twitter Twitter This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn’t abide by our community standards. Replies may also be deleted. For more detail see our FAQs. What makes you think he was joking? 27 Apr 2018 1:27 This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn’t abide by our community standards. Replies may also be deleted. For more detail see our FAQs. BabyH | Pick 3 4 They sound very inventive and good for them unlike the usual. Reply TheBozBoz Close report comment form America’s best new boyband is crammed, 13 deep, into the green room backstage at Chicago’s House of Blues. The sprawling collective known as Brockhampton (minus photographer Ashlan Grey) is preparing for the first of two nights of shows at the 1,800-capacity venue, on the tail end of their almost entirely sold out Love Your Parents tour. Four years ago, its members dropped out of their respective normal lives to move to San Marcos, Texas, where they slept on the floor in unfurnished apartments and spent every waking minute on art. Forget the corporate gloss of traditional boyband fare; instead, their songs are a giddy blend of kick-in-the-door raps, sunny-day soul, lighters-in-the-sky pop melodies and skate-punk energy.By typical standards, their work has been paying off – and then some. Last year, the group released not just their debut album, but their second and third, too; the third, December’s Saturation III, debuted at No 15 on the US Billboard albums chart. There’s also Billy Star, a feature-length film with original music (the 22-minute trailer is available to stream), along with American Boyband, an eight-episode documentary-style TV series on Viceland. But Kevin Abstract, the group’s de facto leader, isn’t satisfied – not yet.“We were raised differently, and I’m not even necessarily talking about our parents,” he says. The 21-year-old is soft-spoken but intense, radiating passion without raising his voice. “We were obsessed with Kanye West and people who obsess over the shit that they do, it made us the same way. We want to leave a mark, you know? I want people to look back like: Damn, Brockhampton did all of that in a very short amount of time and inspired so many people. I want …” He pauses, trying to consolidate his and his 13 best friends’ ambitions into a cohesive thought. “Fuck! I just want this shit to be so great. I’ve been frustrated lately because I want to be so great.”Reminding him and the crew of an abbreviated list of their recent accomplishments only stokes the embers. “I’m 21; Michael Jackson was 23 when he made Thriller,” Abstract replies, matter-of-fact. When I suggest that a guy who had had to perform since he was six years old might not be the most viable standard for comparison, the room erupts into a vehement chorus of “Why not?!” from all sides. sympathyformrbushido 27 Apr 2018 0:30 Report Twitter Share on Facebooklast_img read more

Obama Out of this political darkness I see a great awakening –

first_imgBarack Obama Fri 2 Nov 2018 16.30 EDT Shares152152 0:38 The former US president Barack Obama, speaking in Florida ahead of Tuesday’s midterm elections, says he hopes change will come from the country’s current political turmoil. He also stressed that when people lie with abandon, democracy will fail.  Obama: ‘Out of this political darkness, I see a great awakening’ – video,Play Video US politics Share via Emailcenter_img Barack Obama Topics Last modified on Mon 5 Nov 2018 05.18 EST Source: Reuters Share on Twitter Share on Facebooklast_img read more

Manafort shared polling data on 2016 election with elusive Russian – Mueller

first_imgShares2,4852485 Share on Facebook Read more Will Adam Schiff pose a bigger threat to Trump than Robert Mueller? Share on Pinterest … we have a small favour to ask. The Guardian will engage with the most critical issues of our time – from the escalating climate catastrophe to widespread inequality to the influence of big tech on our lives. At a time when factual information is a necessity, we believe that each of us, around the world, deserves access to accurate reporting with integrity at its heart.More people are reading and supporting The Guardian’s independent, investigative journalism than ever before. And unlike many news organisations, we have chosen an approach that allows us to keep our journalism accessible to all, regardless of where they live or what they can afford. But we need your ongoing support to keep working as we do.Our editorial independence means we set our own agenda and voice our own opinions. 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Trump advisers reportedly worked to broker a backchannel deal for Trump to lift the sanctions around the time he entered office.Kilimnik was reported in February 2017 to be working on a Ukraine peace plan but denied Manafort was involved.Tuesday’s filing was Manafort’s response to allegations from Mueller that he had continued to lie to investigators even after signing a cooperation agreement. The alleged lies led Mueller to tear up the deal, under which prosecutors would have recommended a reduced prison sentence for crimes Manafort has admitted.Manafort was also accused of lying about contacts with Trump administration officials since they entered office in January 2017. His attorneys said on Tuesday he had not intentionally lied and was asked only about his contacts with two specific administration officials.In another poorly redacted section, the attorneys said Mueller specifically alleged Manafort was in contact with someone who asked him permission to use Manafort’s name “as an introduction” in the event that the person met the president.A second alleged contact with a Trump official was based on “hearsay purportedly offered by an undisclosed third party”, according to Manafort’s attorneys.They also disclosed on Tuesday that Mueller had discovered several additional contacts between Manafort and the administration, which they described as “mostly indirect”.Mueller alleged that Manafort also lied about a $125,000 payment from a pro-Trump “super Pac”, a payment he variously described as a reimbursement for money he was owed, payment for work he did, and a loan. Manafort’s team on Tuesday blamed confusion about how the money was recorded by his accountants. Manafort shared polling data on 2016 election with elusive Russian – Mueller Donald Trump’s former campaign chairman Paul Manafort shared polling data on the 2016 election with a Russian man linked to Moscow’s intelligence agencies, according to special counsel Robert Mueller. Share on Facebook This article is more than 6 months old Jon Swaine in New York Russia Paul Manafort. Sections of the filing were meant to be redacted, but the text underneath several blacked-out lines could be copied and viewedPhotograph: Drew Angerer/Getty Images Pinterest Robert Mueller is investigating Russian interference in the 2016 US election, and links between the Trump campaign and Moscow. Photograph: Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images In a section of their filing meant to have been redacted, the attorneys referred to an allegation from Mueller that Manafort “lied about sharing polling data with Mr Kilimnik related to the 2016 presidential campaign”. They did not elaborate.Manafort’s attorneys did not deny that Manafort gave Kilimnik the data, instead stating that he had not lied about it but was merely “unable to recall specific details prior to having his recollection refreshed”.The attorneys also confirmed that Manafort had met Kilimnik in Madrid, claiming he “had not initially remembered” the meeting but recalled it when confronted with records showing the two were in the Spanish capital at the same time.It was previously known that Kilimnik and Manafort had met twice during 2016 in the US. The date of the Madrid meeting was not stated, but a source familiar with Manafort’s team said it was in early 2017 after Trump had entered office.Manafort’s attorneys also said on Tuesday that when presented with other records by Mueller’s team, he conceded “he discussed or may have discussed a Ukraine peace plan with Mr Kilimnik on more than one occasion”. Tue 8 Jan 2019 18.41 ESTcenter_img Read more Robert Mueller Manafort, 69, is also accused of covering up other meetings and contacts with the Russian, an elusive consultant named Konstantin Kilimnik who worked for Manafort on election campaigns for pro-Kremlin politicians in eastern Europe.Attorneys for Manafort disclosed the allegations in a court filing in Washington on Tuesday. They appeared in sections of the filing that were meant to be redacted, but where text underneath blacked-out lines could be copied and viewed.A spokesman for Manafort’s team did not respond to a message asking if the faulty redactions were accidental. The document was later refiled to court with effective redactions.Mueller, who is investigating Russia’s interference in the 2016 election and any coordination with Trump’s team, said in a court filing last year that the FBI assesses that Kilimnik “has ties to a Russian intelligence service and had such ties in 2016”.Kilimnik, 48, trained at a university connected to Russia’s military intelligence agency, formerly known as the GRU, which allegedly spearheaded the Kremlin’s effort to disrupt the US election in 2016. The US has concluded that the Russian operation was ordered by President Vladimir Putin to help Trump’s campaign.Mueller has also previously said that Rick Gates, Manafort’s deputy on the Trump campaign, described Kilimnik as “a former Russian intelligence officer with the GRU”, which Kilimnik denies.In the court document made public on Tuesday, Manafort’s attorneys denied allegations that the former Trump aide lied to Mueller’s team about several topics since he began cooperating with the inquiry. They blamed his false statements on a failure to recall certain details and his lack of access in jail to records that could jog his memory. Manafort attorneys disclosed allegation in court filingKonstantin Kilimnik said to have ties to Russian intelligence Share on WhatsApp US politics Trump-Russia investigation Share on LinkedIn Trump administration Paul Manafort Support The Guardian Share on Messenger news Russian who attended Trump Tower meeting charged with obstruction of justice Reuse this content Share on Twitter Share via Email Paul Manafort First published on Tue 8 Jan 2019 14.03 EST Topics Facebook Donald Trumplast_img read more

AM200 – Special episode 200

first_imgPodcast: Play in new window | Download LAURA MEDCALF: Hey there! Welcome to Accessibility Minute, your weekly look at Assistive Technology, those clever tools and devices designed to help people who have difficulties with vision, mobility, hearing or other special needs!Welcome to episode number 200 — Woohoo!WADE WINGLER: What? Episode what?LAURA MEDCALF: Episode 200.WADE WINGLER: 200?LAURA MEDCALF: I figured what better way to celebrate the big 200 than to bring back the man who started it all. Hey there, Mr. Wade Wingler.WADE WINGLER: Hey there, Miss Medcalf. How are you, host of Accessibility Minute?LAURA MEDCALF: I’m well. How are you?WADE WINGLER: I’m okay.LAURA MEDCALF: So I’ve hosted the show for over a year now, and I’m just wondering how the show got started.WADE WINGLER: That’s a good question, and there is a little bit of a funny story related to that. I started Assistive Technology Update, the weekly news program that I’ve hosted for, gosh, over five years now, about the same time I started Accessibility Minute which is a show you have inherited and improved greatly. I started that one because somebody thought the other one was too long. A friend of mine and colleague who I know and trust said that’s a great show, but not everybody has a half hour to listen to the news of assistive technology, so maybe something shorter. Which I didn’t know how to take initially. I’m like, oh, less of me talking. Maybe that does sort of makes sense. Anyway, we kicked off the show with just short versions of — they started off as one of the stories covered stories covered on Assistive Technology Update in a one minute snippet format. It tended to go pretty well. Then it went on sabbatical for a little while, lay dormant, and then you picked it up and have run with it ever since. My question for you, Miss Medcalf, is what does the show mean to you?LAURA MEDCALF: Accessibility minute is a fast way for me to get quick facts out about different assistive technologies for different special needs. I think that that’s really important to put the information out there quickly. It’s like everybody weekly dose.WADE WINGLER: Plus you are a writer by trade and by training. I think it stretches you a little bit because it gets us in the studio with some awkward giggles and interactions and stuff like that. But it’s amazing because when you get behind the mic, I think what you do is great.LAURA MEDCALF: Thanks.WADE WINGLER: Some of the stories we’ve covered lately, just give me a couple of examples of things we talked about lately on the show.LAURA MEDCALF: Recently there’s been a companion robot called Buddy. Also the Rest Horse Therapy which is a device –WADE WINGLER: It sort of simulates riding a horse without the horse, right?LAURA MEDCALF: Right. It’s ideal for individuals with ADHD, autism, PTSD. It helps relax them and calm them down anytime of day or night, which is helpful.WADE WINGLER: So if people are new to this show, on episode 200, I would encourage you all to go back and look at those previous episode where Laura covers these cool topics. I would also encourage you to check out her writing because you write almost every day on our blog, right? Easter Seals New topics every day. This podcast once a week. You are swimming in the waters of assistive technology 24/7 and constantly cranking out amazing content.LAURA MEDCALF: It’s a lot of fun and is all for you guys, so thank you.WADE WINGLER: Know, thank you.ANITA O’BRIAN: For more information, to read our blog, or to drop us a line, visit That was your Accessibility Minute for this week! I¹m Laura Medcalf with the INDATA Project at Easter Seals Crossroads, in Indiana.Share this…TwitterFacebookPinterest1LinkedInEmailPrint RelatedATU251 – Your AT Journey with Laura MedcalfMarch 18, 2016In “Assistive Technology Update”ATU299 – Home delivery services with Laura MedcalfFebruary 17, 2017In “Assistive Technology Update”What’s That You Hear? Podcasting with INDATASeptember 28, 2016In “Communication”last_img read more

Scaling and Predicting Results in Influencer Marketing Is Now Possible

first_imgScaling and Predicting Results in Influencer Marketing Is Now Possible Antoine ForestJune 7, 2019, 6:10 pmJune 7, 2019 AI and Machine learning are powering Programmatic Influencer MarketingThere is nothing more ‘now’ than influencer marketing. And yet, it seems to live in the past. No pricing standards, no performance assured and no possible scaling make this type of advertising seem like the misunderstood kid in class. But the truth is, its potential can be tremendous. It is just a matter of applying it in the right way. And the right way is to use programmatic: the discipline that allows buying advertising space through a platform in a systematic way.Are you sure that the influencer you or your agency chose for your brand will give you the results you expect? Does this person really add value to your brand or product? Do you need to pay him/her that much money with no KPIs? These are some of the questions that remain fuzzy when it comes to choosing an influencer marketing strategy. Nevertheless, Programmatic can solve these issues. Just let Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning work it out. And, yes, you can have the best of both worlds: technology and creativity.The first challenge that comes up when strategizing an influencer campaign is how measurements are going to work. Different variables enter in this choice: the brand’s affinity with the influencer, the possible outcomes (ROI) and the scale. This last value is probably the one in which brands and agencies give less attention to, but scalability can be the key to make an influencer marketing campaign a total success. So let’s start explaining this component.Read More: Marketers Shouldn’t Have to be Data ScientistsNowadays, the most common strategy is to work with a few influencers. Agencies or brands manually choose the person they think will work the best with a certain campaign. Although this approach can work in many cases, it is flawed. When choosing a few influencers the brand can see immediate results, but it is not the same case in the long run. One or two influencers cannot ensure performance a month, two months or six months ahead.This is where Programmatic turns around Influencer Marketing. The secret here is a wide database where influencers from all over the world can register themselves. By using data that capture industry affinity and information about followers, an algorithm can automatically select hundreds or even thousands of influencers that allow a brand to reach new customers effectively.One of the biggest perks of the automation process is the time saved. With Programmatic Influencer Marketing, no humans are involved in the scouting process. It is done through an automatic and unerring algorithm. This allows companies or even startups with a low marketing budget to establish an Influencer Marketing campaign without spending days on it or hiring an influencer marketing agency.Actually, prices are another advantage that Programmatic Influencer Marketing brings to the table. With automation, the strategy can be standardized like in any other digital advertising channel (e.g., Facebook Ads). KPIs are measured through the Programmatic algorithm, and thus there is no longer need to negotiate with the influencer; prices are standardized. Clients can pay per view, per click, and in the future, they may even pay per sale.Read More: Top 3 Do’s and Don’ts Every Healthcare Marketer Should KnowIn order to nail an influencer marketing campaign, establishing affinity between the brand and the influencer is fundamental. A bad match can result in poor content value for the brand and low performance. With the goal of concrete results in mind, Programmatic Influencer Marketing collects information about the bran and target audience, factors in expected performance, and the runs all the information together in an AI-powered engine to match the bran with influencers from its database. The result is a list of influencers who can create high-performing content that clearly suits the brand criteria.Furthermore, another asset that comes along with programmatic is the ability to make predictions. Until now, in influencer marketing, this wasn’t possible. The strategy was done manually, and there wasn’t any data that offered predictions of future results, but with Influencer Programmatic Marketing now available this gap has been filled. Thanks to machine learning, brands can now accurately forecast the performance of influencers and charge them based on that value.Read More: Finding the Whale and Other Ways Big Brands Can Learn from Start-UpsTaking the Programmatic path allows companies to scale their influencer marketing strategy to hundreds of influencers, reducing costs by standardizing prices and predicting performance. There is only one step of the advertising process that must be done manually: content review. At the moment, only a human reviewer can ensure that content fits the policy of a given social network and that it’s also aligned with the brand to achieve the performance that is expected.Influencer Marketing in an unstoppable trend. Social media influencers are changing the way brands advertise their products and services and are compelling traditional advertisers to review their strategies. With the arrival of programmatic to this type of marketing, its reach is being magnified. It is no longer a game with no clear outcomes; it is a mathematically-based strategy with tangible results.Read More: What AI Has in Store for the Marketers in 2019? AIDigital advertisingInfluencer marketingmachine learningProgrammatic Influencer Marketingstargazer Previous ArticleFreshworks Joins Hands With OrangeOne Corporation, to Aid Digital Transformation of Businesses in JapanNext ArticleNew Global Report Reveals 9 in 10 Companies See ‘Self-Service’ as the Future for Customerslast_img read more

SmartBug Media Founder Named a Best CEO for Women by Comparably

first_imgLeading Marketing Agency Credits Positive Workplace Culture and Remote Workforce Model for this DistinctionSmartBug Media—a leading Intelligent Inbound marketing agency that assists businesses in generating leads, increasing awareness, and building brand loyalty through inbound marketing, digital strategy, design, marketing automation, and public relations—announced that its founder and CEO, Ryan Malone, was named one of the country’s “Best CEOs for Women” for the second consecutive year. The award validates the company’s culture and its remote workforce, which is set up to attract, empower, and retain top talent from across the country and to promote top performers—regardless of gender—to the highest executive-level positions.When Malone founded SmartBug 10 years ago, he took a risk that not many other CEOs have been willing to take. “I wanted to watch my kids grow up instead of being away at an office during most of their lives,” he explained. “If I felt that way, certainly much of the country’s top talent did, too, and perhaps that was holding them back from going after the challenging and fulfilling careers they wanted and deserved.”Marketing Technology News: PubNub Selected as Winner for Best Overall Bot Solution in the 2019 AI Breakthrough AwardsTo remedy this situation, Malone built a 100 percent remote company with no headquarters that allows all of its employees to work out of their home offices. The model has proved to be highly successful, with more than 70 employees spread across 28 U.S. states and Canada. SmartBug’s growth is phenomenal—expanding by 60 percent last year—and it doesn’t show signs of slowing down. Much of the company’s success can be attributed to its remote model, which removes geographic constraints and presents opportunities to a larger talent pool, including more women who are looking for an optimal work-life balance for their families. Women make up 65 percent of SmartBug and 60 percent of the company’s executive and management team.“As a proud husband and father of two daughters, I am incredibly honored to be recognized as a leader who values and empowers women at our organization,” said Malone. “This distinction is not only a testament to our overall workplace culture, but also validation of the positive impact that a remote workforce creates for employees. Our remote model enables workers to have both a challenging career and the flexibility to create life memories outside of work, and SmartBug also benefits from being able to attract highly talented people who might otherwise decide to pass up a great opportunity because of inflexible working conditions.”Comparably, the online career, compensation, and workplace culture monitoring site, uses a data-driven approach to gather information about U.S.-based companies. Each year, it publishes lists of top companies in a variety of categories. Comparably establishes its rankings by gathering sentiment ratings provided by employees who anonymously rate their employers over a period of a year. There are no fees, costs, or nominations associated with participating. Comparably’s Best CEOs for Women Awards are derived from ratings provided by female employees who anonymously rated their CEOs on between June 7, 2018 and June 7, 2019.Marketing Technology News: Absolutdata Named Best Overall AI-Based Analytics Company in 2019 AI Breakthrough Awards Program“Comparably’s annual Best CEOs for Women Award is based solely on how female employees rate their CEOs,” said Jason Nazar, Comparably CEO. “These outstanding leaders are being recognized for creating workplaces that inspire, encourage, and support women’s voices and contributions.”This is the ninth Comparably award earned by SmartBug Media, which previously won Best Places to Work in Los Angeles earlier this year, as well as seven awards in 2018, including: Best CEOs for Women (Small/Mid-Size Companies), Best Managers (Small/Mid-Size Companies), Best Places to Work in Los Angeles, Best CEOs in Los Angeles, Happiest Employees (Small/Mid-Size Companies), and Best CEOs in the United States (Small/Mid-Size Companies).Marketing Technology News: Gigapaces Partners with Tableau to Accelerate Machine Learning and Data Visualization SmartBug Media Founder Named a ‘Best CEO for Women’ by Comparably MTS Staff WriterJune 28, 2019, 3:05 pmJune 28, 2019 ComparablyMarketing Technology NewsNewsRyan Malonesmartbug Previous ArticleBattling the Web’s Most Dominant Companies to Bring Conversations Back to CommunitiesNext ArticleSeismic Empowers GLORY To Achieve Global Sales, Service and Channel Growthlast_img read more

The Wild Releases Oculus Quest Support Opening The Door To TeamWide VR

first_imgThe Wild launched support for Oculus Quest, adding Facebook’s newest standalone virtual reality headset to its growing list of supported devices.The Wild is a VR/AR collaboration platform that allows architects and design teams to experience their work together at human scale, in real time, from anywhere in the world. Oculus Quest is the first all-in-one VR headset to hit the enterprise market. With this latest offering from The Wild, immersive collaboration is easier and more accessible than ever.The Wild’s mission is to help teams do their best work. For spatial design teams, that means being able to inhabit your designs long before they’re built—catching errors, gaining critical context, and making more informed decisions together.Marketing Technology News: WebCEO, the Agency Oriented Marketing Platform, Launches a New Local SEO ModuleA Headset at Every Desk“The Wild for Oculus Quest dramatically reduces the complexity of collaborating in VR,” according to The Wild’s founder and CEO, Gabe Paez. “With a headset at every desk, immersive collaboration can be transformative in achieving excellence and alignment across teams.”Reviewing architectural and environmental designs at human scale is vital. With The Wild, teams can meet in real time with up to eight people, fully synchronized, from anywhere in the world. The Wild offers native sketching and annotation tools, is compatible with most 3D file types, and integrates with Revit and SketchUp. The software is cross-platform as well—users can access The Wild from VR, iOS, or desktop (macOS and PC).Marketing Technology News: Progress Named a Leader in the New 2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Multiexperience Development PlatformsThe Oculus Quest is a standalone headset, offering an immersive VR experience without a PC. It’s wireless, portable, and affordable, starting at $399 (USD). Well-suited for design reviews on the go, the Quest also makes a great companion for teammates who don’t have a full desktop VR setup.Marketing Technology News: Introducing Shutterstock Elements, Thousands of Cinema-Grade Video Effects for Filmmakers ARGabe PaezimmersiveMarketing Technology NewsNewsOculus QuestThe WildVR Previous ArticleFor Marketing, Video is Best Tool for Online LearningNext ArticleTellius and Snowflake Partner to Deliver Cloud-Native Augmented Analytics at Scale The Wild Releases Oculus Quest Support, Opening The Door To Team-Wide VR Collaboration For Architecture and Design PRNewswire4 days agoJuly 22, 2019 last_img read more

Drake and Chris Brown Collaborate for a New Track No Guidance

first_imgRapper Drake, who is not on Twitter, took to Instagram to share the album cover with the caption, “Flew the coup at 17 no guidance. Breezy x The Boy” The new track ‘No Guidance’ is one of the 37 songs from Brown’s new album, Indigo. The album also has collaborated work from other artists including Juicy J, H.E.R., Lil Jon, Justin Bieber, Lil Wayne and more. While the full album will be dropped on June 28, this new track has already stolen the thunder on the internet today.Interestingly, both Chris Brown and Drake have dated Rihanna in the past. The ex-lovers of Rihanna, who has a long spat over the ex-girlfriend, have finally joined hands. They also had a vicious 2012 nightclub brawl over Rihanna that included bottles being thrown across the venue. However, both the singers made up last year following their longstanding feud.Follow @News18Movies for more After much speculation, Chris Brown and Drake have finally dropped their new track No Guidance, which became hit within seconds of its release. The rumours around their collaboration started making rounds when Chris, 30, and Drake, 32, posed for a selfie together on June 5. Posting the picture on the Twitter handle, Chris wrote, “SUMMER TIME BOUT TO GET ALOT HOTTER!” On Saturday, Chris posted a cover of the album ‘No Guidance’, collaborated by him and Drake, which he posted with the caption, “RELEASES TODAY!!!!!!! SUMMER HAS OFFICIALLY STARTED!!!!”RELEASES TODAY!!!!!!! SUMMER HAS OFFICIALLY STARTED!!!!— Chris Brown (@chrisbrown) June 7, 2019center_img Chris BrownChris Brown albumChris Brown new songDrake First Published: June 8, 2019, 4:56 PM ISTlast_img read more

My Parents Know Their Daughter Worked Hard to Get Admission in College

first_img ananya pandayAnanya Panday Bollywood debutananya panday collegeAnanya Panday trolls First Published: July 7, 2019, 2:16 PM IST Actress Ananya Panday, who has started an online campaign called ‘So Positive’, to confront cyberbullying, says trolling and such acts leave an impact on the mind of youngsters who are in a transformative age.Last month, the Student of the Year 2 actress was questioned on her academic qualification on social media when she said in an interview that she took admission in USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism. Later, Ananya posted pictures of college documents on Instagram. Talking about the incident, Ananya told IANS here: “While it is true that those trolls do not deserve our attention when that incident happened to me, it was not only affecting me but my family, my parents. “They know that their daughter worked hard to get admission in a college. So when I put out the pictures I did it for our satisfaction. Cyberbullying is a common practice and it really affects all of us.””The reason why I am taking a stand is (because) people should have an understanding of how it affects others and why it is important to be responsible to comment on anything.”Though she believes that the growing negativity and bullying on social media affects any individual, reasoning why the youngsters get more affected, Ananya said: “When we are teenagers, we are developing a perception of ourselves based on what people say about us. We are yet to develop a full-grown adult brain. Therefore, when we are bullied all the time, it makes us vulnerable.”Our body and mind go through a transformation and if someone is body shaming, it hurts, it does…”After the release of her first film this year, she said that she received various comments and opinions on her work in the movie. “I think constructive criticism is positive for us to improve ourselves and it is easy to understand. In my review, many people said that I have to work on my dance skills and comic timing. I understand that, of course, there is room for improvement. I appreciate such comments,” she mentioned.However, she shared: “When someone said that my body looks like a 14-year-old boy’s… how could that be criticism? That is bullying… You see, that is easy to differentiate from a critic’s words. People said much more hurtful things and they are bullies, they are not critics.”Validation from social media users seems to have become an integral part of stardom. Asked if seeking approval online changes their mind to take any decision, the daughter of actor Chunky Pandey said: “My father said this and I agree with him, we shouldn’t be taking people’s comments so seriously because they change every now and then.””I am developing a thick skin where I send back love and positivity to all the haters because that is what they need. Probably they are seeking a reaction from us, and there is a void of love they have in their lives,” added the 20-year-old.Making her debut with actress Tara Sutaria, Ananya said that she loves the healthy competition and such things keep her motivated to do more good work.Follow @News18Movies for morelast_img read more

Yogi Adityanath Offers Gold Crown Weighing 25 Kg to Lord Hanuman

first_imgMuzaffarnagar: Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has offered a gold crown weighing 2.5 kg to Lord Hanuman during his visit to Shukratal in the district. He was visiting the holy site on Sunday to attend an event to mark the death anniversary of Swami Kalyan Dev.A 75-feet-tall statue of Lord Hanuman is located in Shukratal, which is on the banks of river Ganga. Adityanath also laid foundation stones of several development schemes worth Rs 10 crore in the area. Last year, the chief minister had stirred up a row by calling Lord Hanuman a Dalit during an election rally ahead of the state polls in Rajasthan.”Lord Hanuman was a forest dweller, deprived and a Dalit. Bajrang Bali worked to connect all Indian communities together, from north to south and east to west,” he had said in Malakheda area of Alwar district.​ Hanumanuttar pradeshYogi Adityanath First Published: July 16, 2019, 10:24 AM ISTlast_img read more

Google Maps iOS update adds iPhone X support

first_imgGoogle Maps has received an update on iOS that adds support for the iPhone X’s display. With the support comes a better experience for iPhone X users, though all iOS users benefit thanks to some bug fixes tossed into the mix. Google hasn’t gone into detail about what those bug fixes pertain to, saying only that they improve the user’s ability to find new places and travel to them. READ: iPhone X Review: This changes everythingGoogle Maps joins the rank of apps that have added support for the iPhone X’s OLED display. The app spans from edge to edge on the latest Apple handset, and that includes presenting bits of map in the “ears” located on either side of the notch. Time, network, WiFi, and battery level are overlaid onto those parts of the map. It’s a very clean look overall. It won’t be surprising to see Google push out another version of Maps for iPhone X in coming weeks (months?), though, considering the current design’s lack of adjustment for the longer display. The text field is located near the top of the phone far away from where the user’s thumb can reach, as is the menu icon for opening the pane. That means you’re going to need two hands to use the app unless you have very long fingers. Whether Google actually plans to change the design to better fit the display’s length is yet to be seen, however.SOURCE: iTuneslast_img read more

The Core i7 Pixelbook is up for order but do you really

first_imgGoogle launched the Pixelbook back in October, as its latest illustration of what a premium Chromebook should look like. The slimline metal, glass, and rubber notebook is a convertible, with 360-degree hinges that twist around to flip it from a traditional laptop form-factor, through a “tent” for media consumption, and then finally to a tablet. It also supports an optional stylus, the Pixelbook Pen, which has a Google Assistant trigger built-in.Until now, two different configurations of the Pixelbook have been offered. Both use Intel’s Core i5 processor, with 8GB of RAM. The cheapest, priced at $899 with the current promotion Google is offering, has 128 GB of SSD storage inside. $200 more doubles that storage to 256 GB.Now there’s a third version, the promised Core i7 Pixelbook that we saw at the Chromebook’s launch but has taken this long to reach shelves. It’s $1,549 – again, after Google’s $100 promotion for the holidays – but not only switches to the faster processor, but also doubles the RAM to 16 GB. Storage is increased, too, to 512 GB. Sadly you still have to buy the Pixelbook Pen separately. AdChoices广告The question, of course, is whether anybody really needs these sort of specs in a Chromebook. For the same price as this Pixelbook, you could have a mid-tier MacBook Pro 13 on your desk, or indeed a new Surface Book 2. It’s questionable whether all but the most intense power-user would be able to push Chrome OS to the point where they’d be stretching these sort of specifications. In fact it only really serves to double-down our frustration that the Pixelbook runs Chrome OS. A dual-booting Pixelbook with Google’s platform along with either macOS or Windows 10 would be ideal: after all, Google’s hardware has rightly been praised across the board, both for its design and the general quality of its construction. If you’re convinced, mind, Google is taking orders online now. You’ll have to wait a while to get it, however, with shipping expected to take place by January 3, 2018. There’s more on the Core i5 Pixelbook in our full review.MORE Google Store Is it madness to spend $1,549 on a Chromebook? Google says no, and has finally put its maxed-out configuration of the Google Pixelbook up for order. Bearing an Intel Core i7 processor, this most potent of Pixelbooks may well be overkill for most users, but if you’re after Chrome OS bragging rights it’s your best option. Story TimelinePixelbook release info and pricing is bonkersGoogle Pixelbook first impressions and Pen hands-on: High End AgainGoogle’s Pixelbook is wasted on Chrome OSGoogle Pixelbook gets a holiday discount and a free Google Homelast_img read more

iOS 113 Six reasons you should be excited

first_imgApple has announced the iOS 11.3 developer beta, and there’s plenty to get excited about for iPhone, iPad, and smart home fans. Whether you’re an Animoji karaoke addict, need your regular fix of augmented reality in Pokemon GO, or just want deeper control over what’s going on in the background of your iPhone, there’s something that should satisfy you. While we don’t know all the goodies iOS 11.3 will bring, we do know six of the biggest changes and improvements. iPhone Augmented Reality is about to get much more immersiveARKit is Apple’s attempt to turn the iPhone into an augmented reality experience, and it’s about to gain a whole lot more traction. Come iOS 11.3 we’ll get ARKit 1.5, with a number of key improvements over the current version that’s already being used by Pokemon GO, IKEA, and more. Perhaps most important, ARKit 1.5 will be able to track not only horizontal surfaces but vertical ones too. That means apps built on top of the platform will be able to spot things like posters, graphics, and other identifiers on walls, and overlay 2D and 3D graphics on top of them. It paves the way to museum guide apps, city navigation that can interact with buildings, facades, and billboards, and more. Meanwhile, ARKit is also going to get better at recognizing irregular surfaces, like circular tables. iOS 11.3 adds new Animoji featuresApple’s animated emojis were one of the headline features of the iPhone X launch, not least perhaps because they demonstrated how the TrueDepth camera could smoothly track facial movements in real-time. iOS 11.3 will bring with it four new Animoji, each following over 50 different facial muscle movements. That brings the total number of Animoji options to 16. It’s unclear just how popular Animoji have been since the launch of the iPhone X. Apple says only that they “have been a hit” with buyers of the expensive smartphone, without giving any further insight into how often they’re being created. However, with the full 2018 iPhone line-up – expected to include a new iPhone X, an iPhone X Plus, and a budget 6.1-inch iPhone – believed to offer TrueDepth cameras, that will significantly broaden the number of users who’ll be able to create their own Animoji. That could have a huge impact on adoption. Apple Music is getting music videosIf you’re an Apple Music subscriber, you’ll already know what Apple’s streaming music service is like. Apple is clearly hoping to pull in some more users with the release of the HomePod smart speaker, but for those devices with proper displays there’ll be another improvement when iOS 11.3 arrives. That’s music video support. Being added alongside music playlists, Apple Music’s music vide support will be ad-free to subscribers. There’ll be both new releases and classic videos, in addition to new curated music video playlists. HomeKit is adding software authenticationApple hasn’t been a stranger in the smart home ecosystem, but neither has it made companies wanting to integrate their connected devices with your iPhone, iPad, or Siri as straightforward as other platforms do. One of the key frustrations has been HomeKit’s reliance on hardware authentication. In order to make sure the connection between smart home gadget and your Apple device is fully secure, Apple demanded it be outfitted with a special hardware chip.That’s changing with iOS 11.3. Apple will still be demanding encryption between, say, your color-changing LED bulbs and your Apple TV acting as a HomeKit hub, but it’ll be offering a software encryption route rather than just a hardware one. That should make it a whole lot easier for manufacturers of smart home devices, whether bulbs, locks, cameras, blinds, or something else, to add HomeKit compatibility. Apple will give you iPhone battery performance controlIt’s fair to say that Apple hasn’t had an easy time in recent months when it comes to older iPhones. Accused of – at best – poorly communicating with its users or – at worst – sneaky planned-obsolescence tactics, its decision to throttle iPhone performance when the device has an unhealthy battery backfired spectacularly. First step on the grand Apple apology tour was a discount on battery replacements. Next up comes a software change.Come iOS 11.3, you’ll be able to manually control whether or not the iPhone dynamically manages the maximum performance your smartphone can achieve. A toggle in the battery settings will allow Apple’s previously permanently-on power management feature to be switched off. Apple will also be adding in greater visibility into battery health. Of course, switch it off and there’s the possibility that your iPhone could be more likely to crash under pressure. Complaining to your favorite brand will be easierFor many of us, running into issues with the companies we interact with most often sends us to Twitter to make either a public or DM complaint. Now, Apple wants Messages to be your first port of call. In iOS 11.3, Apple is adding Business Chat, a way for brands to communicate directly with their customers. Initially it’ll be a handful of select launch partners that are available, including Discover, Hilton, Lowe’s, and Wells Fargo. You’ll be able to chat with a representative and schedule appointments from within the Messages app on your iPhone, and even make purchases (processed with, unsurprisingly, Apple Pay). Importantly, Business Chat won’t expose any of your personal information with whatever company you’re talking with. So when can I get iOS 11.3?If you’re a developer, the iOS beta program means you can start trying out the iOS 11.3 updates from today. You’ll need to have a developer account with Apple, of course, and it’s worth remembering that not everything is going to either a) be ready today, or b) be 100-percent smooth running. One of the reasons for getting developers onboard at this early stage, after all, is to get their input on ironing out the lingering bugs. For the rest of us who aren’t developers, there’ll be an iOS 11.3 public beta later in the year. That will lag behind the cutting-edge developer builds, though it’ll also mean less chance of running into bugs and glitches. Apple is yet to confirm exactly when the public beta will begin, thought it’s worth noting that the iOS 11 public beta began 25 days after the developer version was released. The final iOS 11.3 release, meanwhile, has been scheduled for Spring 2018. We’re expecting it to be a free upgrade for the most recent iOS devices including iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch 6th Gen.last_img read more

Fathers Day gifts 2018 5 Dadfriendly smartphones

first_imgStory TimelineTech time: Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Guide 2015Father’s Day Gifts Guide: SlashGear’s 2017 top picksNASA re-schedules a colorful rocket launch for Father’s DayFather’s Day Gift Guide 2018: the best tech gifts for dad Supposing you’ve got a father and you’re planning on celebrating said Dad with a smartphone gift this weekend, you’ll want to have a peek below. Today we’ve got a gift guide for you which encircles 5 of the most excellent smartphones for fathers, comprised of smartphones on the market right this minute. These devices fit in a number of categories, and within them, you’ll likely find a device that your father can use and be glad to make use of. Wrap-upIt’s important to note that these are only suggestions, and that there are PLENTY of smartphones out in the market today – one might find the ideal phone right under their nose, without a suggestion in the world. If you’d like to see more devices, have a peek at our Phone Review portal for enough new phones to send you to the moon and back. Also of note: SlashGear uses affiliate links, and sometimes if you buy something we might get a small fee from the sale.center_img The following five phones are not in order of quality, nor are they in order of best-for-dad-ness. Instead they’re five devices we’ve stacked up as best for dads at this moment in history. I’ve numbered them nonetheless – for list-friendliness. Tap the name of each phone in their respective paragraph for a review of said device. 5. Samsung Galaxy S9If you’re aiming for a sure shot and have a father who’s firmly against iPhone, there’s always the Samsung Galaxy S9. It is the newest in new from the biggest smartphone-making company in the world today, and it’s carried by every major carrier in the United States. It’s also available off-contract and unlocked, which is always nice.You can buy the Galaxy S9 unlocked in Midnight Black with a US Warranty for $720 right now. There are other options available too, if you’re willing to go refurbished.4. Moto X4We’ve entered into a new age of smartphone – one where you really, truly do not need to spend an extraordinary amount of cash to get a highly decent device. Case in point: Moto Z4. This Motorola smartphone is NICE, and won’t break your bank. It’s no iPhone X, but your dad never liked that flashy thousand-dollar nonsense anyway, right?This ain’t your grandpa’s flip phone, it’s a mid-range phone that’s better than the best phones from just a few years ago! You can buy the Moto X4 unlocked for $349 right now.3. Razer Phone (SPECIALTY ONLY)This phone is NOT for your elderly father who’s never picked up a mobile device in his life. Instead, the Razer Phone is made for the gamer dad – a new generation of father figures who also make time for playing video games. The Razer Phone also has the ONLY 120Hz refresh rate display in a smartphone today – the only other place you can get that right now is in the newest iPad Pro. If your dad knows what “120Hz refresh rate display” means, you should buy the Razer Phone for $700 right now. There are also used options for far cheaper – crazy cheaper. Suspiciously cheaper. 2. Essential Phone PH-1The Essential Phone PH-1 is in a very strange place at the moment. I don’t recommend this device for all dads – instead, it’s made for dads who spend a lot of time on their phone and don’t mind the idea that the company that made the hardware just started business in the last few years. Also it might be acquired soon. But not to worry, it’s had so many price-cuts that its worth WELL OVER the amount of cash it costs.You can buy the Essential Phone PH-1 for $500 right now. There are also cheaper options used, also through Amazon – but pay close attention to the condition of the device you’re looking at if that’s the way you’re rolling. New means new, used means used – you get what you pay for!1. Google Pixel 2There’s little wrong one can find about the Google Pixel 2 (regular or XL). The camera is perfect for all sorts of photographers – the hobbyist, the professional, or the absolutely terrible. This device gets updates straight from Google, so it has the latest innovations in Android as soon as they’re made by the company. Both the Google Pixel 2 and 2 XL also have one of the most important features for any dad: long-lasting battery life.You can buy the Google Pixel 2 for $681.45 right now. OF NOTE: There are several different versions of this device available right this minute. You might also want to check out the Google Pixel 2 XL, which is closer to $780 USD.last_img read more

Ten new iPads and Macs spotted in rumorfueling filings

first_imgStory TimelineKuo: LCD iPhone in September, iPad Pro with Face IDiPad with Face ID confirmed by iOS 12 AvatarKit Each could certainly be considered a highly-anticipated feature. On the iPad Pro side, the addition of the TrueDepth camera array from the iPhone X is widely expected, though Apple is also believed to be further trimming the bezels of the tablet. That includes dropping the home button, as it did with the iPhone X, and replacing its functionality with gestures. On the MacBook Pro side, would-be upgraders have been holding out in the hope that Apple would add new processor options to the notebooks. That’s dependent on Intel making the necessary chips, mind. There are also questions as to whether the problematic “butterfly” keyboard will be changed again for the refreshed laptops, after Apple conceded that some owners were having issues and would be eligible for free repairs. Now, five new iPads and five new Macs have cropped up, with Consomac spotting their entries in the Eurasian Economic Commission database. That has proved useful for previewing upcoming launches before. Back in 2016, Apple’s AirPods were previewed with an entry in the database, and it also partly spoiled the surprise the following year for MacBook and iPad updates, along with the Magic Keyboard. AdChoices广告On the Mac side, there are five new model numbers: A1931, A1932, A1988, A1989, and A1990. Each is, according to the respective filings, running macOS High Sierra. 9to5Mac speculates that, given the similarity to current product codes, at least three are new MacBook Pro models. Apple has also been rumored to be preparing new 13-inch MacBook models, which would replace the aging MacBook Air with a Retina-display version. Meanwhile, the new iPad model codes are A1876, A2013, A1934, A1979, and A2014. Each runs iOS 11, according to their listings. It’s unclear in each case whether the use of the existing OS for each platform respectively means Apple intends to launch the hardware before iOS 12 and macOS Mojave make their public debut.As ever, nothing is guaranteed until Apple actually announces it. Nonetheless, the long-standing iPad rumors, not to mention the length of time since Apple updated its notebooks last, do suggest a change sooner rather than later is likely. Ten new Apple products have shown up in a a European certification database, fueling rumors of new iPad and Mac models this year. The Cupertino firm is widely expected to refresh both its tablet and notebook ranges in significant ways for 2018, including adding Face ID support to the iPad along with new Intel processors in the MacBook. last_img read more

DISH Hopper and Google Assistant you can forget about the remote

first_imgEverything these days seem to be driven by bots, specifically chatbots. That’s true whether they’re simply bots you type commands to or, more popularly, speak to. But despite the ubiquity and popularity of Google Assistant, our TVs, sometimes the first appliance to become smart in our houses, are still beholden to the decades-old remote control. If you own one of DISH’s Hopper family of receivers, that’s no longer true and you can take it easy even when you can’t find that elusive remote. Yes, Google Assistant has arrived on DISH. And by that, we mean that almost anything and everything you needed a remote control for can be done with the power of your voice. Everything from turning on the Hopper to recording a specific show. Here are just some examples:• “Turn on my Hopper”• “Tune to channel 140”• “Show me home improvement shows”• “Open Game Finder on Hopper”• “Rewind 30 seconds”• “Pause” and “Resume”• “Record Game of Thrones on Hopper”Best of all, you don’t even need to do anything special. All generations of broadband-connected Hopper DVRs are supported, including the Hopper Duo, the Joey, or even the single-tuner HD Wally. Just pair your Hopper with and Google Assistant device, be it speaker or phone, and you’re on your way to feeling like a king or queen, with no pesky remote control to worry about.last_img read more