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Tang Wei served as judge of the FRST Film Festival

Recently, the tenth session of the Xining FIRST Youth Film Festival Organizing Committee announced the first batch of the team, they are: film editor, director and producer Liao Qingsong; musician, actor and film soundtrack linqiang; screenwriter Li Qiang; film actor Tang Wei. In addition to Li Qiang served as the Golden Horse Award in the short review last year, the other for the first time as the film festival jury, they will jointly determine the 10 member crystal trophy ownership and other judges.

this jury lineup for the first time, ushered in the two Taiwan film judges. At the same time, the Tang Wei conversion status, for the first time as a film festival judges. Following the confirmation of the first batch of judges, including the president of the jury, including the remaining 3 judges also caused widespread speculation fans.

it is reported that have been released along with the judges, the tenth sign chip FIRST Youth Film Festival has lasted nearly two months, will continue until May 15th this year. read more

Qinghai three potash investigation project

reporter learned from the provincial department, before the three potash investigation and evaluation of projects in our province in Beijing by Chinese Geological Survey Bureau of the demonstration project, and strive to national prospecting funds more than 6000 yuan.

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Xining City Bureau of education a number of initiatives to promote the Communist Youth League

To implement the "Qinghai civilization" construction, and promote the work to create a national civilized city, to guide the city’s teachers and students actively participate in the city greening, beautification, purification, creating beautiful environment, create a good order, increasing recognition of the city’s teachers and students, a sense of belonging and happiness, building a better home, and strive to achieve "life of the city, the city of happiness" grand blueprint, in March 26th, the Communist Youth League of Xining City Bureau of Education Committee with the city’s overall deployment in 2011 to create a national civilized city, to mobilize the organization of the city’s primary and secondary school teachers and students in all the main streets, community jurisdiction to carry out the "let civilization into life, clean the family circle, create civilization" theme of practical activities, nearly more than 20000 Komsomolets, participate in the activities of Young Pioneers read more

Stable prices this year the city’s main enclave card

Stable prices, adequate supply of affordable market, as far as possible to enrich the people table has been the city government is committed to creating one of the most important public works. This year, the city will change, business, business and other departments to proceed from "catch production, supply security, poor circulation, strong supervision, actively accelerate the construction of the enclave vegetables vegetables transported, increase efforts to adopt price regulation and many other initiatives, price stability control.

67 million yuan guarantee vegetable production

30 stores selling cheap food farm
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Xining eight changes

in the Spring Festival, people feel the most is: Gongjusiyong reduced, more and more people to green low-carbon travel; fireworks are reduced, the Spring Festival, Xining’s sky bluer; the public pay New Year’s call gifts unhealthy reduced, the new year become more relaxed; reduce the phenomenon of public funds, away from the masses closer; less waste, we become more thrifty…… Since last year, the Xining municipal government to implement the central spirit of the eight provisions, the provincial government to implement 21 measures, and introduced the 15 requirements, which brought changes to the Spring Festival of the horse eight. Generally reflect the cadres and the masses, not only in the spring festival gifts unhealthy institutions began to purge, between relatives and friends pay New Year’s call gifts also quietly changed, new year, Spring Festival, thrifty green health new year day.
Gongjusiyong without read more

Build a strong defense honest duty crime prevention and control


Committee and the District Commission for discipline inspection organs in accordance with the documentation requirements and arrangements, the Bureau leadership attaches great importance to the prevention and control of risk management in each stage of work, focus on the first and second stages of formation mechanism, develop programs, propaganda and mobilization work, solid work to promote the third stages of the risk analysis, identifying risks, determine the risk level according to the risk, to find out the point to develop and implement prevention and control measures to further improve the management system, improve the management mechanism, standardize the management process.
at all stages of the work to form a post as a point, with the system as the face of independent risk control mechanism, to achieve fine management rights during operation. Mainly around the right, money, people, things and other key links and key positions, to take their own look, the masses mention, mutual investigation, leadership, organizational assessment, a comprehensive search for the existence or potential of clean government risk points. A total of 115 risk points identified, the development of prevention and control measures of the 91. The Bureau leadership search point 21, risk prevention and control measures of 14, bureau office made the risk supervision card 4, find the risk point of 17, each room office is responsible for 5 people to find the risk point 22, prevention and control measures of 17, other 9 cadres and workers to find risk points 55, prevention and control measures 45. The new system 2 units, cadres and workers to improve the job responsibilities and tasks of system 1, making the development of Party members, cadres and workers, the annual assessment letters and visits and assigned a mediation, official reception, office supplies procurement and reimbursement of forest harvesting, vehicle management, agricultural project management and statistical work post independent risk control flow chart 20 for publicity, including: internal control, external control 6 14.
by the independent risk control work, so that party members and cadres and workers is a good political and economic, reputation, freedom, health, family six accounts, remember the first time, beware beware of little evil plot great evil, beware of abuse of power, Shendu, careful friends, walk every step of life, strengthen the ideological and moral construction, solid work, put the essence of "establishing the party for the public and law enforcement for the people’s requirements into action, strict with oneself, corruption. We work through the various stages of the risk control of personal search have said, to consciously restrain himself in the party and government in the future work, motivate yourself with the satisfaction of the masses, abide by the provisions of self-discipline, always do self-respect, self-examination, self motivation, and have a good power, money, relationships, the anti-corruption tasks to their every word and action, do the alarm bells ringing, check erroneous ideas at the outset. read more

During the two to 11 people by the party and government discipline

February 23rd, reporters from the provincial Commission for discipline inspection was informed that the "two" period, the province at all levels of the discipline inspection organs investigated Gongjusiyong, rambling style of work and other problems 16, accountability for 38 people, including 11 party and government discipline, the work style of cadres supervision 5 responsible leadership of the responsibility. All localities and departments through serious accountability, effectively plug the loopholes, and promote the further improvement of style building. read more

Luo Huining met with celand’s president Grimsson

the CPC Central Committee, Qinghai provincial Party Secretary Luo Huining in Reykjavik on 13 met Iceland’s president grimsson.

Luo Huining positive evaluation of Sino Russian relations, said the Chinese side is willing to maintain high-level exchanges with the ice, strengthen pragmatic cooperation, promote local exchanges and promote the development of bilateral relations. Grimsson said that the ice in the size of the national relations have become a model of mutual respect and equality, is willing to continue to work in a friendly ice. read more

More than 50 people to join the job seekers

years after my talent market ushered in a round of strikes back, quit tide, in order to help job seekers "immediately" desire as soon as possible, the talent exchange center, human resources and Social Security Bureau, city, city, City Employment Bureau personnel staffing, three county Employment Bureau opened the evening of employment the collection of columns, held in several job fairs at the same time, also launched a carefully planned employment through train, to help job seekers find jobs. read more

Kunlun road will build the tallest building in Xining

has attracted much attention in our city 19 city landscape construction project is one of the key "Kangtai SVA garden" project officially started construction on the day before.


project will be the city of Kunlun Road No. 4 (original post Jiashuyuan) land development and construction, covers an area of more than 29 thousand square meters, the construction scale of 156000 square meters, a total investment of 630 million yuan plan, including the construction of four high-rise residential buildings, a high-rise office building and a high-rise office building, is a in residential, office and leisure services integrated real estate projects as a whole. The construction of the project, so that the relocation of households here to improve the living conditions of the hope of a step closer. read more

Our province to donate drugs to Binhai New Area

In August 14th, Jinke Tibet Limited by Share Ltd to the Qinghai provincial Red Cross donated $500 thousand worth of drugs, drug directed donation to the Tianjin Binhai New area. This batch of goods when the day to the city of Tianjin, issued to the local most need assistance in the hands of the masses, and by the Qinghai provincial Red Cross donation information platform in a timely manner to the community publicity, accept social supervision. Meanwhile, the Qinghai Red Cross donated 100 thousand yuan of relief funds to Tianjin. read more

84 buses to install video surveillance records can be saved for half a month

many people ride the bus, there have been stolen property experience. When they found out, the thief had already got off. Now, the thieves on the bus and have nowhere to hide.

city bus company has been installed in the 84 bus video surveillance, within six months, video surveillance will cover all public transport companies belonging to the bus.

it is reported that, at present, 2 Road, the road of the rear of the 22 models of the bus, have all been installed video surveillance system, other models are being installed in the bus. read more

North flood control dredging 5200 cubic meters

In order to ensure flood drainage unobstructed, Chengbei District Construction Bureau timely investigation and remediation of dangerous sections, complete the key flood control in dredging wrecker dredging work, a total of about 5200 cubic meters.

Huangchuan international class enrollment plan 60 people this year

The reporter learned from Huangchuan middle school, this year, the school of international class enrollment plan 60 people, composed of outstanding students in the examinee, according to the grade of diversion, part of the students to Harvard, Cambridge and other foreign top universities impact, the other part of the students with the same grade of Huangchuan middle school students simultaneously participate in the national college entrance examination.

Huangchuan middle school head of the International Department of Liu Hengchao told reporters that the learning method of students enrolled in the international class and there is a difference between the ordinary high school. The teaching is carried out in parallel with the domestic and international courses, which is almost entirely in English communication, from the teacher’s lesson preparation, teaching to the students’ learning, asking questions, homework and students’ daily conversation. Students from the beginning of the high school can choose according to their interest in AP courses (pre university courses), advanced to foreign universities in the credits, and ultimately through the SAT (U.S. academic ability assessment test) foreign entrance into foreign universities. At the same time, the international class also attaches great importance to the cultivation of comprehensive ability of students, students from the school to receive the admission period, there are a large number of applications need personally operation, such as SAT, Tofu, AP, to apply for college examination abroad etc.. Through these exercises, help students in the days after the foreign independent learning. (by boat) read more

Do not let the examinee holiday to the car blocking the road

June 7th, 8 is the college entrance examination day, make way for college entrance examination, less open two crane. During the college entrance examination, I hope you can give the car a holiday, try to choose to walk, bike or public transport and other green way to travel, to make a green channel entrance." College entrance examination approaching, WeChat, micro-blog, QQ are forwarding such a proposal. At the same time, many private car owners have also said that it will be a positive response in the college entrance examination choose to walk, ride a bike and take a bus trip. College entrance examination, for millions of students, is a dream to achieve a major event. But every year, the college entrance examination, will always be heard because the candidates were refused admission incident. In order to open up a Easy Access to the candidates, don’t let them blocking the road, leading to the exam recently, some members of the public issue of the initiative, called for the owners in the two days to put a fake car in the city, try to choose to travel on foot, bicycle or public transport and other green way, make a college entrance examination Easy Access. To see such a love net posts, Liu said: one or two days without driving, our lives will not have an impact, but the future of the children may be of great help." MS Zhang Li says: people who have children, there is always the day of the exam, to give people the convenience but also to their own convenience, I made a post on micro-blog and QQ, there are a lot of people and promised not to drive forward the day." Net friend to see the sun, said, for the college entrance examination to make a green channel to ensure that the test sites of the road unimpeded, escort for the college entrance examination students, so that parents rest assured that candidates feel at ease. In an interview with reporters also heard a lot of good advice, some people suggested: if during the college entrance examination, private car owners drive encountered will be late or hit the car of the candidates, please stop the car, put their safety examination; if the owners must travel by car, please during the college entrance examination, adhere to civilized driving. The road in the vicinity of the examination room and determined not to whistle, not to stay, to create a quiet test environment for the candidates. A loving initiatives and proposals, opened a Easy Access for the college entrance examination students, both parents and schools, volunteers, students for the college entrance examination to lend a helping hand, let them in the college entrance exam smoothly road honors.   read more

Huangzhong county to carry out eighteen victories of eight activities to celebrate the 91 anniversar

  in the 91 anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China occasion, Huangzhong County in accordance with the "grand, warm, thrifty, safe" principle, the organization to carry out the memory of the glorious history, show party style, celebrate the party’s eighteen "theme series of celebrations to commemorate the grand Chinese Communist 91 anniversary of the founding of the party, the eighteen party to celebrate the victory the meeting.

– typical recognition activities. Held to celebrate the 91 anniversary of the founding of chuangxianzhengyou activities in recognition of the general assembly, summed up the county at all levels of Party organizations and members to promote the stable development of Huangzhong reform experience, in recognition of the emergence of the chuangxianzhengyou activity in advanced grassroots party organizations, 50 outstanding communist party member 30, 061base 20. Preparation of chuangxianzhengyou advanced deeds booklet, upgrade Huangzhong building network, produced a series of advanced typical propaganda films, television, newspapers, Internet use and other forms of publicity of advanced collectives and exemplary deeds, in the whole society to create than the school, rush, super good atmosphere.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     ; read more

Clothing stores must avoid the three errors

garment industry has grown to maturity, every year there are many brands continue to appear, for entrepreneurs, now is a good opportunity to invest. Prepared to open clothing stores entrepreneurs, in choosing address or store management and other aspects will inevitably be confused into misunderstanding, let’s look at clothing stores this investment a few errors to know, do not go.

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8 Festival highlights the new charm of Datong City

this year, Datong County, relying on the unique natural and cultural resources and colorful folk culture, has been successfully held the first kite ditch "Linhaixueyuan romantic Snow Festival, kite ditch activities, the second characteristics of Linhai through vegetables picking Festival and the sixth azalea Tourism Festival, mountain biking, rock climbing plateau international elite race, fourth classic mountain flowers will, Xining City seventh Games 8 Festival events. Through the careful organized event Festival, fully demonstrates the chase ecological leisure slow travel brand image. read more

During the college entrance examination in Huangyuan 9 bus free shuttle candidates

During this year’s college entrance examination,

County, Huangyuan bus company will organize 9 buses, free shuttle college entrance examination for students to facilitate travel.

for the college entrance examination this year during the urban public transport security work, candidates to provide a comfortable and convenient public transport environment, Huangyuan Xingchang bus company of the existing line on schedule, the normal operation of the vehicle at the same time, and actively adjust the vehicle running line, June 7th, 8, 9 buses will arrange free shuttle candidates, candidates with a ticket free of charge. According to the person in charge of Huangyuan Xingchang bus company, 9 bus drivers were selected and the condition of excellent technology, strong sense of service, good capacity clean buses, including specific shuttle line Xiang Shi Ya Zhuang Cun Dong Xia, Heping Township, a small village in Gaoling, Dahua Town Village, Shen Xiang Lara in Shanghai village; departure time is 7:30 in the morning, at 5 p.m.. After the end of the day of the exam, candidates can take the original car back. (author: Zhao Junjie)
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